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Gristleism Teaser

Gristleism Teaser from Chris Carter on Vimeo.

"Short demo of a black Gristleism. A chrome unit is in the background, along with some variations of the packaging.
Gristleism website here:
More Gristleism related stuff here:"

Sequentix MIDIBass 303 Mark II

"The MIDIBass 303 is the ultimate MIDI retrofit for the classic Roland TB-303.

As you'd expect, MIDIBass allows the 303 synth section to be controlled by any MIDI keyboard or sequencer.
And now the Mark II version adds MIDI control over filter cutoff.

More significantly, MIDIBass transmits the notes from the 303's internal sequencer via MIDI - giving you the ability to capture the unique quality of patterns created through the TB user-interface.
This is ideal for further editing or chaining patterns on a PC or hardware sequencer, pattern backup, or doubling-up the 303 sound with another synth."

via Sequentix where you can find more info.

The following is a video featuring a MIDIBass 303 sent in via Nath.

Warning: the first 15 seconds and closing shot of the following video has a face with the eyes photoshopped out and bload around them. Standard horror film quality. If your sensitive to this sort of thing, skip it.

Null Object - To Not Be Where You Want To

YouTube via nathnullobject
"This track was written live using my circuit bent midibass TB303 and a circuit bent Casio CT-470 midi keyboard.

The Casio drum machine is supplying the beats and the midi sync to the 303 which is then playing a riff and returning midi to the Casio where it is playing the riff also.

The whole thing was recorded live into my DAW and some tight echo and reverb effects applied.

While this was happening, a Ninja scaled the building next door and dropped a throwing star. I went outside and retrieved it. Now I don't know what to do with It. I cant realistically take it to the cops as they may not believe my story. The only evidence that this happened is this recording and I dont think it will hold up in court."


flickr by wooster_synth

"IR LED's are mounted on the bottom to line up with the other amazing designs coming from Eric Archer, Bleep Labs, and 4ms Pedals. It should be available soon at Handmade Music Austin events and a to-be-completed website."

Propellerhead Reason 4.0 How to use the BV512 Vocoder

YouTube via ProAudioDVDs
"This is an excerpt from a full length DVD available at Host David Wills has toured with major artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Chicago and Diana Ross and provides you with a professional's perspective but always demonstrated in an informal, easy to understand way."

More Info on the Oberheim OB-SX vs. OB-X and OB-Xa

See the bottom update by PeteM in this post for more info on the differences between the three.

intellijel babysteps and ustep

flickr by intellijel

"Baby Steps sequencer for Eurorack modular system. ETA Early December"

"Microstep sequencer for Eurorack modular system. ETA Early December"


via this auction

Serial# 7761 - Model 100

more images at the auction while up.


via this auction

"Rev B-5 with "Page 2" function and the silk screened graphics in blue."

Yamaha Unveils DTX-Multi 12

"PRESS RELEASE: Drummers, Producers, DJs, and beginners and experts alike will all welcome the superb newDTX- Multi 12from Yamaha. The most powerful all-in-one percussion device ever created, it brings the professional power, sound and creativity of the acclaimed high end DTX range to musicians at a highly affordable price.

The understanding of musicians needs are immediately apparent when you power up theDTX-Multi 12and with its powerful inbuilt module and 12 on board percussion pads the device is completely self-contained.

It's bursting with many of the high end features that characterise the DTX range and will be the choice of professional drummers the world over. A perfect tool for live performance, production or practice it's expected the instrument will have much broader appeal beyond the drumming fraternity.

Feature packed, theDTX-Multi 12boasts over 1200 stunning voices in high quality covering drums, percussion and keyboard sounds, many drawn from Yamaha's professional Motif synthesizer range and many completely new. Up to 200 custom set ups can also be created and stored with ease to suit any musical context using all internal sounds and 42 types of effects.

Alternatively additional sounds can be loaded and stored into the onboard 64MB of memory and allocated to any pad for total customisation

For established drummers theDTX-Multi 12will bring a huge new sound set and performance capability to current set-ups and compliment any musical setting. The unit is designed to easily integrate into an existing acoustic set up or act as a stand alone unit. DTX- Multi 12will also prove invaluable to composers thanks to the included Cubase AI 5" software which facilitates quick and easy computer connectivity.

Performing at the highest level for pro players, a wide range of play modes ensure it can adapt to any style, up to four voices can be assigned to a single pad for simultaneous or sequential playback and a wide range of dynamic options are made available.

Versatility is enhanced with 128 on-board phrase patterns covering a wide variety of styles and users can also record their own patterns and assign them to pads. A sophisticated click track function also allows players to control the unit instantly, ideal for live shows.

TheDTX- Multi 12is perfect for computer musicians too, functioning as an excellent input device connectivity is simplicity itself via a single USB cable. The included Cubase AI5 DAW software facilitates the recording and extensive editing of MIDI data, it can also function as a high quality sample playback device with 64MB of flash ROM on board.

For live use, the pads feel great and allow creative freedom, they can be played with sticks, hands, fingers and palms, totally responding to every dynamic nuance and for added creative power Hi-Hat controllers and kick pedal pads can be added if you wish to use theDTX-Multi 12as a compact stand alone electronic drum kit.

We are really excited about the launch of this product which will bring the many possibilities electronic drums can offer

'The DTX-Multi 12 is the perfect tool to bring the many possibilities electronic drums can offer to any acoustic drummer or percussionist' explained product manager Gavin Thomas 'This launch is testament to Yamaha's extensive research into players demands and the first of many new exciting products currently in development'."

press release spotted on musicradar.

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