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Audio Spectrum MD80, Midi Expander, 1-2 IN 4-8 OUT

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"For sale my Audio Spectrum MD80, Midi Expander, 1-2 IN 4-8 OUT, Includes UK PSU, Very good condition as seen in listing picture (Use this to manage your synths or other external midi devices)"

Clavia Nord Lead 2 Virtual Analog Synth SN 97090602

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"The original Nord Lead and Nord Lead 2 are among the most popular synthesizers ever built. Debuting in 1995, the first Nord Lead virtual analog synthesizer took the music world by storm. It instantly became an industry standard and has secured its place among the most revered classic synthesizers."

CasperElectronics ST-505 LFO Circuit Bent Synthesizer

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"One of the most extensive peter Edwards ever crafted and fit entirely into a Speak&___ body. The multi-function LFO section generates pumping rhythms and throbbing glitchdom. Most of the complex designs by Casper are now in the hands of well known composers/ artists such as Danny Elman, Mike Patton, etc.. and the infamous Australian Military-surplus double-stacked rotary

ARC Artificial Neural Network eurorack synthesizer module overview.

Published on Nov 7, 2016 ARC

"The ARC Artificial Neural Network is a collection of submodules for the creation and processing of control voltages, programmable logic, waveshaping, signal conditioning etc.

Two identical Threshold Logic Neurons are capable of patch programmable combinational and sequential logic. Each input is weighted and may be manually triggered.

There are also two identical

ARC Noise Rainbow Eurorack Analog Synthesizer Module

Published on Nov 9, 2016 ARC

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"The Noise Rainbow is a source of analogue noise and digital pseudorandom pulses. Both sources are generated by new old stock Soviet components (KГ401 and К176ИР10).

The Analogue Noise submodule provides white, grey and coloured noise. The colour output is continuously variable between red, blue and violet for tailored noise.

The Digital

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