Living Room Invasion! II

Remember this shot by Massimiliano? Here is another he just sent it of a MOOG Sonic Six and his cat.

analog music synthesizer tutorial

VSynths: Spectre

Robert Rich On Mastering The Tools In Electronic Music

Title link takes you to part 1 of an interview with Robert Rich on Gearwire. That's his MOTM modular behind him."He uses a number of old keyboards in his work as well including the Yamaha DX7 IID, Korg Wave Station and the Ensoniq ASR10 Sampler. Rich also uses the TimewArp 2600 by WayOutWare.There is one piece of gear Rich uses a good deal; Synthesis Technology MOTM, a hybrid system with

MOOG Minimoog Sound Charts

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction. Note the auction is for a Minimoog not just the Sound Charts.

Kawai K3m

No title link, just this shot pulled via this auction. I never knew it came with a wave card. The K3m is capable of rudimentary additive synthesis. You can add harmonics to build up a sound.

Octave Voyetra 8

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction. As used by New Order.

JoMoX Sunsyn Audio Demos

Title link takes you to the links on

International 4600

This one is listed as an International 4600 according to this auction, aka the Maplin 4600. No title link. Just the two shots. via Simon.

Treat Yourself :)