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Minimoog Refurb

Title link takes you to more shots sent in via an anonymous reader."Matrix this is a short sequence of a Minimoog refurbishing ,how u can easly turn it …‘From ugly to beauty’-New wood finish-Name plates removing and cleaning-Stripped case-New knobs and switches replaced-keyboard cleaned"


Vangelis & Neuronium ( In London 1982 )

YouTube via Patrickillian. Sent my way via Tim along with Vangelis doing percussion.

fav synth books

flickr by cray5656 aka Ross.I added a couple of these to my book links on the right of the site. Take a look at the list. If you think there are other books I should add to the list, feel free to comment.

Roland SH-1

No title link, just this shot pulled via this auction.via sn.

YouTube - Synthesizer Medley 1985

An excellent find from Bearville: Herbie Hancock, Howard Jones, Stevie Wonder, and Thomas Dolby at Grammy's

new toy

flickr by cydonia.Roland SH-101via

Yamaha DX100 Chromatic Accordian

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.Details:"This is a Yamaha DX100 keyboard that has been converted to be used like a chromatic accordion. All the keyboard functions are all the same as when the keyboard was bought. We took the keys out and added a chromatic button keys to it. This is a six row setup and can be conected to a midi module or you could used the factory set

Emerson,Lake and Palmer-Fanfarre for the common man

YouTube via romarioflazaco. Sent my way via brian comnes.Not synth related, but if you want to a pretty impressive drum solo by Carl Palmer, here you go. The very end with reverse stick play is a great finale.

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