Korg MS2000

flickr by Gotimmy.

C64 Messiah

Title link takes you to C64 Messiah on MySpace. The first vid is all Commodore 64.via C64 Music!

Bulcha Garbage!!!

Here's one for the archives. Title link takes you to the Craigslist post while it's up. Enjoy. This gem via Kerry."RARE SYNTH GEAR ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED...PLEASE HELP--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reply to: sale-203465817@craigslist.orgDate: 2006-09-05, 5:46PM PDTThe Original Post Sunday Morning was for "Church selling organs and old

Cartoon Dub on bleepsandbloops

New track on bleepsandbloops. Title link takes you there.

Tangerine Dream Live Set

Three more exclusive shots sent in by Frederic."It's the synths of Froese, Franke and Haslinger after their concert"No title link. Click each for a bigger shot.Update: Make sure to check out the comments for some more shots and debate on whether this was actually 1981 or 1986.

The Gizmotron

Thought I put up a post on this already, but apparently I only mentioned it here. Note this is from Peter Grenader of Plan B."Simply put, once the Gizmotron is installed, the center position will become null (no VC), clockwise from there will process your VC positively (like a 'normal' VC attenuator), and counter-clockwise from center will process your VC negatively (inverted), much like most

Analog Industries Taking Feedback for Next Product

Just in case you missed it, title link takes you to a post on Analog Industries where Chris Randall is taking feedback on their next product. Here's your chance to ask for what you want. On my list? An uber analog style multitrack sequencer that'l let me control my hardware synths via a tablet PC. Think the Sequentix P3 and MiniMusic BeatPad on steroids. Imagine a virutal that you can map to

New Modcan Modules

Via Paul Sop, aka Doktor Future:"Bruce Duncan of Modcan has released some new modules. There's the CV Recorder, of which you posted a prototype panel before. There's also the surprise module: the VDCO, a voltage controlled digital controlled oscillator! It's is a curious mix of digital wavetables ala the Miniwave, but also single operator FM. It's very 'Buchla' like (don't hit me). He's also now


Via Brian Comnes:"Audio Mulch is bar none my favorite sound toy for traveling on is totally self contained, so it is even smaller than dragging a Mono Evolver in the brief case , plus you can do it on the plane ride, while any hardware companions have to wait til the hotel room. Audio Mulch is much like a "soft modular" in that you put objects on a work surface, you patch them

Plan B Model 12 Mark III

Via Peter Grenader"I've devised a simple four step modification to the Plan B Model 12 that adds a switch-selectable overdrive which in effect puts the M12's jewels in a vice - adding a ton of filth, angst, resonance and vinegar to an otherwise pensive filter.In short, I think you'll love it. So much so that all stock currently at our dealers will be updated in the next couple of days. It

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