Teamwork - New Flickr Shot

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Moment of MOOG

Moog Urges ''Moment of Moog'' Throughout the World; In Addition, Foundation Launches Web Site to Continue the Moog Legacy "Moment of Moog" audio file ASHEVILLE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 17, 2006--August 21st, 2006 is a difficult date for lovers of the synthesizer. It was one year ago on August 21st that Bob Moog, inventor of the synthesizer, passed away. This year, Moog Music is rallying the

Wood For Your Casio

via GetLoFi

Moog Source - New Flickr Shots

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Trent, Peter, Twiggy, and Atticus on YouTube

Warm LeatheretteNight ClubbingVoyager provides the classic lead on Warm Leatherette. via

My momma was a walkman - New Flickr Shot

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Oberheim OB1

Nice shot via - there's a nice Oberheim Eight Voice currently up as of this post. You might recognize the site from

Synthi Bindi on YouTube

YouTube by maxtundra. Sent my way via Brian Comnes.


Via Brian Comnes: "Here's a link to some tracks I made with daddio, a fan of yours, a synth buddy of mine and sometimes AH even did 3 posts on him (aka tapewarm) . Anyway he lives about an hour up the road from me and we try to get together every 5 or 6 weeks and do something. Last night we got 2 tracks in 81506a and b. These are one take affairs, mistakes and all, with only a

Buchla 200e Demo

Sample via Todd on the Yahoo! 200e users group. Sent my way via Chris who got permission from Todd to let me post this and later sent my way via Reed. Enjoy. Also mirrored here.

Treat Yourself :)