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flickr by Six of Onefull sizeKorg ProphecyKorg MS2000? Anyone know?


flickr by nachzehrer.comKORG MS20

Admin: Note on YouTube Videos

It looks like YouTube changed their embedded player behavior again. Playlists no longer show the number of videos in the little movie reel looking clips on the right of the player. It just goes from one video to the next. With that, be sure not to miss any with multiple videos like the genoQs set I put up earlier as well as the ARP Avatar set. If you missed the other videos in the sets

Analog Man Chorus Pedals

I try to stay clear of effects unless they are designed specifically with synths in mind, or they come highly recommended for use with synths. Synth80s posted a link to Analog Man Chorus Pedals with the following notes. I wanted to bookmark the site and his notes, so I asked him if I could put up a post. He gave me the OK.via Synth80s:"I picked up an analog bi-chorus last year with the true

EML 400/401

images via this craigslist post. Another via Ben of mus-ok."EML 400/401 analog synth / 32 step sequencer. This synth is in virtually mint condition and recently serviced by Ed Miller."Be sure to check these out full size.

EML 101

images via this craigslist post. Note this is for sale via Ben of mus-ok. Be sure to click the All Sizes link for the full size shots. You can click the image in this post for the full size as well.

Roland JX-8P and Juno-60

YouTube via Analogger."Two great Roland synths together. The midi note data is also being converted to a control voltage which modulates the Juno-60's filter. The hold button on the Juno sustains a drone chord."

Roland MKS-70 "Super JX" Analog Synthesizer

YouTube via retrosound72."some factory sounds from the Roland MKS-70 "Super JX" recorded with a small pocket camera"

MFB Synth Lite

YouTube via DjPuzzle73."MFB Synth Lite demonstration.# two oscillators with range, tuning, and saw or square waveforms# oscillator sync# ring mod# LFO with three waveforms and oscillators or filter as a destination# glide with three settings# four pole moog style filter with contour# two ADS(R) envelope generators with selectable release (release time = decay time)# MIDI in with

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