ARP 2600 Owner's Manual

Title link takes you to a 10M pdf of the manual, also mirrored here.

BMW Expander

Hylander Mini Wave Expander.Title link takes you to more shots and info on Muff Wiggler."the Expander is used along with a Blacet/Wiard Mini Wave module, allowing the MW to address a total of 10 ROMs (as opposed to the 2 ROMs that a standard Mini Wave can work with), which ultimately gives your Mini Wave 2,560 individual waveforms. Additionally, the Expander adds CV control over the currently

Monster Searge System

"The panel on the upper left consists of a bank of 36 custom comb filters and 24 custom VCAs, the 2 panels below it populated with 16 Keyboard Envelope Generators to drive them all. This instrument was made 1977 (as you can tell from the paper faceplates) and is in remarkable condition. Outside of the one mondule shown which is covered with blue tape, everything works perfectly."via Peter

STG on the Tube

Minimoog processed with Radiophonic Accessory System"this is a two-bar loop of the basic "Chameleon" bassline sequenced in a x0xb0x used to control the Minimoog's oscillators and the envelopes, VCA, and Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter of the STG Soundlabs Radiophonic Accessory System.the Minimoog's filter is opened up and the bottom C is held down with half of the Hamtech Sonic Screwdriver in

Yamaha DX7 II FD

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.

Wilson Phillips' The MOOG Source

For the Wilson Phillips fans out there. via this auction:"I used this monophonic Moog Source synthesizer on the Wilson Phillips tour in 1988. I put it in storage after the tour and haven't touched it until now. It's in excellent physical condition except for small strips of tape on the top that had the band's set list. (I chose not to remove them since I don't have tape remover solvent to

Sonic Arts Network EXPO 2007, Plymouth

"Semorphonic Orchestra – call for performersDo you have an old analogue synth stashed away in the loft (or taking pride of place in your studio)? We are looking for performers for this unique world premiere event. The Semorphonic Orchestra will be made up from a large group of musicians playing analogue synthesisers scattered about the space where the Sonic Picnic is taking place on Sunday

Chris Muir and His Buchla 200e Live, April 15 2007 SF

As you might recall, I've posted a number of Chris Muir's Buchla 200e samples. Well, if you want to see the 200e live, here's your chance."I'm playing a gig Sunday, April 15 at 7PMThe ensemble consists of:Jennifer Hicks butoh/movementAurora Josephson VoiceHenry Kaiser GuitarChris Muir Buchla 200EDamon Smith BassWeasel Walter DrumsThis will be 96% improvisation. Chance of cacophony

Moog Little Phatty Toccata and Fugue in Dm

YouTube via gattobus. Sent my way via Mr.Array.

Kyma X + Wiimote

YouTube via inthegray. Sent my way via Dr. Future."For reference, the Kyma is the software (runs on MAC and Windows), and the Capybara is the box with the DSP's in it. There's a program, Osculator, that can be used to interpret Wimote and OSC and send it to your Kyma Sound running on the Capybara."

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