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Hands On Chicago 10/10

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"Don’t be afraid to touch and interact with the artwork in Hands On, presented by Chicago-based collective, Deadline Projects. Breaking down boundaries between art and audience in this one-night exhibition, local artists unveil new work specifically created to be touched, handled, and manipulated by the audience. Hands On is part of Chicago Artists Month 2009, the fourteenth annual celebration of Chicago’s vibrant visual art community. In October, more than 200 exhibitions of emerging and established artists, openings, demonstrations, tours, open studios and neighborhood art walks take place at galleries, cultural centers and arts buildings throughout the city. Chicago Artists Month is organized by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and is made possible through support provided by Bank of America. For more information, visit:"

If Only it Made Sound

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"1968 Control Center of the JINR's (Joint Institute of Nuclear Research) synchrophasotron in Dubna, Russia (I'd say, they had ladders to access the central panel, or maybe they just levitated up and down on excited electrons)"

I think I need to get George Mattson to build me one.

Not sure what the bottom is...

Io credo risorgerò

YouTube via 74mainframe74. via Enrico
"C64 commodore 64 Rana Giraffa MSX MSX2 Home computer TV - 4/3 PAL CRT Sisme Drummaker 32 P
Fostex Mixer Circuito stampato componenti LED
circuiti integrati condensatore elettrolitico teschio
Crumar DS2 Roland D50 Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 Cuffie AKG Oscillatore Filtro VCF ADSR
Oscilloscopio traccia AufWiedersehen Monty Nemesis III
Chroma key Logan String Melody II Stop Motion Passo uno - Schemi elettrici frequenzimetro alimentatore ATX
TTL 74154 Prophet 5 Harman Kardon
Korg M3R Kawai SX240 Siel DK70 Behringer Vintage Phaser
Attila - Penguin Adventure Konami soccer
Yamaha TX16W Roland Vm3100 pro mixer
Neumann U87 Orologio da fiera E to E jack cannon audio frequenza di campionamento
batteria elettronica battere levare note diesis bemolle accordo fade to black speech synthesis
fm synthesis sound blaster 16 singing
retrogaming audiocassette
morte resurrezione consolle 1980
anni 80 game over joystick tastiera
parodia paradiso videogiochi floppy disk dischetti cartuccia grafica Ram Eprom CPU Z80 SID analogico
synth sintetizzatore sound blaster
computer speech voce robotica
canto liturgico funerale lumini
2 Novembre sepoltura bara decomposizione vermi
Terra luce vita bella gnocca"

Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.8 Telstar

YouTube via Effectology
"Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.8 Telstar-The Clavioline

Welcome to Electro-Harmonix's "Effectology" series, in which we create a remarkable collection of sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect pedals!
No keyboards,samplers or midi pickups were used.

In today's episode studio musician Bill Ruppert recreates the classic hit Telstar using just a guitar and Electro-Harmonix effect pedals.

Telstar was one of the fist pop hits to feature a synthesizer.
The Clavioline was a very early synthesizer using vacuum tubes.
Bill Ruppert also demonstrates some very unusual effects through the video as well.

EHX Pedals featured:Soul Preacher, Stereo Memory Man, Big Muff, Pulsar, Poly Phase, MicroSynth, Cathedral, Poly Chorus"

You can find the how to here:

Circuit Bending Improv - Kids Drum

YouTube via kerikino
"Found this "kids drum" at goodwill/salvation army.

I've had difficulty making practical use of circuit bent toys, because of their unpredictability. However, in this case I feel like the Kids drum is somewhat practical. I realize that a lot of cthe circuit bent charm is the in the uncertainty of what sounds will come out, etc... But i wanted to go beyond circuit bending for circuit bendings sake and tried to harness both the alien nature of the bent toy and then the more human side. My description probably makes little sense. You be the judge I guess."

Komplete 6 - Overview

YouTube via NativeInstruments
"This video gives an overview of what's new in Native Instruments Komplete 6."

Treat Yourself :)