Buchla 292 LPG adaptation

Image pulled via this post, where you will find one more image and info via funkyfarm. Title link takes you to the DIY page containing more info on the adaptation along with the following:-RSF Kobol Expander Waveshaper -RSF Kobol Expander Sawtooth Oscillator-Buchla "Timbre" Waveshaper-Buchla 258 style oscillator-ARP Odyssey 2 quadrant modulator-Source of Uncertainty-

243 Programmable Pulser

flickr by verbos2002Title link takes you to more info and more Buchla shots.

The Shape of Things That Hum

The Shape Of Things That Hum - AKAI SamplerTitle link takes you to more on Google video currently including the Roland TR-808, TB-303, Fairlight, Simmons, Minimoog, Yamaha DX7, AKAI Sampler, and Vocoder. Via SIGHUP.

Rosegarden: music software for Linux

Waldorf Blofeld and Stromberg Initial Specs

The product pages for the Waldorf Blofeld and Stromberg are up along with the Zarenbourg and Phoenix edition Qs. Looks like the Blofeld is very close to the Stromberg aside from the hardware and add on modules. I did a quick A/B of the features and the following are the main differences I was able to identify:Stromberg:- external audio signal- analog filter with analog distortion*-

Acetone EC-1 Tape Echo Demo

TR-606 through Ace Tone EC-1. YouTube via legionhwp. Title link takes you to more info.


absolutely amazing interactive audio synth that uses a table with objects positioned on top of it to control everything and has video feedback across the table surface

Electronic Architecture

flickr by danmcp.

Treat Yourself :)