NAMM: MOOG Voyager OS on CDM

"All of that is technically true (and we are coveting), but — reality check. The Moog Voyager Old School as a left-brained compromise? A value buy? I don’t think so. You’re shelling out US$2600 on the most beautifully anachronistic synth keyboard from Moog yet. You’re going to use nothing but control voltage because you think digital makes people’s souls weak."Click here for the full post.

NAMM 2008 via Amateur Chemist

click here for more.Pictured: the DSI Prophet '08 rack. Note the knobs are Evolver style.

George Clinton - Atomic Dog

YouTube via joeyfanatic. "George Clinton - Atomic Dog Video"Sean wrote in and was curios if anyone out there knows what synths were used for this track. If you know feel free to comment.

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Propellerhead Reason REsource

new old moog

YouTube - Howard Jones, Herbie Hancock, Thomas Dolby, Stevie Wonder

synthesizer medley


japan synth weichspieler pop

NAMM 2008 on fdiskc

images are going up on fdiskc. Tons of synth shots. This one gets the post.Elmo and Cookie Monster

Treat Yourself :)