ARP Odyssey MK1 ( whiteface 1973 ) FX

Published on May 13, 2017 Biosynth

- ARP Odyssey REV1 ( whiteface 1973 )
+ reverb: Eventide space
+ sequence: arturia beatstep pro

Yamaha Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer VL1

via this auction

"Very rare opportunity to own a piece of synthesiser history.

Comes with beautiful custom built case at no extra cost.

Also comes with:
Breath controller (Yamaha BC2)
Power adapter
Original factory disks
Version 2 software installed"

Roland JX-8P w/ PG-800 Controller, Pedal, Memory Card, Hard Shell Cases, & Extras

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"This package comes with the following:
Roland JX-8P Synthesizer
JX-8P Case
PG800 Controller, with cable
Foot Pedal
M-64C Memory Cartridge
A template of the controller for documenting custom sounds
A custom patch that sounds identical to the OB-8 patch used in 'Why Can't This Be Love'"

Kawai K5000s Synthesizer SN 593912 w/ Custom Mod Panel

via this auction

"It arrived with the plastic cover for the pitch/mod wheels shattered. I fabricated a cover featuring my logo on high gloss photo paper. The buttons are marked and you can push them like a membrane button.

The machine sounds wonderful."

Roland EF-303 Groove Effects Processor / Synthesizer / Sequencer SN ZN70620

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"Roland EF-303 is three things in one: a digital midi controlled synthesizer, a 16 step midi sequencer, and an effects unit. It's a perfect addition to both a studio setup and a live rig...

Quick feature rundown:

- 16 effects for manipulating incoming sounds, such as filter, isolator, flanger, phaser, voice mod.
- Built in drum machine and monophonic synthesizer.
- Phono/

THE CONJURER - eurorack modular synth & reverberated guitar drones - SWAN MESSIAH

Published on May 22, 2017 Swan Messiah

"Moog Sub Phatty - Moog Mother 32 - Make Noise Telharmonic, Modular Synth. Eurorack. Wogglebug & MMG - Sleepdrone 5 & Moogerfooger - Electro Faustus Black Fly & Moogerfooger Ring Mod, BBE Delay, Earthquaker Devices Pitch Bay. Monson Nomad Guitar. Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transporter

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