Roland D-50 Part 1

YouTube via alphacode909. vis fischek."All the best Patches for that great synth are here ,it's the best ambient and pad machine..."Roland D-50 Part 2

Analog Synthesizers VS Digital

YouTube via OldSchoolJungle"A little poll that I ran at one of the popular music production boards shown some interesting results."

Jomox Xbase 888 Livetrack by priox

YouTube via Monolaend.

MOOG Sonic Six

YouTube via e200001"This is the Original MOOG Sonic Six Synthesizer and it is in Argentina"

EQUINOXE IV Jean Michel Jarre Cover

YouTube via gattobus"Yet another JMJ song... This is one of my favorites. Drums, Arpeggio, Lead and all the variations are programmed on the Nord Modular G2. Pad from Virus TI and Sample Hold FX from the Moog LP. Enjoy!"

Trash_Audio interviews Dieter Doepfer

YouTube via justjustjustmcg. "This is a great interview with Dieter Doepfer who makes Doepfer analog synthesizer modules, as well as other products. This particular interview is about his background/life/history and not about any specific products."

Rock On

flickr by mjp3000full size"Josie takes a turn on the Moog"MOOG Little Phatty


images via this auction" A rare subtractive analog synth, manufactured in 1982 by the Kirov radio plant in the former Soviet Union is here now! Fully functional! There is an original soviet factory structure - i.e. method of synthesis, knob resistors, parts, connections, voltage etc. It runs on 220V AC (US customers will need an adaptor). NO MIDI, CV-GATE OR SYNC ARE INSTALLED.HERE


images via this auction

Inside a Rhodes Chroma

images via this auction"Rhodes Chroma (Originally an ARP project) 16-voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer with JL Cooper MIDI interface now for sale. Registration # 21030348. Cosmetic condition is fair to good. All Voices tune. The Chroma (Quite a rare synth) comes with a box of manuals, factory-patch cassette tapes, and two extra voice-cards. (I believe these 2 extra-Voice-cards are not working)

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