Yamaha SY-2

via this auction: "This was yamaha's very first entry into the synthesizer world. This keyboard came out before the popular CS series. This monophonic VCO synthesizer has 28 presets all of which can be edited, but not saved. The SY-2 comes with its original stand legs, which are inside the case (see pics). These legs screw onto the bottom of the keyboard." Interesting coincidence this showed

SCI Prophet 600

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction. Note the new wood side panels from SYNTHWOOD.COM.

Korg VC10

- Oscillators=1 carrier+1 input- LFO= Vibrato w/rate- VCA=Mix level wet-dry- Effects=ensemble- Keys=32- External pitch control CV input- made from 78-82Title link takes you to more shots via this auction.

Minimoog Flyer

via this auction.

Vintage Synth Pins

No title link. Just the shot via this auction.Anyone know where the ARP 2500 module shot on the bottom left came from?

PPG Wave 2.2

No title link. Just the shots and details via this auction.Details: "PPG Wave 2.2 with factory midi. The Wave 2.2 is an 8-bit wavetable synthesizer that has 32 tables each containing 64 waveforms that you can sweep through. These 64 waveforms can be changed in real time via an EG, mod-wheel, after-touch, velocity, etc. To give even more depth to the sound the two oscillators per voice can be

Morton Subotnick Live in San Fransisco

"Morton Subotnick's Until Spring Revisited is performed by Subotnick and Miguel Frasconi on three laptop computers. The performance is based on the idiosyncratic vocabulary of pulsating and sculpting gestures that the composer has developed during the last 40 years. Subotnick's software interprets the position, speed, and gestural quality of the mouse movement, as well as which keys are pressed

More Details on the Nord Wave

Title link takes you to more details recently posted on CDM. You can also find some details on points:Sampled waveforms: Oscillators can now use full waveforms (not single wavetables, Clavia hastens to add), while still routing through fully-analog circuitry. Oscillator models: Virtual analog, FM, wavetable, sample-playback can be applied in combination (which I hear is

Rowland 303 - $100

Classic one from Craiglist Seattle sent via JG:"rowland 303 - $100Reply to: sale-304154428@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-04-01, 9:01AM PDTmy boyfriend didnt come home last night (again) so i'm selling off his stuffapparently this is some sort of synthesizer. he listens to that shitty techno music so maybe that will help you.i'm so fucking mad at him right now that the first person here with

Solaris and Musikmesse Shots

Another nice shot of the John Bowen Synth Design Solaris. I think this is my favorite look for the synth. This one sent my way via Laurin on Tangerine Vintage Synthesizer. You can see the complete Musikmesse gallery here.Previous Musikmesse Posts

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