DSK Music releases DSK Brass v1.0 beta

4th September 2006: DSK Music has released beta version 1.0 of DSK Brass, a freeware brass VSTi for Windows. Features: 2-layer ROM-Sampler. 23 waveform for each layer. Octave selector. Micro-detuner. Effects (Delay...

Pethu releases Hahaha CS01 v1.10

4th September 2006: Pethu has released Hahaha CS01 v1.10, a homage to Yamaha's CS01, released in 1982 as an entry-level, highly portable synth. Two versions of Hahaha CS01 are available - Original grey CS01 with 12dB fil...

eBay of the day: The $720 tambourine

Certainly, as tambourines go, this is pretty hot: Nice wood, hard case, painted bits, some spare heads. But because eBay item #140023575491, is a Riq (Egyptian Tambourine) made by top Lebanese percussion instrument maker Kevork, it's currently $720 with a day to go. To put it in context, the most expensive tambourine sold on eBay in the last few months was item #120021911708, a blood-spattered

Bob Moog on the Synthesizer and Theremin

Interesting discussion with Dr. Robert Moog about the Moog synth and Theremin.

Fan Makes Insanely Cool Commercial for Moog Synthesizers

Check out this very cool fan commercial for Moog synthesizers.

Line 6 Intros Riffworks

Line 6 and Sonoma Wire Works have announced the latest version of their award-winning guitar recording software, RiffWorks Line 6 Edition Version 2. RiffWorks is available as a standalone software recording application for Line 6 USB enabled devices, and as part of the GuitarPort RiffTracker hardware/software bundle.

Line 6 Ships Guitarport XT System

The hardware and software bundle, which will include GearBox 2.0 software, is a powerful tool for guitarists seeking a no-hassle way to learn, play and record music. GuitarPort XT works with both PC and Mac computers, including the new Intel-based OS X machines.

Allen & Heath Release Xone 3D Mac Software

Allen & Heath have released a new software suite comprising new firmware and Mac configuration utility software for its mixer/controller, the Xone:3D. The updates include an improved interface for Mac users and greater MIDI functionality.

Line 6 Intros Variax 300 Guitar

Line 6 announced today the debut of Variax Acoustic 300 Steel and Nylon string modeling guitars.

Synthax Ships Fireface 400 Firewire Audio Interface

The portable Fireface 400 is a newly designed product whose flexibility, functionality and performance sets it apart from other devices and sets new standards among 19-inch half-rack products in much the same way as its bigger brother has in the full 19-inch category.

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