synthesizer and the ELKA Synthex

Title link takes you to AMAZONA.ed's ELKA Synthex Page in German. There are some nice pics and samples. You can find a Google translated version in Enlish here. Be sure to click on the keys link on the left when you get there for more synths, new and vintage.

YouTube - Alesis Micron Jam 1: Sunset

This is a video on YouTube, in which a guy plays an Alesis Micron with "setups" and it sounds very cool.

Live in the studio 1989

YouTube via studio35d. Via the Matrixsynth forum."Browsing through my archive of old material, I stumbled upon this interesting video. It was filmed somewhere in 1989 and 1990 by Robbert Schuller. Here you see me improvising with the Sequential Pro-One, Elka Synthex and Korg DSS-1. I have tried to correct the color and lightning digitally, as the Hi8 camera had some problems with low lightning

cv control of boss microrack effects

via via synth ollie.


YouTube via transceive. via

Inner Circus - original synth prog rock

YouTube via hamsterdunce."Here's a snappy little tune in a not very dance-able 11/8. I stuck a few more solos in there than there really should be. If you like this kind of nefarious note-noodling you'll love my Parallax CDs on"

Moog Opus3 Demo

YouTube via legionhwp."Demo of Moog Opus3 organ/strings analog synthesizer. From:

Electronika EM-25

Title link takes you to shots via this auction. The auction appears to be via the great Ruskeys site. If you haven't checked out Ruskeys yet, do it.Details:"SOVIET CCCP RARE VINTAGE ANALOG SYNTHESIZER IS LOOKED LIKE ROLAND JUNO! VERY HARD-TO-FIND NOW, IN VERY GOOD CONDITION! EM-25 HAS VERY IMPRESSIVE SOUND - WARM FAT STRINGS, SOLID ORGAN, VINTAGE BRASS, SMOOTH LEADS AND POWER FX SOUNDS...


Title link takes you to shots via this auction.Details:"Beautiful vintage Electronic Music Studios VCS3 synthesizer. This is a pretty early one in amazing condition. Very minimal cosmetic wear and works like a charm. Has a complete sent of pins. I bought replacement silver caps for the knobs that are missing them that will be included in the sale. There is one modifiaction that was done in the

Plan B Cases and Plan B Goes to College

via the Plan B list:"Along with the Synthbox Spacecase solution, Plan B will be releasing a desktop system of their own. The yet-unnamed chassis is a desktop unit which consists of three 25 1/4 inch rows and a total capacity of 630 HP (roughly 5 1/2 standard Eurorack rows). An optional top-mounted expander will provide an additional 25 1/4 inches of mounting space. The system will be powered

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