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What's Inside the Behringer Model D (by synthpro)

Published on Sep 20, 2017 synthpro

"Hey Guys,

In this video, I go over the assembly of the Behringer Model D from the chassis to the circuits to give you a better understanding of the quality and build of these units.

Thanks for watching,

A Tasty Pixel Releases Samplebot - New Sampling App for iOS w/ Jimmy Fallon Clip

Uploaded on Sep 16, 2017 ATastyPixel

A Tasty Pixel who brought us Loopy HD, has a new app in town, Samplebot. Details follow, along with the the Jimmy Fallon clip.

"Record or import sound clips, play them back on colorful pads and record and layer the results to build songs. That’s the idea behind Samplebot, the playful new sampler app for iPhone and iPad from the developer of award-winning

Ableton LFMW with Mo.s Model OSC03 M.A.S.F.

Published on Sep 20, 2017 Akihiko Matsumoto

"Low Frequency Multi Waveform generator for ableton M4L Max for Live.
LFMW - RME Fireface UC (ADAT out) - Expert Sleepers ES3 (ADAT/CV Converter) - Mo.s Model OSC03 M.A.S.F. - RME Fireface UC (Audio In) - Ableton Live - RME Fireface UC (Audio Out) - Sony a7

Other Plugins."

Vintage Maas Rowe Krueger String Bass Pedals Synth 1970s / 80s

Here's something you've likely never seen before. I believe this is the first post on the site to feature one. You can find a hand full of other Maas Rowe posts here.

via this auction

"This is a Maas Rowe Model 813 Krueger String Bass Pedal system from the late 1970s / early 1980s. These were originally marketed as an accessory for piano for additional basslines, but as it goes with these

Duophony on a 'Monosynth' (2). on a MOS-LAB Model 15

Published on Sep 20, 2017 Resonant Anvil

"16-step Sequence patched to Osc 1 & 2. Keyboard controls Osc 3. Separate CV inputs using 2 Kenton MIDI CV converters. All audio from the Model 15. One take. No overdubbing. Patch as shown."

Part 1 here.

Elektron Analog RYTM & Analog Four

Published on Sep 20, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Analog Four synthesiser and Analog RYTM drum machine synced together (Octatrack MIDI Out to Analog RYTM & Four MIDI Ins).

No further processing except for normalisation."

Modular Workshop - Live @ Analogue Zone Showroom E04

Streamed live 47 minutes ago Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"Modular Workshop - Live from the Showroom

This week's stream features a world premiere for Buchla lovers: Ramin will demonstrate the unparallelled audio range of the Buchla LEM Snoopy - Buchla's more compact synth voice with its flagship modulation and filtering capacities. You will be put into picture in connection with

VGM #115: Marble Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog) Chill Synth-Wave Cover

Published on Sep 20, 2017 Ace Waters

"I was actually planning on saving this video for later, but I fucked up my finger while trying to set up a 3-tier stand, and I am not gonna get my next video finished in time. So, instead of Terraria, enjoy a third trip into slow, Sonic 1 land. It is almost like I am gathering up slow Sonic covers for something..... #ggsLP"

"Wired Heart" Synth Gadget by, Phirol and Hyboid (Astro Chicken Records)

Published on Sep 20, 2017 Hyboid a.k.a. Astro Chicken

Available at:

"Wired Heart features six sensors that can detect touch and humidity. Each of the sensors control the pitch of an oscillator – press harder or have sweaty hands to get a higher pitch. Each sensor serves a different function, and it is best to explore the Wired Heart Sound

KORG: SDD3000 Delay & ARP Odyssey Synthesizer

Published on Sep 19, 2017 Korg Australia

"Stomping on Synths: Korg SDD-3000 + ARP Odyssey"

Treat Yourself :)