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I Me You

YouTube via punkdiscoUK. NSFW!
"Jimmy Page/Robert Plant allegedly took 2 days to write the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven; Leah took 15 minutes to write this track. We believe this speaks volumes!"

"All the music is from a 303 and 999 recorded and filmed live; even the strings are from the 999. Tiny amount of post EQ/Comp but other than that, it's raw."

Transformers Animated Wave 7 - Keytar Action Figure!

"Transformers Animated Wave 7 - Electrostatic Soundwave and Freeway Jazz - Coming December 2009!

Transformers Animated fans, we've got a date for you to add to your diaries! According to wholesaler site Entertainment Earth, Transformers Animated Deluxe Wave 7 is due for release in December 2009! This new wave of Deluxes will include the new redecos Freeway Jazz and Electrostatic Soundwave.

However, as Entertainment Earth also has a release date of September 2009 for the sixth wave of Animated Activators - which contains the recently released Soundwave and Fireblast Grimlock - do not take this date as set in stone - they just might slip out to market a little earlier or later.

There has been no official confirmation of these dates from Hasbro as yet - watch this space for updates!"

No time to investigate this one. Click here for details. Transformers Keytar.

via Larry via openchallenge of the tfw2005 boards.

Dirty Boy Pedals -BCM Exclusive Rude Boy Fuzz

YouTube via bigcitymusic. Some modular synth spotting and effects.
"Here's the incredible Blues Saraceno demonstrating the newest Dirty Boy pedal, the Rude Boy. The Rude Boy is a butt-kicking fuzz based on the Univox / Unicord Super-Fuzz. The components are mostly rare new-old stock parts, making a great new version of this timeless fuzz pedal. The best thing is it's got some great features that a modern guitarist would want. The Rude Boy features two LED indicators, power supply input, and a dedicated footswitch for the Notch setting. The Rude Boy is available exclusively at and the quantities are extremely limited. Once they're gone they're gone! Don't wait."

Korg M3 Sounds - Radias Rock

YouTube via KidNepro
"Proto Rock Version 1.4 now contains new sounds for the Radias Expansion Board!

Music & Video - Steve Proto
More info on all our Korg M3 sounds at:
©1984-2009 - Kid Nepro Productions"

some rolands

"roland tr 77 triggers the arpeggiator on the juno 60 kinda, and klickiethump in the background while the sh 1000 goes "wheeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrreeeeeerrrrrrrrrr" but with the random note thing going off ever so slightly and doubled by doing another trak of it and then i made 2 tracks of juno 106 patch i made sounds like gongy things, but all the stuff except the tr77 goes into the ibanez ad-202 analog delay for that gooey sticky analog delay stuff.. yay !"

Nokia Push N900

Nokia Push N900


"Nokia releasing PUSH SDK "to start building your own projects and Arduino-based interfaces to the N900"

TED TALKS: Evan Grant: Making sound visible through cymatics

"Evan Grant demonstrates the science and art of cymatics, a process for making soundwaves visible. Useful for analyzing complex sounds (like dolphin calls), it also makes complex and beautiful designs."


Moog Modular v2 Fx Water stream

YouTube via Andreas45678966

Moog Modular V2, Fx Voice

Moog Modular v2 Fx Birds

Moog Modular v2 Fx Very sad and Apathetic Moog Modular

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