Yamaha 4-Op Factory Patches

Title link takes you to the post on Failed Muso.

Automat and the ASE MCS70

Another via Frederic. Automat is an old electronic album from 1978 that featured the ASE MCS70. You can read more about the album here where you will find a number of samples. You can find more on the MCS70 on where the image below was pulled from.

via the Automat page:
"When I saw my incoming mail box in 2000/October/01 I had a great surprise.

Siliconsequences (Extended) on YouTube

Remember Siliconsequences? Here's the extended version. Via Frederic.

CS80_OPENED - New Flickr Shot

flickr by CountLovE.

SEKU Analog Sequencer

Title link takes you to a couple of shots. Via Sigma:

"We are an Ambient/Electronic-music duo from Finland and have something we would like to share other synth/DIY-fans.

SEKU is a self made 2 x 16 step sequencer with slider-pots as in ARP-sequencer. Length of the sequence can be set to N by patching PULSE-OUT from N+1 step to RESET-IN jack.

Pink LEDs

Nice. Via Tec Assistance, "here's a pulse programmer i recently built with the new issue pink leds.I believe they are the fruition of some Philips research which is able to combine the materials such that other colours will become available.I guess the rainbow is coming!"

EMS Synthi AKS Restored by CMS on The Bay

A couple of shots pulled from this auction. Restored by CMS. Currently at 10 bids and $6200.

DIY Synth

Via frederic. I didn't see a details page on this one. If you know more about this piece, please feel free to post in the comments.
Submitted by SynthWise on Fri, 2006-08-25 14:35


Title link takes you to more info on Pinky, a DIY synth.

"pinky has mostly cgs boards - gate sequencer, with preset and cv, digital noise, 2 tube vcas, steiner vcf, 2 bandpass filters, passive ring modulator, envelope generator, joystick-nipple, super psycho lfo, psycho lfo and dc mixer.

Synthesizerpark Köln - Video + Pics

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