sound design

Harmonic Fluids

"Fluid sounds, such as splashing and pouring, are ubiquitous and familiar but we lack physically based algorithms to synthesize them in computer animation or interactive virtual environments. We propose a practical method for automatic procedural synthesis of synchronized harmonic bubble-based sounds from 3D fluid animations."

more info here

via Mr. Array

How to make Techno music on 1994

YouTube via SatStorm. some synth spotting. via netb1izzard
"Back in 1994 creating Techno Music, was much more complicated than today! In this rare interview, we see some well known German music producers, do their magic! Europeans, that is our story: Don't forget it!"

PAIA 4700 Synth Modules

via this auction

1 sine/pw mod
2 inverter/buffer
1 "basic" vco
1 "complex" vco (this one is a total wreck)
1 "basic" env.gen. (attack and decay only)
1 bandpass filter

More Tom Oberheim SEM Pics

see the bottom update to this post for the link.
Update: and video!!!

Memorymoog Eye Candy

Some amazing pics of the Memorymoog sent my way via Nayyar. Be sure to click on these for the full effect.

Moog Concertmate MG 1

YouTube via jconsouse. sent my way via retrosound72
"A quick demo of my Moog (Realistic) Concertmate MG-1. Sorry, I suck at keyboards. I added a touch of echo to sweeten it up a bit."


Lasermetal with Moog Source, Casio DG-20 and Yamaha KX-5.

Also on MATRIXSYNTH-C where you'll find the MP3 download and a short blurb on the band.

606 and TKB

YouTube via b3nsf
"Just a quick jamout with the Tr-606 and the Serge TKB, this time on random, Rex showed me how to hook it up!! I'm really loving this thing!!"

SEM Update

See the update via alt-mode in the update below the bottom pics of this post.

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