The Last New MacBeth M5 in the US - Priceless

At Analogue Haven.via Andy_Squirrel.

Top 20 Wierdest Instruments On Sonic State

"Voting starts today as we countdown towards our next IPTV series, the Top 20 Weirdest Instruments. And it's not just synths - you can vote for acoustic instruments, outboard effects, circuit bendery, software, even toys - in fact anything that makes a sound and is truly strange will be considered for the has featured lots of strange instruments in news stories and


Remember Plogue Bidule? Title link takes you to a track done with it on COMMONTONES.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

Title link takes you to more shots and interesting bits of info including bodhisattva, butteryfly and gnome silkscreens on the PCBs.via Stephen

Hands Off 2007

"Some news from the UK... A group of UK thereminists have organised a weekend-long theremin get-together for the end of July just outside London, and have now made tickets available.Cost is £150 for the whole event, which includes meals and 3 nights' accommodation.So far we have got the great Lydia Kavina booked to do a masterclass, as well as Jon Bernhardt (of The Lothars - who has a nice '

keybdwizrd - NightLife (original composition)

YouTube via keybdwizrd."Instruments used: Virus TI Polar, Moog LP, Roland JV1080, Waldorf Micro Q, MOTU MachFive Sampler."

Roland JX-8P

Title link takes you to shots via this auction. I chose these for the post to show an interesting accessory that came with both the Roland JX-8P and JX-10 - a magnetic strip that you could place virtually anywhere accross the surface of the synth. The strip on the JX-8P contained the "Preset Sound Chart" while on the JX-10 it contained the "Edit Map" for setting up the dual synth engines in the

KORG Wavestation Expansion Cards

Title link takes you to shots of various KORG Wavestation Card Sets via these auctions. Pictured is the WSC-3S "SYNTH and TIME SLICE" 2 Card Set. Details:"These card sets are rare and highly sought after because of the PCM waveform data they contain. This is the easiest way to add new Multisounds to your synth and thus increase it's sonic capabilities.The SYNTH and TIME SLICE Sound Card Set

Tyco Hot Keyz

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.Lightning Bolt Keytar. The buttons and volume knobs remind me of Waldorf. I love the old album, cards and speaker in these shots as well.

Yamaha SK50D

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.

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