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Miniature Modular Studio

Remember Daniel McPharlin and his mini modulars via these flickr shots? Paul Sop, aka Doktor Future commissioned this mini modular studio from him. Title link takes you to more images.Update: I added a miniature label to the site. You'll find Daniel McPharlin's miniatures as well as others.

Solaris 314

No title link, just the shots and details pulled via this auction.Details:"This is a rare russian analog polyphonic synth. It uses organ style drawbars to create the basic tone, and has a analog filtering as well. Inside it has 12 voice boards that correspond to each key in an octave, and then uses a divide down system to get to the other octaves. Because of this the sound of the oscillators

Casio PG 380 Synth Guitar

No title link, just two shots and details pulled via this auction.Details:"The PG-380 electronics include a built-in, monotimbral, playback-only synthesizer using VZ technology, with 64 preset sounds in internal ROM (See the above website for a listing of all the sounds). However, a door on the back of the guitar allows insertion of a RAM card for playback of sounds created on a VZ-1, VZ-8M,

Maestro Woodwind Synthesizer

No title link, just the shot and details pulled via this auction.Details:"Very Rare Maestro Woodwind Synth for Woodwinds & Guitar.The unit also comes with an original Maestro carrying case with John Klemmer's name on it. It was used on several recording sessions in the 70s and will come with a letter from Mr Klemmer. It was designed in the early days of effect pedals / devices as a primitive

The Development and Practice of Electronic Music

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction. The shots include a Buchla 200, ARP 2600 and EMS.

Delia Derbyshire - an audio chronology

synth club @ mcleod's (011)

flickr by ario_j.Access Virus Keyboard

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