Finger stretching for pianists and guitarists

The Kircher Society report here about this alarming Victorian device, designed to stretch the hands of aspiring pianists: "According to one source, Robert Schumann permanently wrecked his right hand and ended his career using an early version of one of these contraptions. (Other sources blame a botched surgical procedure aimed at slicing the tendon between the third and fourth fingers)" It's good to know that finger stretching is still practised today, according to eBay item #7424167048.

TX1 dominate my little EOwave

Hi everybody.Hi You perverted anus-maggot (this is the metasonix words), you actually bought ones ??!?? What the hell wrong with you ???Nevermind, i bought one and i'm very happy of this little monster !Mine is number 85 of 100, it work with his little brothers from France, the Eowave Sci-Fi Bug, Filter Bug and Ring Bug. You can hear it at !

Modern tonewheel organ

Apparently Parie still makes tonewheel organs in Italy. I did email them to inquire about prices, but haven't got a response. Title link takes you to their site.The portable version looks pretty sweet.

Sonic Assault releases Tap! v1.1

20th September 2006: Sonic Assault has released Tap! v1.1, a free tap-tempo MIDI VST effect plug-in for Windows. Features: Tapped BPM calculated from a 4 tap average. MIDI Channel Selection. Mouse, MIDI Controller or ...

MPC-500: Now official, with unexpected price

So, the MPC-500 is now up on the Akai site with full specs, and Harmony Central, which drops the small bombshell of the price: $1,299 (see updates below). Yes, that's $300 more than the street price for a new MPC1000 (and just $200 less than the list price). If that price sticks (and HC aren't just wrong), you'll need to be either a) Really, really keen to carry your MPC about or b) Insane to buy one of these. And damn, that screen looks awful. In a world where you can buy mp3 players with full colour OLED screens for £25 on eBay, it's just embarrassing. (Thanks, Roger from Viper Fantastic)

Korg Intros KP3, the Latest Kaoss Pad

The KP3 provides even more creative power for DJs, musicians and producers while retaining the intuitive, expressive and user-friendly KAOSS interface. New effects, synth sounds, enhanced sampling, computer connectivity and SD data storage are complemented by detailed visual feedback from the new pad lighting system.

Creamware Klangbox: Old synths in 1U racks

Once again, Moogulator gets the scoop on Creamware's new Klangbox range, which are the essentially the ASB range of little hardware emulations of vintage synths (Pro 5, Arp 2600, MiniMoog, Hammond B3), in 1U boxes without any knobs. I'm not sure that doesn't completely defeat the object of these things (why not just use a VST?) but there's something imposing about those blank rack panels.

MPC-500 First Shots - Looks real to me!

So here it is. The first shots of the MPC-500 pocket-sized sampler/drum machine have leaked to the MPC Forums. It has twelve pads. Runs off 6xAA batteries. Stereo ins and outs on 1/4" jacks. Nice MPC-2500 style cursors, which are missing from the MPC1000. No word yet on sample time, or storage, although a CF card seems likely.

Native Instruments Announces FM8

With an enhanced high-resolution audio engine, intelligent sound morphing, added performance features and a new KORE-compatible preset manager, the FM8 makes the musical potential of FM synthesis available in a modernized instrument.

Frontier AlphaTrack Controller

AlphaTrack includes a 100mm, touch-sensitive, motorized fader which provides true 10-bit resolution for smooth and precise level control.

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