modded wsg +diy sequencer +clock

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"this is a demonstration of a few modules i have built: the wsg (the big blue box) was built almost a year ago and was my first diy project EVER. the "deluxe" 555 clock (tupperware) and BABY 10 sequencer(orange box) are recent projects. After finishing the baby 10 sequencer, i decided to add a CV in to my WSG...i connected it to the collector of the transistor which works with the A side of the 40106. i added one other weird switch mod as well.

moog buchla ems

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F. Chopin Ocean Etude by Yarosystems

YouTube via yarosystems. KORG R3.
"Playing live Chopin's Etude Op. 25, No. 12 Yarosystems style."

Olson XX-100 Rhtythm Beat - VEMIA

"Made in Japan, for an Akron Ohio firm. Another very rare machine - they are certainly coming out of the woodwork for this auction. This has probably the worst made-up name/number I've ever seen... XX-100 would be better on a rocket ship. BUT... it is beautifully made, in super condition for its age, and it has some very appealing sounds. As usual Bossa is one of the most useable, but they are all cleverly designed, and the whole thing is definitely at the tasteful and well-executed end of the tackiness spectrum. Buttons manually playing eight extra sounds. The only thing to stop it being near-mint is that the back hinged cover looks like a utilitarian (plain ply) replacement. Very nice indeed, though."

Welson Super-matic S12 Drum Machine - VEMIA

"Rare vintage drum machine which works, but in a way that doesn't let you forget its extreme age. The cracked veneer on the top of the lovingly-made cabinet adds to the effect of being very very old for this technology. Sounds aren't exactly vibrant or accurate, but you don't buy one of these for that. 'Shake' is a nicely-dated name for a rhythm; and the four buttons on top are fun, for adding sounds manually. Lo-fi, lo-tech, but good fun. Nice power / bar light. One of very few drum machines to have an impedance matching control on the back - oops, maybe if I'd tweaked that the sounds might have been brighter."

Dynacord Three Drum Units - VEMIA

"Three of these chunky Dynacord electronic drum units, not completely tested because there is only one power supply (Dynacord PAC 918, 18V and 9V AC on a 7-pin DIN)) included, but potentially powerful. Percuter eight track Digital Drum Computer with 8 cartridges: Electrified Bass 1, Metal Snare 8inch, Reggae Snare, Natural Tom 10inch, 13inch, 16inch, Timbales 14inch, Rock Ride Cymbal. Missing top to Pitch control; cosmetically 6/10. Big Brain 16 Track Digital Sequencer, cosmetically 8/10. Percuter S - like the Percuter, but with no cartridges, but each channel has an individual pitch control with on/off switch. Packing at VEMIA: £6 - heavy, and always more difficult to pack three heavy things in one package safely."

Roland TR-606 Drumatix - VEMIA

"AAT modified vintage analog drum machine very rare only 10 ever made. unique sound unit includes :- 18 tonal modifications 14 cv inputs 6 audio outputs KADI interface for midi triggering."

Drumfire DF500 5 Channel Synth/Mix - VEMIA

"Interesting Japanese analogue drum box by a company that usually made effects. Boxed and in very good condition except for three things: 1.) the remains of masking tape over the tops of the first three channels; 2.) a very slight bend in one corner of the back panel; and 3.) the polystyrene packing material in the box has stuck to the mains lead in many places. Lots of control, and although some pots and sockets are a little noisy (probably from lack of use) overall it is in very good working condition. The box, by the way, says that drum contact pads were included originally. These are not included now, having vanished long ago."

SIMMONS SDSV with Seven Modules - VEMIA

"Good to very good cosmetic condition, except that one module has all the little caps from the tops of the knos missing. Superb sounds, with each module having four selectable versions: a factory preset, two user presets set with a mini-screwdriver on the front panel, and one user sound completely tweakable in real time using the knobs on the module. Modules: 4x Tom Tom, 3x Snare (and there is a huge amount of variation possible in each of the sound types) - but **four modules aren't working** . Uses IEC lead. 110V (USA power)."

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