Exclusive Interviews on Matrixysynth

Before I move on to new posts, I just wanted to say that I added an Exclusive Interviews section on the right of the site, just above the synth books section. I never wanted to do interviews on Matrixsynth quite frankly because I only want to put up posts about synths on the site. I now realize that I can do interviews focused on synths and by focusing on synths, quite a bit about the artist is

Interview with Hexfix93 of VAC

The following is an interview I just wrapped up with hexfix93 of Velvet Acid Christ. As you know, this site is about the gear, namely synths, and the gear that helps drive and enhance synths, but ultimately the focus is on synths.I was chatting a bit with hexfix93 and asked him if he would be interested in a slightly different take on an interview, one focused on synths and their impact to his

AHNE 2007: An Analogue Cinco de Mayo

Just a reminder via alt-mode on AH:"Analogue Heaven North East 2007 is next Saturday, May 5th from 11AM to 5PM in Bolton, MA! Yup, we're going to make Cinco de Mayo into Syntho de Mayo!Dean Stiglitz is also hosting a party and jam session afterwards.Information can be found at:"

Volt Per Octaves 1

flickr by wlwarner."Santa Barbara, California, 2007We heard this duo performing live on State Street one evening earlier this month. If you ever get a chance to hear them, don't miss it. Dude had the theremin wailing like a squadron of banshees, hypnotizing pedestrians as far away as Cota Street."Spot the synths.

Keep Our Pets Safe Cybermarch and latest Recall News

This site is about everything synth and let's face it, our pets make everything synth better. Well... aside from fur, hairballs, pee, etc., making it's way into our gear. But... In general pets do make things better. If you have a pet be sure to click through the title link and read up. There's been a food recall. This is actually old news, but if you haven't heard it, check it out. Today

Moog IIIc / 2VCO unison

YouTube via btpro. Sent my way via Yves of Yusynth."Moog IIIc demo. Two 901B VCOs set to unison. Play example with Mellotron."

Space - Ballad For Space Lovers (live)

MOOG Polymoog. YouTube via MoonlitSwamp. Sent my way via Yves of yusynth. "It is from 1977 year album "Magic Fly", live performance in Russia I think."Also check out this great video by Space. Reminds me a bit of Daft Punk actually.

Roger O'Donnell Interview on Amateur Chemist

Andrew of Amateur Chemist wrote in letting me know he has an ichat session coming up with Roger O'Donnell. He thought it might be interesting to see if any readers of Matrixsynth had any questions for him as well. If you do feel free to comment. Do check out Amateur Chemist, it's a great blog on bands with tons of pics and reviews of various shows.

HExfix93's so called Studio.

YouTube via hexfix93 of VAC."Showing off the space where i work. ahahahah kinda ghetto.."

New May releases from Plan b

Via Peter Grenader of Plan b:"There are a few suprises coming for the month of May which include the release of THREE NEW PRODUCTS above and beyond the Model 26, and a major re-design of another module that's been released for some time. Included in these will be the Model 15A, the Model 28 and 28AModel 28? That's not a typo! The M28 has been kept a secret, even at Namm and Musikmesse...

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