sound design

"Conflict" - Epic original synth prog solo!

YouTube via hamsterdunce
"More music on

Here's a tremendously epic speed solo & prog rock synth nightmare for you to feast your brainholes on, kiddies! The entire song employs a supersaw zaptron patch of my own creation on the amazing white Roland JD-800, with squelchy vintage '90s backing track crapola on the Korg 01W. No, no direct line input. First of all, I wanted you to hear the slamming finger slams. And secondly, SLAMMY SLAM SLAM"

The custom white Roland JD-800 is from

Roland TR-707 with pitch mods etc

YouTube via wotatwaat
"This one has 10 pitch controls to control the 10 different voices. Each one can be bypassed to give stock pitch. Decay has been added for both hats, ride and crash. There are 3 5 way rotary switches for glitchy distorted wobbliness. By exfade"

Glichbox meets Thingamagoop

YouTube via Bildheinzer
"Circuit bent Videodevice reacting to audio.the splitted Videosignals RGB can be routed through a circuit which is reacting to the incoming audio.lots of colourful effects possible.
Sound comes from a Thingamagoop from and a beat programmed on an X-Base 09.
The Thingamagoop is sent through an Evans Super Echo."

Boring Record - Night Improvisation with Motif XS

YouTube via wendlinka. Listen to the intro without watching. Yamaha Motif XS.
"to tak na rozruszanie po dłuższej przerwie...


Tonal Plexus Layout

YouTube via AaronAndrewHunt
"Letter names for key regions are shown, followed by diatonic and chromatic halfsteps subdividing the fifth. Find out more about the Tonal Plexus at"

Windows 7: Your PC, your life

YouTube via WindowsVideos. Clavia Nord Modular G2.

Yamaha CEO Pleased With Current Production Of Jet Skis, Alto Saxophones, Snowmobiles, Power Generators, Scooters, Golf Carts

via The Onion:

"HAMAMATSU, JAPAN—Despite concerns over the recent global recession, Yamaha Corporation president Mitsuru Umemura announced last week that he was content with the current level of production of Jet Skis, alto saxophones, snowmobiles, power generators, scooters, and golf carts. "Initially we thought that the declining global market would result in overproduction of synthesizers, PA systems, DVD players, tone generators, and motocross bikes, but in fact our production quotas were almost perfectly attuned to the market in power amplifiers, heart-rate monitors, signal processors, analog mixers, engine oil, microphones, HiFi systems, and grand pianos," said Umemura, who stressed that his company prides itself on attention to detail. "At the Yamaha Corporation we're focused on one thing and one thing alone—quality sound chips, ceiling brackets, editing software, race-kart engines, sport boats, flugelhorns, ATVs, sequencers, outboard motors, conference systems, golf clubs, projectors, MIDI controllers, lamp cartridges, portable recorders, subwoofers, component systems, and motorcycles." The Yamaha Corporation is based in Hamamatsu, Japan."

via brian c

Can't help falling in love - KORG DS-10 PLUS + microKORG XL

YouTube via jetdaisuke
"I tried to play "Can't help falling in love (Elvis Presley)" using a microKORG XL and DS-10 PLUS."

ARP 2600 in Hi-Fi pt1

YouTube via shaft9000. follow-up to arp 2600 noodling.
"Nothing too involved here - just 5 minutes of noodling with a stock 1972 ARP 2600 (Tonus Logo Rev 2) direct into an E-mu 1820m audio interface w/ a dash of the 2600's onboard spring reverb. No FX or EQ are added."

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