sound design

Tom Oberheim SEM Patch Panel Model

bottom for comparison:
MIDI in & MIDI to CV routing panel

click on each for the full size shot

Dual Nanoloop 2 Sync Device with Duplet / Triplet Feel

YouTube via littlescale
"I made a device that syncs 2 copies of Nanoloop 2 to a MIDI clock device (in this case Ableton Live). The device also supports duplet / triplet mode - as demonstrated in this video."


via this auction

Preset OB-Xa

"This is a later 5 voice, 56 preset model. All 5 voices are accounted for and pass 'Autotune', all knobs and switches function as they should and all led’s light when depressed. All keys are still springy and smooth to the touch. They are clean and leveled with each triggering sound. Everything is original and intact."

Clavia Nord Modular G2 patch demo: Walhalla

YouTube via beckhusen
"Best listen with your headphones!
Audio-visual demonstration of my newest Nord Modular patch creation. The patch is made with the editor version 1.40 for which you need the hardware G2, but you can rebuild it also in the older freeware version."

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