Juno 6 Mirror

flickr by frigante.

100&100 #04

flickr by unyo303. Doepfer and Roland. Title link takes you to more.

Custom 6 VCO modular

flickr by JohnnyBusca.Custom 6 VCO modular.6 VCOs2 VCFs with dedicated ADSR3 VCAs with dedicated ADSR1 Mixer with reverb.Everything is routed internally but everything can be overplugged. via Dennis.

noiseprofessor's Juno-106 Demo

"Roland Juno-106: Example for a sound with longest possible attack-time on the envelopes"One more via noiseprofessor. Beautiful Roland Juno-106 pad.

noiseprofessor's Oberheim Xpander Demo

"Moody demosong made with an Oberheim Xpander only. Recorded with multitracker to show off the possibilities for doing percussive sounds, which is often said that the Xpander can`t do this. Sure used some Delay in mixing process. Note: Even the drums & percussions are made with this synth."Title link takes you to noiseprofessor's Twango page with more synth samples.

Feedback Muziek - Aanbiedingen

Home Recording dot com BBS - BOSS DR-550 questions

this site is way cool, need to get into every leaf node!

Zygoat Doggiebox: The Beat Sequencer for Mac OS X

versatile drum machine application for Mac OS X that empowers you to create and manipulate percussion-based songs. With Doggiebox, you can create drum tracks in moments, ranging from the realism of a human drummer on a full kit to imaginitively bizarre ex

Don Juan Dracula - Run Away With You

And one more via DJD. Title link takes you to the video for Run Away With You. This one is more synth heavy. I was going to hold off on posting this until I found out what synths were used, but I figured I'd just put it up. Anyone know what that keytar is?

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