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Rhodes Chroma Color Themes and Ad Scans Update

I had the links wrong in this post. They are now updated. Be sure to check them out.


YouTube via magneticstripper. "Magnetic Stripper's live rig test."
"Tags: dubtest2 Magnetic Stripper DIY Synth DIY Drum Machine MidiBox Sequencer"

Freakazoid Beats/Dub (Tribute To Midnight Star)

YouTube via intromix
"Remake of the original "Freakazoid" using a DMX Drum Machine,, Oberheim OB-8 Synth,, and Roland SVC-350 Vocoder (All instruments used to create the original song "Freakazoid" 1983)"

System:Impossible 1-30

YouTube via SystemImpossible
"System:Impossible started when Simon Brunndahl (Trig, Aparatus, Z-mon...) got his Roland System 100, which consists of; Model 101 Synthesizer, Model 102 Expander, Model 103 Mixer, Model 104 Analogue Sequencer and Model 109 Speakers. I.e a complete electronic recording studio. So with only the System 100, a tape delay and a recorder some music was made."

Noisecollective Torino Synth Clinic 2009

YouTube via noisecollectivenet
"Estratto dalla Torino Synth Clinic organizzata da in collaborazione con Elbarrio e la rivista gratuita Audio Video Music. Come docente per questa edizione abbiamo avuto il piacere di avere con noi Pier Calderan. Durante la clinic i nostri iscritti hanno realizzato un oscillatore sinusoidale. In questo episodio Pier Calderan illustra il funzionamento dei condensatori."

"Retrieved from Torino Synth Clinic organized by in collaboration with Elbarrio and free magazine Sound & Music. As a teacher for this edition, we had the pleasure of having with us Calderan Pier. During the clinic our members have achieved a sinusoidal oscillator. In this episode Pier Calderan illustrates the operation of the capacitors."

Yamaha CS-80 Vintage Analog Synth

via this auction
"Accessories: The synth comes with all of the following original accessories:
* Original owners manual in mint condition
* Original schematics and service manual in mint condition
* Original tuning procedure manual in mint condition
* Original chrome stand including all original parts in near mint condition (one of the bakelite knobs has a corner sheared off)
* Original plexiglass music rest in mint condition
* Original sustain/portamento footpedal in mint condition
* Original expression pedal in near mint condition (a small crack on the plastic on one side).
* Original CS-80 cover in excellent condition
* Kenton MIDI kit (new/uninstalled - still under the 3 month warranty).
* Original pleather bag in excellent condition (for holding all of the accessories)
* Original copy of Gary Leuenberger CS-80 patch soundsheets"

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