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Death of Kantos?

This one in via Brian Comnes:"Antares, the folks who brought you the ever famous "Cher-effect" with Autotune have apparently dropped their Kantos product. It is nowhere to be found on their site.This is one weird softsynth and it has my all time favorite user interface, a copy of which is below for your posterity files. I see it and I think of Will Smith in the Martian cruiser in Men in

MISC Synths

No title link. Various synth shots sent my way via an anonymous reader. Captions in quotes via anonymous. Warning: this is a long one. Don't mis the rarities."The AEMIT synth completely based on CEM only one made"Roland TR-909sClear Gleeman Pentaphonic"The Michel Geiss Matrixsequencer made for JMJ""The Digisequencer Made by Geiss For JMJ (its based on an Atari computer)"Korg

New Doepfer

A-111-2 Dynamic VCOA-188-2 Tapped BBD ModuleNo title link. Click the title link of each image for more info.

Plan B Model 12 Mk II Samples

Remember the Plan B Model 12 Mk II? Title link takes you to the Model 12 product page with samples. Via Peter Grenader of Plan B:"I've uploaded a sample of the Model 12 Mark 2 filter enhancement to theear-group.NET site. Go here: linkScroll down to Sound Samples, click on the two links listed in the sectionlabeled;Q LOW - Q HIGH SAMPLES***A description of the patch and process can be


flickr by wacky doodler.

EEF Sequencer and Modular

Via an anonymous reader:"The EEF 16-4 Sequencer (an Belgium 80ties brand) only 8 made.(I bought this one for 150$) It was owned from an 80ties electro band ‘The Klinik’ The EEF Modular.."No title link.Update: make sure to check out the comments for more details on EEF.

Little Phatty Demo by Stefan Trippler

Title link takes you to a 1.23M demo of the Little Phatty by Stefan Trippler as mentioned here. Two shots also sent my way via Stefan.


Look what just showed up in my inbox. : )

"Hi ,
This are the first pics of the first prototype modules from our new brand M-electroworks.
From L-R:
VC State Variable Filter
Wave Modifiers
VC State Variable Filter

More modules will be pictured ASAP When iv time I will send some sound files..

Moog vs. Big Briar Moogerfoogers

Analog Industries has a post up on his Moogerfoogers. What's intersting is he noticed a difference between the Big Briar and the Moog build quality. He states both are built like a tank, but the Big Briar pedals feel more solid. Title link takes you to the post.

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