"dynamic MIDI-oriented music editing and realtime manipulation"Title link takes you there.

Korg MS20 Filter - KORG35

A few links cropped up on AH today regarding the Korg MS20 filter: MS20study.pdf (2.25M) by Tim Stinchcombe. Tim actually spent quite a bit of time studying the Korg MS10/MS20 filters and just made this 46 page pdf available on the list today.RMC posted a link to his contribution - pdfs and gifs of the schematic and trace. I noticed that RMC referred to the filter as the KORG35. I never

Paul Sop Studio Shots

Paul Sop sent me some links to knew shots of his studio. Title link takes you to the complete set. When you get there, click the images for super size shots. Paul tells me the Buchla ML Lumina is being shipped today, so he is officially Buchla-less. Well, you could always get the MalletKat. : )


MIDI mallet. This one in via ben shannon illustrator. Title link takes you to more including videos.

Dana Countryman - New Flickr Shot

flickr by k0re.Shot of Dana Countryman from the A little trivia: Note Dana's keyboards changed. When I saw them in Seattle, he had a Yamaha DX7 as the main synth. In San Francisco you can see the Yamaha DX7 was replaced with a Roland Jupiter (I'm guessing the 6) and a Nord G2 as the modular controller (not sure what he had in Seattle, but I didn't see red). In this shot he

Gearwire Crosstalk #016

Dan Agosto of Gearwire sent me the following on a podcast series called Crosstalk. In Crosstalk #16 they compare a 1974 Minimoog with an Electric Blue Voyager as well coverage of the NI Kontrol. The MINI comparison starts at 19:17 into the Quicktime video.

"I wanted to let you know about a podcast some co-workers of mine and I have been working on.

Sound Lab Minisynth Video on Sendling

Title link takes you to the post on Sendling.

Analog Soultions TB-X TB-303

Title link takes you there. Note there is not internal sequencer.

"Main spec:
Basically the analogue voice circuit with MIDI and some extra features like noise, LFO etc.

Extra tone controls:
VCO level
External Audio level
Noise level
Squelch - to add more resonance
Cross mod (VCO to Cut-off)
MIDI Mod (MIDI control of Cut-off from Velocity or a Controller)
LFO Mod / LFO Speed (Square and Triangle)
VCA Decay

Other features:
Minikeyboard to audition the sound
Manual Accent and Slide buttons to overide the MIDI sequence
Squelch button - to add instant squelch
Audio input - through filter
Headphone socket
Uses the original 303 voice circuit, and analogue components (where possible - many are discontinued).

The Simpsons vs Star Trek on YouTube

In Captain Kirk style: I.... Must.... Torture..... My..... Read....ers...Thanks to Tim on this one. Annoying at first, hillarious in the end. Enjoy. Or not.

The Legend of Zelda Theme on YouTube

Title link takes you to more. Tim sent in the theremin video and I spotted the dual manual organ while checking it out. Enjoy. Or not. : )

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