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4ms Pedals: Bend Matrix (x12)

flick by Analogue Haven

"Dann from 4ms Pedals sent us this photo to show our shipment of Bend Matrix units coming later this week. We'll update our site when they get here. For now, check out more info via the 4ms Pedals site. LINK."

Empress Effects: Super Delay (Bare Metal)

flickr by Analogue Haven

"Variety is always a good thing! Though we actually love the paint jobs on all of the Empress Effects pedals, they are now doing a limited run of 30 of the Super Delay in brushed aluminum (as shown here). Empress have done the same for their Tremolo pedal, though those are not limited. We should have these in-stock soon. LINK."

The Harvestman: Hertz Donut

flickr by Analogue Haven

"It works! Here is the first (real) picture of what should be the final Hertz Donut layout. The module will be available sometime in July for *around* $395 (still tbd). We will post more details to our website as they become available. LINK:"

The Harvestman: Piston Honda

flickr by Analogue Haven

"The first sketch of the Piston Honda, by The Harvestman. The Piston Honda is a wavetable oscillator with an easy to use interface. Waveforms are stored in lookup tables which are divided amongst banks. The data is stored on an Eprom. The Piston Honda will hold 2 Eproms at a time and you can switch between them via voltage control. You also have VC over bank and table, amongst other parameters. A lot of the software from the Hertz Donut can be ported over to use with this module so the Piston Honda might not be too far behind. LINK:"

New Kenton: USB Solo

flickr by by Analogue Haven

"New from Kenton is the USB Solo USB to CV/Gate converter. We've been waiting for this one!

The USB Solo is very similar to the Pro-Solo mk2 but with USB instead of MIDI, program memory with easy recall (dedicated store/load functions), direct 1/8" outputs for aux 2 and aux 3 plus some other minor changes. LINK"

MAM ADX1 analog drum module midi synthesizer

via this auction

click the image. like a swimming pool in the summer.

"MAM ADX1 analog drum machine from Germany. individual outs, midi, trigger buttons, great sound, great condition. compact unit with many smooth & cutting sounds inside"

Oberheim Matrix-6R

via this auction

Click on the images below to see the editing paramaters of the Oberheim Matrix-6 and Matrix-6R.

"he Matrix-6R is basically a rack-mounted Matrix-6 without the keyboard. It featured 6-note polyphony and digital osciallators. Each voice has two DCOs, a VCF, three envelope generators (5 stage: Delay, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release), two ramp generators (simple envelopes), tracking (not just for the keyboard but for remapping any modulation source), portamento and FM controls, three LFOs, and two VCAs. Along with other "Matrix" products from Oberheim, the Matrix-6R featured what Oberheim called, "Matix Modulation System", which makes for very flexible and powerful modulation programming. With this much programmability it is unfortunate that, like the Matrix-6, the only user interface is a single slider and a keypad. However the Matrix-6R does give you 6 individual LEDs that light up for each voice that is played. It also features MIDI mono mode where each voice has its own MIDI channel (very useful for guitar controllers).. "

The Thermatron Flame Controlled Synthesizer

YouTube via sheepslinky
"The proof of concept test for the THERMATRON, a vacuum tube synthesizer controlled by a flame. Created and built by Lorin Edwin Parker at Electric Western.

The right mixture of gas, air pressure, high voltage, chemical ions and heat vary the flow of current through a flame. This current feeds into the grid and / or plate of vacuum tubes controlling an Electric Western Phantastron Synthesizer.

More info and more prototypes will be coming --

(c)(p) Lorin Edwin Parker, Electric Western (tm)"

Korg Ds-10 Patches - Realistic(ish) drum kit

YouTube via ChrisLody
"I've been sat with ds-10 for a few nights now learning a few things about drum synthesis. I knew a little theory, but mostly I have just let my ear guide me. After a million indescicive tweaks I came up with a drum kit I think is good enough to share with the world. There is 5 drums in total. A kick, snare, closed hi-hat and open hi-hat in the drum section, then also a distorted tom loaded into pattern 6's syn2.

I recorded the sound separately so I could show you the parameters while you listen to a few loops I made with them. I couldn't resist putting a bit of a bass line over it too, just for fun : )

p.s. I'll add some annotations when the damn thing'll let me!"

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