Via Brian Comnes:"Audio Mulch is bar none my favorite sound toy for traveling on is totally self contained, so it is even smaller than dragging a Mono Evolver in the brief case , plus you can do it on the plane ride, while any hardware companions have to wait til the hotel room. Audio Mulch is much like a "soft modular" in that you put objects on a work surface, you patch them

Plan B Model 12 Mark III

Via Peter Grenader"I've devised a simple four step modification to the Plan B Model 12 that adds a switch-selectable overdrive which in effect puts the M12's jewels in a vice - adding a ton of filth, angst, resonance and vinegar to an otherwise pensive filter.In short, I think you'll love it. So much so that all stock currently at our dealers will be updated in the next couple of days. It

Yamaha SK30 Sample

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Strellis Synth Videos

Title link takes you to, home to a number of synth videos. Before you get your hopes up, note these are for sale only. You'll find screen shots and more info on site. While there, make sure to check out everything else on the site inlcuding music, projects and more.

E-PRO Spirit Font

Warning, this post is about as geeky as it gets.
Pictured is the E-PRO Spirit. This image was pulled by nick kent who mentioned the following from Peter Forests, A-Z of Analogue Synthesis (BTW, these books are must haves for synth enthusiasts.

Modified Minimoog

Title link takes you to shots pulled from this auction. Details on mods:

"It is a modified one, but very professionally modded by a Company I don’t know anything about, in “ancient times”... The mods look almost factory-made, considering the quality of wood cutting and added printed metal written panels. You’ll find the logo of the company in the picture of the modulation panel. If you can provide any historical info about this matter, you're welcome! This Mini has A LOT OF ADDITIONAL FEATURES, compared to a standard one, adding more versatility and interfaceability to the analogue realm! It can be used as a good controller for other Moog, ARP, Oberheim, Roland CV/Gate controlled analogue / modular synthesizers."

Sequentix Phases out the P3

"5th September, 2006

It's been just over a year since the P3 Sequencer was launched as a production unit.
We have sold well over 100 units in that time, and the response from users has been excellent. However, due to a number of factors, we have decided to cease production of P3 after the current run is sold out.

Korg Radias Synthesizer/Vocoder - New Flickr Shot

flickr by Blackett The First.

UP - New Flickr Shot

flickr by devowski.

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