sound design


A bit blurry but interesting to look at. You can find the write-up at ASIA SYNTH STATION. Be sure to see the blog for more. It is primarily "focussed on synth in HK + Asia."

Alesis DM10 - Summer NAMM '09

YouTube via soundonsoundvideo. "Professional Electronic Drum Set"

voltage controlled frequency - dual vcf

YouTube via zebranalogiczetangas
"Testing my voltage controlled frequency this unit comes with a LFO with 4 wave forms and an AR."

Basic Demonstration 9 Super Steps / Hyper Steps

YouTube via DayflightTrok genoQs Octopus
"Short demonstration about the new important function for Live jamming or studio works.
Have fun, it´s sequencing time!"

Clouds 01 - ambient track made with Quasimidi Quasar

YouTube via beckhusen
"Have a new hobby, i film clouds :)
The sound is made with the Quasar from Quasimidi, only for the background you listen 1 track which i made with Novation's X-Station."

Synth Jam Minimoog, Modular and V-Synth

YouTube via Synthiefrau
"Synthesizers are my life. If I can two Synths take on a loneley Island, I want my Mini and my Modular. The two are the best. I want to marry a synthesist;-)))"

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