Reverence by Audio Damage Released

Title link takes you there. Previously posted.

Check out this monster modular consisting of Doepfer, Analog Systems, Analog Solutions, Blacet, Wiard, Voxglitch, Metalbox, Banalogue, Plan B, Livewire, Encore Electronics, Cyndustries and DIY modules. Title link takes you to, where you'll find the full module list, samples, and more.


ARP 2500 via PS Project.Gorgeous.My new wallpaper.No title link, just this shot - click it for a bigger image.


Update: That's Christophe Harbonnier in this shot. He's playing an RSF Polykobol II. You can see another shot of it here and here on the RSF site. Also check out this Polykobol II page.Remember this post on Santurios featuring a shot of Christian Wittman of Lightwave? Frederic sent me a link to this gallery featuring more shots of Lightwave along with the following:"The name of

Bernard Szajner's Laser Harp

"The first laser harp ever made was a framed laser harp. It was created 1981 by the frenchman Bernard Szajner and was named “Syringe” from a science fiction book.""Technical explainations:His harp was powered by a Spectra Physics 5 Watts argon ion laser. The beam was sent through a fibre optics conductor to a line grating, where the beam was split into the 12 “strings” of laser light"Via

E-Music DIY

Title link takes you to the E-Music DIY Archive, home to a number of shots and info on various DIYers. You'll also find manuals, references, links and more on site. That's Toby Paaddock to the left.via

Oberheim x 4

Two OB8s, an OBx-a and a Matrix-12. Title link takes you to more shots on this VSE thread while it stays up. Shots saved here for posterity.

Moog - New Flickr Shot

flickr by P Villerius.More synth grafitti.

Synths on The Cure's Disintigration

Title link takes you to an interview with Roger Odonnell on the classic Cure ablum, Disintigration. Image via Roger Odonnell's website. Speaking of, I need to pick up his latest album which was apparently entirely done with a Minimoog Voyager. Talk about a Voyager showcase.A few excerpts from the intreview: "his concern for sounds that are appropriate, rather than trendy, reflects in

Analog Modular Synthesizers Group on YouTube

Set up by morbius. So far only one video which I previously posted here. Hopefully more will come. Feel free to join and add your own.

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