Stag Injector’s Devil’s Johnson

Title link takes you to the post on GetLoFi. BTW, looks like GetLoFi has had a major site redesign. Check it out. I must say it looks mighty nice.

Different Skies Daily Photo Log

Remember Different Skies 2006? Looks like daily shots are going up. Title link takes you there. Make sure to check back for more shots. I didn't realize the new Korg Kaoss Pad was out.

As always, click the image

Tim Blake and Jean-Philippe Rykiel

via frederic.

"It is Tim Blake in concert in Orsay (near Paris) 4th november 1978 with Jean-Philippe Rykiel (who is sadly blind but marvelous on a minimoog)."

More on Tim Blake on his official website. I couldn't find an official website for Jean-Philippe Rykiel, so if you know of one please comment. Here is what Google has for him.

Analogue Haven to Carry Blacet

Via ross healy, aka cray5656:

"Hi Matrix
Ross here in AUstralia
Just thought you may like to know that Analog Haven will be selling
Blacet modules as of Wednesday."

Title link takes you to the Blacet page on Analogue Heaven.

Update: If you click on the link for Ross Healy above, you will notice it takes you to a wikipedia article with the following:

"This Digital Ocean is an electronic and industrial band.

Originally formed in the early 90's Ross Healy, Simon Bowley and Tristan Upton were all friends of electronic music.

The Yamaha CSY-1

Remember this post on Yamaha Electone "Synths?" The following just in via Ivan on AH:

"I had just been doing some research on the Yamaha SY-1 which I rememberd playing as a kid. Seems it was built into an organ called the CYS-1 (and later there was a CYS-2 with a built-in Yamaha SY-2).

VoiceSync Virtual Bowl and More

You are looking at the VoiceSync BowlXplorer. A Bowl emulator."Bowls are simple but yet extraordinary instruments, they are widely used for playing sacred music in several cultures as Tibetan (metal bowls), recent technologies enabled building pure quartz bowl rich in harmonic sounds. Bowl sound relaxes and raises concentration.BowlXplorer is a bowl simulator, main sound parameters can be

Making Sound

Title link takes you to a new French Blog by Cyril called Making Sound. You will find posts including:"some pictures of the inside of an Evolver here, how to update the chip, and some pictures of a padKontrol here.Don't know if you read French but i have also done an interview with the game creator and musician Eric Chahi & Jean François Freitas who made the game "Another World" (i think the

PNW Synth Meeting Oct. 21, 2006

No title link. For those of you in the Seattle area, the Pacific Northwest Synth Meeting is on! I'm looking forward to this years get together as I wasn't able to attend the full event last year. The shot to the left is from last year's event. You can see more shots in Toby Paddock's Flickr Set. BTW, you might recognize Toby from this post.Via John Marshall:"PNW Synth meeting

Daddio and Henry Strike Back

This one via daddio of tapewarm."Henry brought over his Yamaha CS2X . We made bootiful musics together. See for yerself: link.also in the mix are a Nord Rack 2, Electribe ESX, Kaoss Pad 2, and Doepfer Modular. These are impromptu live recordings - no mixing/mastering/turd polishing - yet. Except 3n4 which is a simply a pairing of , well, jam 3 & 4."That'd be bootiful allright. : ) Nice

Twelfth Root Serge Modular

"This distinctive analog modular synthesizer has been called The Beast, The Trilobite, The Nautilus, or The Jetson's Telephone Patching System."I think I'll just call it, "Dayamn" or "Big Mamma Jamma." Check out the lamps. I think they are really there for pull-ups. Dayamn. Title link takes you to more info. Click the image for a bigger shot.

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