Analog Solutions Mini-modular - New Flickr Shot

flickr by zonkout.

Another cute little modular by Analog Solutions that's no longer in production.
Also see the Black Coffee.

Matrixsynth by Nikos

Click image or title link for animated version.

Buchla Thunder Shots

Title link takes you to some shots pulled from this auction. Looks like it went for $3050.

via Doktor Future.

Ionic Performer Shots

Paul Sop, aka Doktor Future, got his Ionic Performer back. Title link takes you to some shots he added to his gallery. The Ionic Performer has gone down in synth history as a Synthi clone.

Monolake - Imbalance Computer Music

Title link takes you to Monolake, a project by Ableton co-founder and software architect Robert Henke. I somehow missed this one. Create Digital Music had a post up on Monolake on July 24, and Analog Industries just put up a post on the Monodeck II by Monolake.

Monodeck II MIDI Controller

Ableton co-founder and software architect, Robert Henke's new custom MIDI contoller.

"All 96 LEDs are full RGB and can display several colors, allowing to assign multiple functions to the buttons. I plan to put up more in detail informations about its structure and the implementation or a video clip of it once it is fully functionable.

Larry Hendry's MOTM For Sale

You might remember Larry Hendry passed away in October of 2005. His MOTM modular is up for sale. Title link takes you to a page put up by his son Jim Hendry with more shots and details.

The following was forwarded to AH from the MOTM list:

"Hello from Jim Hendry, Larry's son.

The whole story is in spelled out on the page below, but my brother and I have worked through enough of the estate that we're down to dealing with the music gear, which at this point means his synth.

Oberheim - New Flickr Shots

flickr by echen007. Title link takes you to more including Moog and Sequential Circuits.

This shot is like a who's who of Oberheim synths:

TVS - Two Voice System

Paia OZ Miniorgan/Synth - New Flickr Shot

flickr by zonkout.

stretta - New Flickr Set

Title link takes you to some spectacular synth shots by stretta. The rack reminds me of the Monolith in 2001 a Space Odyssey.

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