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YouTube via synthesizerman.

MOOG Taurus

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.Details: "Here for auction is a fine example of the legendary Moog Taurus bass synthesizer pedal board. It is in pristine condition with no physical blemishes to mention. This synth has had only one owner since its purchase in 1979 and from the look and feel of it was un-played for most of this time. Included in the auction is all the

Radikal Technologies Spectralis

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.

Sound Lab Mini-Synth via fonik

flickr by fonik2000. Title link takes you to the set.Sound Lab Mini-Synth sitefonik's Modular Synth DIY sitePrevious fonik2000 postsPrevious SoundLab postsvia thumbuki

MOOG Little Phatty OS Update

Via Amos on the AH list:"Howdy all,Anyone on AH who has a Moog Little Phatty synthesizer may be interested to know that a new version of the firmware has been released as of today.As has previously been discussed (although primarily offlist), the new firmware adds two new modulation sources, Noise and Sample & Hold. There are also a number of parameters which can now be saved per-patch,

Ezra Buchla Demos the Buchla 200e on MIX

Title link takes you to the video.

MOOG Movie on Showtime

If you have Showtime, and haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. Title link takes you to the showtimes.Details:"MOOG (TVPG - D)A portrait of Robert Moog, the creator of the synthesizer that bears his name and the instrument that revolutionized popular music in the 20th century. From his early days as a theremin salesman to his invention of the device that would become the essential element

(Not) on the bench

Yamaha CP-70m electric grand piano, Polymoog and ? Title link takes you to more shots via Randel including more synths.Previous On The Bench Posts

LEMUR Video Review on SonicState

Title link takes you there.Lemur posts

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