Technics SY-1010

Remember the Technics SY-1010? Title link takes you to some shots pulled from this auction.

Korg EA1/ER1 BPM Trigger Out Mod

"I like using my Korg ER1, I have an EA1 too but never use it. I have always wanted to have the ER1 sync with my diy synths, which don't have midi. I worked out a simple circuit to get a BPM trigger out but did the operation on my EA1"

Title link takes you there.

Zero OSC Samples by Legion

"Here's a quick ditty I came up with last night while messing with the basic FM patch and a TKB: legion_ZO_ditty.mp3 (2.56M)

This is pretty simple (vco driving ZO, LFO driving FM in, two ADSRs) The only thing I'm tweaking is the the one ADSR towards the end and I "play notes" ont he TKB to get the different ...well...

Hmm... Why isn't it spinning?

Haven't had a cat shot in a while. Here's one sent in by legion.

No title link, just the shot.

Firstman SQ-01 - New Flickr Set

Remember the Firstman SQ-01?

Title link takes you to a Flickr set by hinotori mortal.

Synton Syrnix - New Flickr Shot

flickr by unrest.

Note: Typo in the title of the Flickr shot. It should be Syrinx.

What's cool about this shot is you can actually see the slight detuning of the two Oscillators.

Note the switch in the middle. It's a switch that let's you select LFO1 or LFO2 to modulate the firtst BPF.


"We build synthesizer modules and provide various things you'll need to build your own. So far, 4 of our modules are based on the circuit boards of Ken Stone and one module of our own design. Ken Stone is an Australian circuit designer with a versatile and playful frame of mind which is greatly to be praised.

JoMoX Sunsyn OS Update

"I have fixed the SunSyn Voice Release cuts of envelope 1 (Filter). On long filter release sounds the voices have been cut prior than 8 voices because the filter envelopes for all other voices were discharged erratically…took me 2 days to fi

Jörg Schaaf's Studio

Jörg Schaaf is the maker of the Spectralis. has some shots of his studio up. Title link takes you there.

Analog Days

Analog Days seems to be getting a few nods in the comments of this post. I have the book myself but haven't had a chance to get around to it. The general consensus is that it is a great book but there are a few inaccuracies. I've been hoping the authors would come out with an addendum that clarifies them, but I haven't heard of anything to date. I checked the Analog Days website for this but couldn't find anything. If anyone knows where we can find such a list, please post in the comments.

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