Access Virus TI Keyboard & fltrmusic

YouTube via GCom67."Just a quick video demo of the Virus TI keyboard. Music by fltrmusic"

New Synth Scans and Pics on fdiskc

You'll find eml101 pics (pictured), the raymond scott clavivox card, korg kr55b lit, and others.


Title link takes you to some amazing shots via this auction.x0xb0x serial number #496" The custom finish on this x0xb0x includes extremely limited edition (11 pieces made) custom artwork, with matching matte black knurled knobs, and a red RUN button. The artwork is rear-printed 10mil Lexan with 3M adhesive which is the exact same type of label used on industrial equipment. Have no fear about

ElectroDziska's Analog vs Digital (segment)

YouTube via 3gzproductions. via Mr. Array."Segment of electro music documentary by Iris B Cegarra"

Metasonix TM-1 in MOTM Format

via this auction. via brian comnes."This is a Metasonix TM-1 Wavefolder in MOTM format, 2U of tube mangling ready for your modular synth! This is a prototype that works great, but there are some behind-the-scenes... engagements, shall we say, that dissuade me from selling it with the forecoming modules (still a month out) from The Bridechamber. This unit's PCB was not made for conversion, so

Yamaha AN1x Demo via elmosexwhistle

Cool Yamaha AN1x demo posted by elmosexwhistle on this VSE thread. "hey fellow synth heads, on this here mp3 file you can hear what kind of sonic madness i've been creating with my an1x these past few months...interestingly there are no external effects (albeit a little treble added to brighten the sound slightly) and a little crossfading to shorten down the track...a load of patches are on

MOOG Realistic MG-1

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.

Metasonix Wretch Machine

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.

PAiA Fatman

via this auction.

Breakaway Vocalizer 1000

via this auction."If you don't know what this thing is, it's a crazy synthesizer controlled by the microphone. You can sing into it and it accompanies you with a corresponding synth sound. That is, if you sing a 'C' it will make a 'C' sound with the selected instrument. It does some recording... It also has rhythms and other functionalities. "

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