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To the synthwizard:J.M.Jarre

YouTube via h281970
"Played with one of his synths the Roland D50.Jarre is and stay the best in his genre
for me becorse he have create a new dimension in the world of synthesizers!"

Depeche Mode - Hole To Feed (music video)

YouTube via dmdotcom. some synth spotting.
"Taken from "Sounds Of The Universe"

Director: Eric Wareheim"

The BBC's The Great Leap Forward

"The Great Bleep Forward: Presented by Andrew Collins

As a follow-up to BBC Four's Synth Britannia programme there's another chance to hear a series made by 6 Music in 2004 in which Andrew Collins explores the development of electronic music.

The story of modern music is one of subversion and experimentation, of heroes and villains. But what if we've got it all wrong? What if the real subversives didn't wear leather and denim but smart suits and white lab coats? What if the true experimentation wasn't with LSD but with DX7's and S900s? What if the real heroes of music aren't John, and Paul, Mick and Keith, but Ralf, Florian, Robert and Wendy!

The Great Bleep Forward is a series four programmes, presented by Andrew Collins exploring the history of electronic music. Hear the first baby's cry of the moog synthesiser, embrace the difficult childhood of prog rock, grapple with the 'experimental' teenage years of the New Romantics and discover the middle aged maturity and nostalgia of the present day. You'll also get a sense of the sound of the future.

The series features interviews with many of the key players in the development of electronic music including Robert Moog, Kraftwerk's Ralph Hutter, Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood, Factory's Tony Wilson, Thomas Dolby, The Human League, Primal Scream, A Guy Called Gerald, Zoot Woman and Grandaddy."

Note this one plays outside of the UK!
I actually posted The Great Leap Forward back in November of 2006 with a different link.
Also see the BBC's Back to the Future.


YouTube via DrOctave1
"maths qmmg ulfo sine mod doepfer lfo cwejman spacial phaser"

wrongbot: 8-step sequencer synth noise 'circuit bent'

via this auction
"That's why you need this in your life. Everyone loves bleeps and boops... FACT!

However, bleep-organisation is often overlooked. This can lead to stress, confusion and lost noise. You wouldn't wish that upon your greatest nemesis.

Lucky for you then. This little box can sort your bleeps right out.

ok, enough nonsense. Sorry about that.

This is a 1-to-8 step sequencer that pulses a VCO. The VCO is controlled by 8 dials. Each of the 8 dials control the pitch of the bleeps. The master pitch of the VCO is controlled by the RANGE dials.

The steps are selectable via a rotary switch. Two momentary buttons can be used to RESET and HOLD the sequence.

Each step lights an LED. 1-4 are green while 5-8 are red. There are 4 LEDs, they're massive and dual colour.

The speed of the bleeps is controlled by an LFO. The LFO speed is controlled by the RATE dial. That has a lovely warm white LED for reference.

There's an ON switch.
Theres a VOLUME dial.
There's a 9v DC socket and a battery clip.
There's kick ass vinyl decals all hand cut by me.
There's NO onboard speaker, so amplification is needed.
There's a 6.35mm Jack socket for that purpose.
There's rubber feet."

360 Systems MIDI BASS Synth Module

via this auction

"Cool little vintage tabletop sound module that has some very retro bass samples. There are 4 sounds, 1 = accoustic bass, 2 = electric full tone, 3 = elec. thinner tone, and 4 = slap bass."

Roland System 100M Vintage synth'n'sequence system

via Stefan: "browsing the 2nd hand marketplace for synths, i suddenly bumped into">this!"
huge system 100M for sale (Belgium)
Roland System 100M Vintage synth'n'sequence system.
Nice complete 11 oscillator setup including MC-4B full set.
110 VCO/VCF/VCA x1
112 Dual VCO x5
121 Dual VCF X1
130 Dual VCA x1
131 Mixer/HP amp x1
132 Dual Mixer/Voltage Proccessor x1
140 Dual ADSR + 1 LFO x2
150 Ringmod/SH/LFO x1
165 Dual Portamento x1
172 Phaser/Delay/LFO x3
174 Parametric EQ x1
182 sequencer x4
190 Kabinet x4
191J Kabinet x2
184 Poluphonic 4-CV KB Controller x1
Original Manual and Original service manual
Roland 100M based Modular synthesis tutorial book
all cables to connect the modules to the cabinets
shitload of original Roland and non-original patchcables.
Original Roland patch cable set in sealed in blister"

Formant Brothers "Ordering a Pizza de Brothers!"

YouTube via nsako. via facebook
"The documentation of a live performance by Formant Brothers (Masahiro Miwa & Nobuyasu Sakonda) recorded in Osaka/Japan in Nov. 2003.

--- In Ordering a Pizza de Brothers! the Formant Brothers perform music on their own real-time voice synthesis system, the Klavocode, and as a side-effect of this performance, order a pizza by telephone. The Big Brother(Mr.Miwa) is responsible for phonemes, and Little Brother(Mr.Sakonda) takes care of intonation and accent. The voice is synthesized from duet's actions. Using MIDI keyboard, the Japanese phonemes are mapped to combinations of the 12 key in an octave using the system called "Brother's Keyboard-to-Phonemes Transfer Standard for Japanese Language" (BKPT-Standard), ---

(text written by Takayuki Rai on Computer Music Journal vol.28 No.4, Winter, 2004, MIT Press, p125)"

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