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Roland JX-8P Aftertouch Repair

"If you have a JX-8P, and haven't repaired the aftertouch feature (or had it repaired by someone else), then most likely the aftertouch feature doesn't work on your synth. Either that, or it is very difficult to get it to "kick in", say applying an ungodly amount of pressure to the keys to get it to work."[link]

1972 Moog Minimoog Synth Brochure

images via this auction. via Bill."Extremely rare brochure from 1972. 8 1/2 x 11", 4 pages. Extremely bad graphic design. A little water damage and a pen doodle on the front. The inside features photos of Minimoog users, including Keith Emerson in full Rock God mode. I like the guy in the tux, I wish I could have caught his act."

Admin: New Link Behavior

I just changed all links on the site to open a new window rather than replace the window. This should help a bit with performance in not having to wait for the site to reload every time you hit back from visiting one of the links. Thanks goes to mpeake for the suggestion.

Synthesis Technology - Home of the MOTM Modular Synthesizer

place that sells analog synths and kits to make them

Jump (in pitch)! " RW370

Steinberg -

Steinberg Cubase is the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) choice of countless professional engineers and home studio enthusiasts worldwide.

Mattson Mini Modular Perched on a Modular

The MMM Phoenix series on top of a modular at this year's PNW Synth Gathering. Image via Carbon111 in this VSE thread. Be sure to check out Carbon111's updated Syntar page now with the MMM. The modules on the MMM are all the same size whereas the varies based on the modules. The dotcom uses 1/4" jacks and is based on the MOOG modular. The MMM uses 1/8" jacks

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