Roland WS-1

Title link takes you to a couple more shots via this auction.Details:"This is the Roland WS-1, the extremely rare write switch for the CR-78 Compurhythm Drum Machine... The CR-78 is one of the best drum machines Roland ever made, but without the WS-1, it's just another beat box. With the WS-1, you have full control over the 4 yellow program buttons on your machine. It is possible to program


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Roland Jupiter-8a

This one in via Rod. Title link takes you to a 17M super sized strip of several shots via this auction. The link goes to the directory (pun intended) hosting the file, so you don't lock up your browser by clicking on the title link. The pun? The name of the directory. The starting bid on this one is $5k with a Buy It Now at $6500 and you'll be hard pressed to find one in this condition. It's

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Arturia Origin. This is the best demo I've seen of the interface. It's actually pretty slick. One thing I hate working with PC modulars is the clicking and dragging to edit. A giant analog push button knob just seems way more efficient. I also like how the focus goes to the module you are editing. The one thing I hope it comes with are the complete versions of the Arturia range of softsynths


Title link takes you there. A PSP version is coming as well. Via John of Toho Monster.

PSP RHYTHM 7.1 Released

"PSP Rhythm is a complete music workstation in the palm of your hand. Its features include sample playback, sample manipulation, wave synthesizers, audio effects, grid sequencer, and song arranger. PSP Rhythm enables you to take audio samples, arrange them, effect them, and record your songs to CD quality audio files. Major Improvements for version 7.1: - Pattern Sample Playback (Loop)-

1976 Wells Floor Bass

Title link takes you to a couple more shots via this auction. Details:"This bass pedal is not a effects pedal, it is actually plugged straight into the amp to create bass sounds. Each pedal create a different note. This item is mostly used for a guitar players to be able to play Rythem/ lead while using the bass pedal for the bass guitar sound. Only cord with item is the power cord. Approx

Electronic Instruments - Electronic Modifications

Title link takes you to Fran Samshuijzen's Autophonic Instruments site with a number of modifications. The list includes the EMS Synth A, Twin Casio SK-1, a Sampler with the T.I. TMS 3477 IC, and this beauty, the Randrum."Originally a small analogue drumcomputer, consisting of a box with the three knobs, seen in the middle section with the dark inside.One switch for six different patterns of

Someting happens in the Dharma Labs

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Emotion of Metropolis

Emotion of MetropolisAdd to My Profile | More VideosVia Prototek of Hong Kong Counterfeit:"I just found a song from my band on YouTube. A fan took the liberty of merging our song "Emotion" with the classic silent film "Metropolis". I think he did a pretty good job!For the song I used an 808 for the BD. The snare zap sound is actually an Odyssey. The Odyssey also handles the harmonized lead

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