Subdivisions on lotsa keyboards

YouTube via hamsterdunce, aka Dave of umop, The Packrat and more.

Rare Red Beta Sidstation

"A super rare (only 4-6 units left in the world)RED Elektron Sidstation. This is the Beta Version Of All Sidstations.'The beta models of SidStations used by Elektron and their beta testers had a shining red color. It is doubtful that any of these exist outside the actual company and their beta-test partners.'"This is up for auctionTitle link takes you to a flickr set with more shots.

More Converted Modules by Dennis Verschoor

Some Blacet Research in Wiard style. Title link takes you to more. These were done by Dennis' technician. You can see his minified Cyndustries modules here.

Wii Loop Machine

Title link takes you to a video of the Wii Loop Machine. Yann does a good job of explaining the functionality as the video progresses.via Thumbuki

Musicmaker Meetup in Brooklyn Tonight

In case you missed this on Create Digtital Music:"Attention, boys and girls: fans of DIY hardware, physical computing, circuit bending, hacked gear and gaming machines, custom code and patching, independent hardware makers, mad scientists, and even the casual fan of the above who want to check out some cool projects — if you’re anywhere near the NYC area, we want you next week.Thursday March

2006 AHMW

YouTube ahmwsynth. Reminder: AHMW 2007 is this weekend."Cary on the OB-8 and Andrew on the Juno-6"

The Stearns Collection MOOG Synthesizer

"Moog Synthesizer, Stearns 2035. This particular instrument has the distinction of being the first commercially produced Moog synthesizer.It was commissioned by the Alwin Nikolai Dance Theater of New York in 1964 after being demonstrated at the Audio Engineering Society convention in New York in October of that year. Nikolai used the synthesizer to compose recorded musical accompaniments for


flickr by idontwanttosignupforthi satall. Title link takes you to more.

Bleep Tones!

Yep. Bleep Labs (thingamagoops) ring tones. Title link takes you there.


Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction. Be sure to read the details on this one if you are even thinking about it.

Treat Yourself :)