Decibel Festival 2007

"The 4th Annual Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music Performance, Visual Art and New Media will be happening September 20th through the 23rd in Seattle. This year's program will be featuring artists from 9 countries in 14 showcases across 7 venues, each of which will be outfitted with custom sound and video. In keeping with the tradition of the festival, you can expect to experience

James Joyce Wallpaper

Title link takes you to more including more info on Music Thing.

Xpander Shootout - USA vs. Japan

Via Matt"I had an xpander here for service last week, a Japanese version like mine. At the same time, a friend brought over his US made version, and for no other reason than nerdy synth-geek gratification, we racked the three up together as in the photos. While we had them all together we thought we would test the Japan made models vs the US made model. There has been much speculation in recent

Roar Studio



No new news here, I just realized that although I've put posts up featuring Forat gear, I've never put one up on the site itself. For those of you not familiar with Forat, from the history page on the site: "Since 1982, Bruce and Ben Forat have provided the entertainment community with first-class music electronics. Since 1986 they have provided service, parts, and modifications to all Linn


YouTube via donaconfuse."Mister DIY M NES CONTROL is cool. by Anagram. asquelo(at)yahoo(dot)fr"via Axel"the DIY M nes CONTROL is my creationPAD NINTENDO NES WITH MIDI IMPLANTATION"


YouTube via AMOKIAN. via AudioLemon.Guess the synth.

Amazing Wurlitzer SideMan - The First Electronic Drum Machine

This thing is from the 1950s.


via this auction."1988) CELEBRATION OF HUNDRED YEARS HISTORY OF YAMAHA- Programmable 6-operator x 2 (A & B) 32-algorithm digital FM tone generator (improvements include enhanced MIDI support, stereo panning, 6 envelope generators and enhanced 16-bit circuitry)- Independent 8-parameter envelope generator for each operator- 64-voice internal RAM memory and 64-performance memory- Split and

Virtual Aelita

Title link takes you to a free soft synth version of the Aelita. There is a sample comparison against the real thing. via the comments of this post. Note you can also fine samples of the real thing here.

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