Oakley Sound Modded Roland SH-101

"The modifications are my usual 'Oakley mods'. The first new knob on the left you see is the filter FM depth control. This allows the cut-off frequency to be modulated by the VCO. The switch to its right selects the waveform used by the filter FM. It can be selected from either sawtooth or the sub oscillator.

The second switch on the left is the filter mode.

x0xb0x Mod by Amos/controlvoltage

Mod by Amos of Moog Music. Note this is his personal mod and has nothing to do with Moog Music. Just noting the players for the archives. Title link takes you to more shots and the post on ladyada's tea party. Details and one shot saved for posterity.

"List of mods:


bass boost mod; carefully-selected transistors in key places (not a mod, but a good idea);adjustable amount of resonance boost on accent (trim pot on underside of mainboard).

Matrixsynth by Neuro

Roland Juno-D

Serge in Custom Cabinet

Gorgeous. Via Ross:"Just thought I'd drop you a photo of my Serge made up in a VCS3 style cabinet. My dad made it over a month I learnt quite a bit along the way, the biggest mistake is to not give enough space between the bottom section and the top, as you have to factor in stacking banana plugs. I should have made the gap a little bit bigger, but can always swap the TKB Touch keyboard up

c64 Orchestra on YouTube

"C64 Orchestra approached two of the most experienced C64-users from the 1980s, Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel. The current work of these two Commodore 64 musicians intend their compositions to be exploited with the aid of a classical orchestra. The compositions that they are going to play:Rob Hubbard's compositions:Monty on the Run, One Man And His Droid, Commando, International Karate, Master of

Synclavier Lap Synth and Possible Soft Synth

Thought this shot was kind of funny. The Synclavier isn't exactly the sort of synth I think about taking with me out to play on my lap in the woods. I guess if someone is bold enough to bring that out along with the computer, there could be a power generator sitting just outside that shot. Via Failed Muso where you can find more shots. As for a soft synth, he also found this intersting blurb

ML-303 on Acidcode - Precursor to the x0xb0x?

Bread, wine and a "303." I could go for that. Click image for the full shot. The caption on Acidcode reads, "... a little more than just a discontinued DIY project ;)" followed by a link to ladyada and the x0xb0x. Update: according to Moogulator of there is no direct relation to the x0xb0x other than they are both clones of the Roland TB-303. The ML-303 was made in Germany.

Alien Head Theremin

Photo cell theremin. It picks up light changes in the room. Title link takes you to, samples and discription pulled from this auction.sample1sample2sample3"THE NEW AND IMPROVED (MORE LOW TO HIGH RANGE) LARGE PHOTO CELL INSTALLED ON TOP OF THE THEREMIN WILL PICK-UP ANY EXISTING LITE IN THE ROOM, AND TRANSFORM IT INTO SOUNDS THAT ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD.THE THEREMIN

Genoqs Octopus OS Update v0.98

Step chords: steps may carry individual chords, in addition to the "legacy" track chord system. Step chords can be strummed, and strumming may also apply to velocity, pitch, and length.Step repeats: you can set a step to multi-trigger.Step events: steps may be programmed to trigger a track event, modifying any track attributeMIDI IN recording: note and controller data records onto tracks,

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