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ElectroComp EML 200

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"EML, Electronic Music Labs, of Connecticut. This was produced in the early to mid 70's as a companion expander piece to the famous EML 101. They were made to complement each other, for instance adding the master oscillator as a modulation source, or using the wave-shaper and ring mod to enhance the sound of another synth. BUT - this versatile Blue Box can also be used as it's own stand alone synth. Using an external sequencer or keyboard, you have 2 VCO's to control. The outputs and inputs on this are all 1/4" and are well thought out. For example: Most are duplicated, for more than one input or output option per parameter, and they're numbered for use in patching aplications.

Here are the modules:
• 1 master OSC, with sine, triangle and square wave outputs (2 each)—Freq. range from .01 Hz to 20k Hz—all can go simultaneously.
• 2 VCOs, with Center Freq. and swing. These can Freq. Mod.
• Spring Reverb with gain
• Analog A/B switch with independant gain—with pulse input.
• HP and LP filters
• Wave Shaper (ADSR)/Modulation section and Ring Mod + Sampler section (for S&H effects)
• Noise outputs
• 6-Channel Mixer with individual Levels and Pans
• Another Ring Mod!
• Pre-amp input with Low, Med and High sensitivity.

Jörg Schaaf - Autumn Rain

YouTube via SCHAAFJOERG, make of the Spectralis. follow-up to this post.
"This song is dedicated to all the people, who posted these kind comments after listening to "Stories"[previously posted]. I hope, you will enjoy this one as well. All what you hear comes live from one Spectralis 2 synthesizer recorded simply from the stereo main out. No external FXs were used. Just the two built in digital delays are giving some room and atmosphere. The song gives an impression about the dynamic range of this incredible synth.
OK - I am one of the fathers of this instrument but on the other hand, I am trying hard to become a musician too. And as a musician I must admit, that this is simply the best synth, money can buy;-)"


YouTube via zebranalogiczetangas
"vcf stereo this unit comes with midi input and five wave form."

SilentWay and IO26

Youtube via bdufdiskc
"Here is video for the Silent Way Bounty, the plugin works great hosted in Ableton Live 7 on my Macbook Pro, running through the Alesis IO26 and controlling my SH101."

The Dawn Star

<a href="">The Dawn Star by Seth Elgart</a>

"Textures and burbling arpeggios by Waldorf PPG 2.V, non-burbling texture by Gforce M-tron and Arturia Minimoog V, madness by Sonic Charge Synplant.

from Soundtrack Of No Film, released 31 December 2037

mono-poly's Atlantic Storm

You might remember mono-poly from his modular noodles featuring various modular gear including Buchla, Elby Designs, Serge, Metalbox, Wiard, the Blippo Box, Cynthia, RSF, Klee and more.

He now has a new album out titled Atlantic Storm. The following is a blurb on the album from Strange Life Records, where you can pick it up.

"Monopoly's second album after releasing the ZOND3 CD on the Japanese Doppelganger records in 2008. Think of the great rural ambient sounds of Brian Eno's On Land mixed with dark isolationist dronescapes from the 1980s. Using rare modular synthesizers such as ancient EMS synthi's, Buchla's, Serge's etc. Atlantic Storm is the perfect music for a cold rainy day on the outer hebrides' atlantic shores...and that is ofcourse, just the way we like it. Probably one of the most essential rural ambient albums on strange life records so far! Comes in a DVD box with a Monopoly postcard. Check out the soundbytes here."

Note I put this up and more on MATRIXYSNTH-C.

Update: gear list via mono-poly:
Buchla 100
EMS Synthi AKS
Serge Modular
Oberheim SEM (custom modular)
Blippoo Box
Moog Modular

Look what my Serge turned into

YouTube via jenamu6
"Macbeth M5, just traded for a Serge Soup Kitchen panel.
This is my first hour with the M5.........and I love it."

artfart productions

YouTube via jenamu6
"the beginning of a movie project for SAE rotterdam. All done in da supersimple, no goodies Imovie"

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