Novation KS5 Matrixsynth

Replicas [cover] by Failed Muso

YouTube via FailedMuso
"A fairly simple and short cover of "Replicas" by Tubeway Army/Gary Numan. Based more on his live version than the album track. Everything programmed on Reason by me with the lead line, also from Reason, played live on my Akai MPK49 (you have no idea how many takes it took, mainly because I am shit at playing live !)

diy modular

YouTube via widdlytube. via Sonicbrat.

Experimental Garage Sale 2008 Roundup

images and recap of the event are up on GetLoFi.

Tiptop Audio Distributes Through Schneider's Buero

via Tiptop Audio:
"It has been a while, but we have some exciting news! We officially have distribution in Germany through Schneider's Buero! As you already know we have one of the absolutely best distributors here in the states, the amazing Analogue Haven but we really felt that we were leaving our European counterparts out of the loop!

The Messy Studio

click here for the full set. I picked one of the messiest shots of course, so be sure to click through for some of the better gear shots.


studio cleanup

flickr set by kernelslacker
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PlanB Model 17 Triple Event Timer gearporn

YouTube via dkimcg
"More experimentation with the triple event timer. Turns out it's really really nice for making little tribal sounding resonant drum patterns when used with the Model 13 Dual Timbral Gate. You can really hear the vactrols here since the gates are literally just open or closed with a pulse. That resonant almost membrane type sound is the slowness of the vactrols. Sweet huh? So in this patch the Model 10 was free to do other stuff, but I think it was just cycling back into the control processor for the second timing on the right side. Ah, that loudness in levels must have been feedback. Sorry about the levels being way too loud at parts, I think the voltages got too high too. I need a voltmeter in the rack...

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