OtiumFX updates Compadre Beatpuncher to v1.1

31st August 2006: OtiumFX has updated Compadre Beatpuncher to v1.1. Changes: Improved CPU performance. Faster attack time (now goes down to 0.1 ms). Changed response for gain reduction meter and clip indicator. F...

Informatics Researcher Scores Grant for Massive Web Music Database

MeTAMuSE will provide a scholarly knowledge base of music for academic and practicing musicians, musicologists, music theorists, analysts and others interested in music and its related fields of study.

Insanely Cool DIY Analog Step Sequencer in Action

The sequencer, called the SEKU, is a two-channel 16-step analog sequencer.

Bizarre Theremin Siting

A bizarre example of theremin playing.

Identify the strange 'music device'

This wonderful thread on EM411 starts with a simple question: "At exactly 2:52 you see the female member of XiuXiu triggering some sort of electronic spoon in a bowl. What is that thing?". After a bit of guesswork, they get the right answer, which might come as a surprise.

Audio Ease Releases MacTel Versions of Nautilus and Rocket Science Bundles

The Rocket Science Bundle (flight path simulator, talk box and autowah) and the Nautilus Bundle (Phase correct scope-EQ, granular soundscape synthesizer and end-all Phaser) are free upgrades for Rocket Science version 3 and Nautilus version 2 users, and can be picked up from the Audio Ease site.

ModernBeats Releases Sequel to Urban Anthemz Instrument Loops

Urban Anthemz 2 contains 400 loops of urban melodies, riffs, and hooks where styles range widely from ganksta hip hop loops all the way to unheard of modern hip hop melodies & hooks.

Klang Labs updates StompBud to v1.5

29th August 2006: Klang Labs has updated StompBud to v1.5. Changes: All Stompbud Collection plug-ins have been combined into a single VST plug-in, complete with a new skin. MIDI channel selectors and volume revision a...

Voxengo Announces Updates

Voxengo has updated several of its products.

Red Microphones Increases Distribution

RED Microphones announced today that they will begin to widen distribution of their products, making them available to brick and mortar retailers as well as other online music and pro audio dealers.

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