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Alesis Andromeda - Blade Runner Opening Titles

YouTube via nanobotdex
"Alesis Andromeda, playing Vangelis' Blade Runner opening titles melody. No external effects used, just some built-in digital delay (which I typically avoid).

Please checkout as there's Andromeda all over our tunes.."

Ableton Operator (1)

YouTube via salzmanufaktur
"Modulations with pitch envelope and LFO."

SYNARE 3 vintage drum synthesizer

via this auction

".....way cool vintage electronic drum sythesizer by Star Instruments. This thing is a doozie has oscillator 1 and oscillator 2 ....filter....and amplifier with decay. I believe this gem is responsible for the genius early 80s sounds of bands like Joy Division, Prince, Devo, Kim Karnes and probably many others."

YU - We Are You

YouTube via WeAreYU. via zonkout. PAiA modularm, Moog CDX and ARP 2600.
"YU is C.U.Squirm, Rod Miles and Bentley Shaft.

FATALIST Review 1986: 'YU has a very unique sound of their own. This is one of the better Austin releases of the past year.'"

YU - TechnoBrats

Workspace and Environment: I, Parasite

see the full interview and a video on TRASH_AUDIO
"Favorite Hardware
In synth land that's easy: my modular. It's like Legos and synthesizers at the same time. How can I resist? Following closely after that are the Evolver and Juno-6. The Juno is so simple, but I love the sound of it. You can go from weird electric piano to great pads very quickly. The Evolver is aggressive and evil. Sequencing with feedback is an awesome thing. Studio wise I love the Shadow Hills Gama mic preamp. Switchable transformers provide some nice subtle coloration differences."

FM Drums

YouTube via salzmanufaktur
"Wanna get some harsh, noisy beats? Give your FM synth a try! Ableton's Operator is one of my fave FM hybrid soft synths. It's a great tool to generate drums you've never heard in your life! The new version in Live 8 has got user waves for the oscillators and a bunch of new filters. It's a hella fun to play with!"

KORG Kr-55b Rhythm 55 vintage analog drum machine

via this auction

"This is the updated version from the Kr-55 with twice the patterns (96!), shuffle functions and a much cooler color scheme!"

MPC electronics DSM-8+ analog drum module

via this auction
"This is a high-quality drum voice made by M.P.C. electronics of Cambridge, England, makers of "THE KIT" drum machine.

The unit also includes a simple pitch sequencer that lets you create variations in pitch with each trigger sent, for tom parts or more complex or experimental sounds.

The unit takes standard drum machine triggers, It's been tested with a Tr-808 and works perfect.

Sequencer functions are :
Beats/step : (1 to 4)
No. of steps (1 to 16)
Mode (4 diff pitch patterns)
Auto-reset (on-off)

Drum voice functions are :
Input sensitivity
Tom/Bass or snare switch

Back functions :
Reset + hold (for sequencer)
Pad input + trigger input
Accent adjust

The unit is very high-fi sounding for analog, the envelope is fast and it's easy to create punchy percussion sounds like kicks, snare, hi-hats claps toms etc etc.

I had a power supply made especially for it as it usually requires the DSM-1, which I don't have."

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