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Admin: Calfiaudio Link for Plan B Post

Looks like I missed the link to more info in this post. If you missed it do go check it out.

Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

via Aliens Project:
"Bernd-Michael Land (b. 1954) aka Aliens Project started making music in late 1960’s, first on one of the early transistor organs and then switching to synthesizers while playing in various Rock bands.

Aries Modular AR-324 Dual LFO Lag/Inverter Update

This post has been updated with much larger shots.

Aries Modular AR-318 S&H Noise Clock

This post has been updated with much larger shots.

Patch Bay 101

I have a pretty hard rule on synth only posts, however, I thought this one would be of use to many out there. Sequence 15 has a great post up on patchbays.

CR-78 Restoration

YouTube via MusicMiK.
"Okay, no new synthesizer modules, as i'm on holiday and just was at home today with a new toy - a CR-78 from a friend which needed a repair/restoration.
Just a short test video here, the full restoration story follows soon, for now, there is just a bunch of photos created during the day:

MonoMiK ADSR demonstration

YouTube via MusicMiK. You can see the previous videos by MusicMiK posted here.
"It took quite a while due to vacation and some stress the last weeks, but finally, i soldered this module together. This was sort of much more difficult due to the very compact layout i needed so save some space in the overall construction behind those modules.

Basic Synthic Object

YouTube via kwoxer1. "Nettes Video" Reactable tutorial.

Sequential Circuits (SCI) Prophet VS

YouTube via felmoe. "a litle look on the prophet vs by k.fog"

buchla 200e jungle ambience edit

YouTube via otisvue
"this is before I got my 4-channel speaker system -- its all coming out of an old stereo with one bad channel. and no -- no arbitrary function generator (aka sequencer). some great sound I stumbled on soon after getting this machine....."

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