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That's an instrument?

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"Yup. The one with the wires. And this was only the beginning. It was huge, ancient and sounded glorious."


daniel troberg aka erase at atelier frankfurt 2007

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"using the Machinedrum UW as the second turntable. whole live recorded mix can be downloaded here:"

Persistence of Vision

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"Just prototyping an idea for a propeller clock type thing I'd like to build. This is a PIC16F630 running on a 3V battery with 8 LEDs connected. It has a message which shows up pretty well on a long 1s camera exposure :o)"

quarter tone sequence

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"quarter tone sequence with the moon quad quantizer and moogerfooger cp 251's attenuator."

Computone Wind Driver Lyricon-type controller

via this VEMIA auction

"Rare and special wind controller, owned from new by Bruno Spoerri, one of the pioneers of wind-controlled synthesis. Here's Bruno's comments from today:- 'I tried the Wind driver and it worked perfectly, as far as I can analyze it. It's 220 Volt (if I remember well, it can easily be converted to 110), and it comes with the original handbook and the original service handbook.' Cosmetically it looks nice. Even if you aren't a wind player, it's a great way to get wind-instrument-like expression into analogue synths. There's a manual online for more info during the auction at:" [link - mirrored here]

Glamour Box w/ Tenori-On & Bass Murf (by Franck Smith)

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"Testing the dual analog oscillator Glamour Box w/ Tenori-On & Bass Murf . Contents: signal trajectory, glitch, clicks, noise manufacturing, phonocrafting... (N.B.- Tenori-On into Bass Murf into external input of the Glamour Box).


Material in this video:
- Glamour Box
- Tenori-On
- Moog Bass Murf (MF-105b)

Complete video selection on
Franck Smith alternative digital techniques Live Electronics Odiolorgnette Glamour Box Moog Bass Murf MF-105b Moogerfooger Analog Filters dual oscillatorphonocrafting noise manufacturing"

Bleep Labs Thingamagoop 2 Page is Live

You can find it here.

"All the info about Arduino integration is now up, including the schematic and code!"

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