AcidLab Bombass

I knew about the AcidLab Bassline for a while now, but I didn't realize they also had another product called the Bombass. Via xonox:

"It is named Bombass.

Plexi Modular Case

Two shots of a clear Plexi modular case. That's Adam installing some modules. Nice. Shots via the Plan B Yahoo Group.

More on Plan B here

Telex on YouTube

Telex at Eurovision 1980

Telex - On the road again (music video)

Telex- Moskow Diskow

Trans X - Living on a Video on YouTube

Wow. I totally forgot about this song. I used to love the synth hooks. Also love the "integrated circuits" bit through a vocoder. Some nice air keyboards in the performance for you as well as a funky robot dance. : ) I can't make out what looks like a modular in the backgroud. If you know what it is, feel free to comment.

Here's the video for Living on Video with a Roland SH-101 and retro computers.

Korg MS20

flickr by ellecer. Title link takes you to more synth shots in the set.

Korg VCF

Trip. Never seen one of these before. Title link takes you to a new info page on the Korg VCF on Note how the controls look similar to the Submitted by SynthWise on Sun, 2006-09-10 07:01

Serge Modular

EEF Modular Page on

Remember the EEF modular? Title link takes you to a newly created EEF Modular page on

Cynthia Darth Vader C Monster Modular

Saw this shot on Title link takes you to the source on Cyndhustries. Yeah, I just might need a black cape for this one...

Mono Touch Live

"MonoTouchLive its a standalone software controller, with 6 channel mixer, designed for work in conjunction with touch screen LCD panel and ableton live."Title link takes you to more info.via Music Thing.Lemur like.

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