Alesis Andromeda Synth

YouTube via GCom67."Just a quick vid to show off some pictures and sounds from the Alesis Andromeda synth."


YouTube via synthargentina."This sound is a combination of two different waveforms"

Evolver + LITE II

YouTube via Denkitribe. Note this one is in stereo.

KORG Delta DL-50

Title link takes you to shots via this auction."For those of you unfamiliar with the Delta, it's pretty cool. It's a 70's string machine (like the Arp Solina) as well as a subtractivce analog synth. The synth and string sections have separate outputs as well as a combined output. You can use Voltage Control to control the filter, trigger gates, etc. The legendary Delta filter is what sold

Roland Jupiter-8

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.

MOOG Satellite 5330

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.Analog mono synth.


Title link takes you to a new Buchla 200e page by Richard Lainhart. You will find video, audio and more.

Acidlab modified TB-303

YouTube via darenager."One of my TB-303's, bought as a wreck and modded, just a quick demo showing some of the new sounds available, sorry about the audio quality but it gives an idea of what it can do."

Front and Back " Plogue Bidule

Some tutorials to start on work building synthesizers


Looks like a TENORI-ON vid is up on the Yamaha site. Title link takes you there. It's on the bottom right.via Robert:"New Tenori-on info gleaned from the new videos, mp3s, and text:* Tenori-on is made of metal* It can sample* A cat has already been photographed with one* It comes in a nice box* Every demo doesn't have to sound like Elektroplankton* Yamaha says they are "test marketing"

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