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Just an FYI, but if you send me anything make sure it doesn't look like robot spam. Every now and then I get an email with something like, "I think you'll like this" or "check this out" with a link. I have no idea if it's someone sending me something synth related or if it's spam. I always err on the side of caution so it goes straight to the garbage bin. So, if you are going to send me

Concerto for a Vocoded Ring by Shepitology

Here's an interesting one. Grondo of Shepitology used his wedding ring to tap the microphone on a Kord MicroKorg to play lead with it's vocoder. "I played the melody with my left hand while tapping on the connected microphone with the ring."Title link takes you to the post and a link to the track.

ZomZoms on YouTube

via Greg.

Yusynth DIY

Title link takes you to Yusynth DIY. You will find information on known DIY manufacturers and a ton of custom designs. The following is an example of some of what you can expect. via"The ARP4072 filter equipped mostly the famous ARP2600 semi-modular synthesizer. I always wanted to build one. In the first place I gave a try to the EFM VCF7b. After correcting some PCB design


Title link takes you to Cyrusrex. To go directly to the gear p*rn, go here and make sure you have your bib on. Check out that MacBeth M5 to the left (track featuring it below). For music here's a link to the Cyrusrex MySpace page."Also.... an analog Machine music experiment i created using alot of the gear pictured... for those curious what the M5 and the pedals soundlike... This Is a

TONTO's ARP 2600

One of two of TONTO's ARP 2600s sent my way via Kevin Lightner of Synthfool. I didn't realize TONTO had two ARP 2600s in it. Title link takes you to the full image.

Gregg Janman's Modular Noodlings Part 2

Remember Darkflame? The following are a few more tracks of modular goodness."it's a completely self playing patch from the modular (plus sony r7 reverb), i didn't tweak any knobs while recording.the first version is digitally post-processed with only the endorphin compressor/limiter/eq vstBabaluma-Throb.mp3the second version is digitally post-processed by splitting the stereo signal into

Bob Moog Letter to MMR - February 1998 - New Mini Mentioned

So is this the first public mention of the Mini to become the Voyager? If you know of an earlier mention please post in the comments.This is a xcan of an article sent to MMR by Bob Moog, published in February of 1998. I checked the AH archives and the first mention was on Monday, April 20, 1998, in reference to this interview with Bob Moog in the May 1998 issue of Sound on Sound.The company

Japan Ad - KORG POLY-800 on YouTube

YouTube by ce3kdeccg

Kirikax Speaks on the SMS 2000, SMS 1000 and the Elebus-1

Update: Kirikai's Website: link.And we have an update on the SMS 2000. If you remember, the man in the second shot of this post donned a badge with the name, "Mr. Kirikax." The badge was obviously meant to lead the viewer into believing that this was Mr. Kirikax showing his new synth, the SMS 2000, a follow up to the Seekers SMS 1000, which was never released. What follows is an email exchange

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