The Bob Moog Memorial Museum

Via The Bob Moog Foundation:"We envision the Bob Moog Memorial Museum as both an information resource and a place to connect with Bob's spirit. The Museum will house Bob's personal and professional archives, which include: writings, photos, instruments, schematic drawings, articles written by and about him, an extensive collection of electronic music, and other Moog artifacts. The goal is to

Moment of Moog: A Time for Reflection

Such a great shot. Wish I was there. More from Moog Music:"August 21st, 2006 is a difficult date for lovers of the synthesizer. It was one year ago on August 21st that Bob Moog, inventor of the synthesizer, passed away. This year, Moog Music is rallying the media world to honor the memory of Bob Moog with a special, 20-second “Moment of Moog.” During the Moog moment, Moog requests that radio

Moog One Year Later by Mike Adams of Moog Music

"As the anniversary of Bob’s death approaches, it is important to me to reflect back on the events surrounding his death. The truth is that it has been almost 16 months since Bob was at work. Sometimes it feels as if he is still here; other times, he is sorely missed. One year ago his fate was sealed and the finality of his death certainly gave all of us pause. In my reflection, I found some

Vangelis & CS80 on YouTube

I remember seeing this a while back elsewhere, but I lost the link. Looks like analoghell put it up on YouTube. That's THE CS80 sound. Wow.


Title link takes you to a video sent my way via Todd. Wow."the Voyager is providing the audio. It is one of 110 one-minute piece I did a year and a half ago: Moog Mars Musings (a new piece every day in response to the daily photos coming from Mars on the NASA site.)."

Virtuoso - The World's First Self-Playing Violin on YouTube

This Violin playes itself via MIDI. About as analog as you get. Title link takes you to the post on Analog Industries with a link to the product page.

Midievil - Greetings From Mexico

midievil sent me a greetings from Mexico along with the following shot. Not a bad setup. Check out he P3 Sequencer on top. Title link takes you to his Flickr set with more shots. Thanks midievil!

Michelle Moog-Koussa and The Bob Moog Foundation

"On August 21, 2005 my father died. He was a great and gentle man who left his mark on the world forever. During the past year my family and I have discussed many ways in which we could carry on his work and his legacy.We have decided to establish the Bob Moog Memorial Foundation for Electronic Music, with a few carefully chosen objectives, each tied to his life and work.The Foundation has

A Moment for Bob Moog

Today marks one year since Bob Moog's passing. Title link takes you to Caring Bridge. The site has been updated with a note in the Journal from Ileana Grams-Moog. "This is Ileana Grams-Moog. Tomorrow is the anniversary of Bob's death, and I know that many of you will be logging on to this site. I have not had the energy or the will to write entries till now, but I have been thinking of all of

Doepfer A-188-1 BBD Module and Samples

Via Doepfer: "Module A-188-1 is a so-called Bucket Brigade Device module (abbr. BBD). BBDs have been used to delay audio signals before digital delays dethroned the BBD based effect units. But BBDs have some very unique advantages (or disadvantages dependent on the point of view) over the digital counterpart which result from the special properties of the BBDs. BBD circuits can be treated as a

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