Sonic Arts Network EXPO 2007, Plymouth

"Semorphonic Orchestra – call for performersDo you have an old analogue synth stashed away in the loft (or taking pride of place in your studio)? We are looking for performers for this unique world premiere event. The Semorphonic Orchestra will be made up from a large group of musicians playing analogue synthesisers scattered about the space where the Sonic Picnic is taking place on Sunday

Chris Muir and His Buchla 200e Live, April 15 2007 SF

As you might recall, I've posted a number of Chris Muir's Buchla 200e samples. Well, if you want to see the 200e live, here's your chance."I'm playing a gig Sunday, April 15 at 7PMThe ensemble consists of:Jennifer Hicks butoh/movementAurora Josephson VoiceHenry Kaiser GuitarChris Muir Buchla 200EDamon Smith BassWeasel Walter DrumsThis will be 96% improvisation. Chance of cacophony

Moog Little Phatty Toccata and Fugue in Dm

YouTube via gattobus. Sent my way via Mr.Array.

Kyma X + Wiimote

YouTube via inthegray. Sent my way via Dr. Future."For reference, the Kyma is the software (runs on MAC and Windows), and the Capybara is the box with the DSP's in it. There's a program, Osculator, that can be used to interpret Wimote and OSC and send it to your Kyma Sound running on the Capybara."

Synthesizers Unlimited - Electric Bazaar (1974, UK, electronic)

Title link takes you to the stream and download on Wiel's Time Capsule."Synthesizers Unlimited is a project by Anthony King of whom I don't know much. He performed Soul of the city on the album of Gunther Leonhardt (1971) and collaborated with John Matthews on Pots and Sides (1974)."Groovyvia jeswa/phoenecia

Matrixsynth by Loscha

Title link takes you to one more. Thanks Loscha!

Roland TR-909

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.via Rod.


flickr by Easy Skywalker.

KORG PolySix demonstration

YouTube via OriginalJambo.

"This is the Filter, the Filter Made with Diodes..."

A while back I remember hearing a demo on one of the modular manufacturer sites with a vocal saying, "this is the filter, the filter made with diodes." About a year ago I went looking for it and couldn't find it. I gave up and forgot about it. Every now and then it gets stuck in my head. Today was one of those days. I decided to finally track it down and try the AH list. Sure enough someone

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