Update: Make sure to check out the sample on site."MF-FM: NEW MOOGERFOOGER EFFECT USES BROADCAST RADIO SIGNALSMF/FM mixes live radio and instrument sounds to create out-of-this-world effects.In case the FreqBox wasn’t adept at catapulting Moog beyond the frayed outer circles of unique electronic effects, another new Moogerfooger, unveiled today, puts the phrase “never been done before” into

John Bowen Showing the Solaris at the Frankfurt Musicmesse

Title link takes you to a couple more shots in via Jos of the SCI Prophet 5 Tribute site.

New Solaris Shots

via Valis in the comments of this post: "For those still reading this, with all of the content above it coming in, here's a few pics:IMG_4003.jpgIMG_4004.jpgIMG_4005.jpgIMG_4006.jpgIMG_4013.jpg"Also mirrored here.

University of Wyoming MOOG Model 12 Up for Auction

Title link takes you there.Images including details from the auction backed up here for posterity.via Jim.

John Bowen Solaris Interview on CDM

Title link takes you there. BTW, this was another one I had to keep under wraps (I dropped a hint in the comments of my last post). This is one great interview, and.... Pricing estimates are revealed. Enjoy. ;)

Lt. John J. Rambo

Title link takes you to a new synth blog, Lt. John J. Rambo. There are a few posts currently up. Image from the first post, Dual 808s, pictured.

YMO - Recording

YouTube via softbank9984. Sent my way via goLab.

Wolfgang Düren - Eyeless Dream (1980, DE, electronic)

"Wolfgang Düren became more widely known to people as the chairman of Waldorf Music. Before founding Waldorf Music he partnered with Wolfgang Palm, the man behind PPG, and distributed his synths in the late seventies till the fall of PPG in the mid eighties. Later Wolfgang distributed the synths of Waldorf, Access and Novation with his company TSI."Title link takes you to more info including a

Top 20 Greatest Synths - Episode 4

Title link takes to the latest installment of the Top 20 Greatest Synths on Sonic

Roland vintage manual collection Book #01

flickr by unyo303.Hardcover manual for the Roland System 100m. Title link takes you to more.

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