KORG X-911 Guitar Synth

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Korg Maxi-Korg K3 (800DV) Vintage Synthesizer 1975

images via this auction."This is a unique vintage 1975 Korg Maxi-Korg synthesizer - serial number 0594! This synth is also known as the Korg 800DV and Univox K3 but was sold in the US under the name Maxi-Korg K3. The power of the Maxi-Korg lay in the way it could create and play sounds. In essence, it was two Korg 700S synths in a single box, so you could treat it as two distinct synths,

ARP 2800 Modular

images via this auction"one of a kind ARP 2800 analog modular synthesizer. This synth started out its life as an ARP odyssey MarkII (black and gold faced unit), which then had its keyboard removed, front panel hand brushed and refinished, custom durable (water proof) sticker artwork (which is reminiscent of the original artwork) created and applied, and then reassembled in a custom plywood

Quasimidi Sirius

images via this auction. * polyphony -- 28 voices * multitimbral -- 7 parts - 3 synth,4 drums * Patches -- 384, 16 vocoder settings * drumkits -- 192 kick, 192 snares, 192 hi hats, 192 percussion sets each of 12 sounds. * vocoder -- nine band with high and low pass filters * patterns -- 242 - 142 preset, 100 user * songs -- 16 * sequencer tracks -- seven * effects --

Roland TB-303

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AudioCubes Demo at New Media Meeting, Sweden

YouTube via Percussa."Tobias von Hofsten (aka ONE) giving an overview of the Percussa AudioCubes at the recent New Media Meeting in Sweden."

Thomas Dolby on the tube - She Blinded me With Science

YouTube via BrusselZuid. via DVDBorn. Spot the synths."Thomas Dolby performing 'She Blinded me with Science' on the tube circa 1984."

Oberheim OB-12 Review on Cellular Structures

click here for the review in Spanish or here for the Google translated version.

Take The Time Keyboard Solo

YouTube via jd800er. KORG DW8000. Via kitsunexus."Here's some more info on the DW-8000: here's some more sound demos: the DWGS waveforms on the MicroKorg don't sound nearly as good as they do on the DW-8000."

Kawai K5000 *Advanced Additive Synthesizer*

YouTube via retrosound72."Additive Synthesis + special PCM samples; some typical factory sounds from the Kawai K5000R. more info:"

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