Pink LEDs

Nice. Via Tec Assistance, "here's a pulse programmer i recently built with the new issue pink leds.I believe they are the fruition of some Philips research which is able to combine the materials such that other colours will become available.I guess the rainbow is coming!"

EMS Synthi AKS Restored by CMS on The Bay

A couple of shots pulled from this auction. Restored by CMS. Currently at 10 bids and $6200.

DIY Synth

Via frederic. I didn't see a details page on this one. If you know more about this piece, please feel free to post in the comments.
Submitted by SynthWise on Fri, 2006-08-25 14:35


Title link takes you to more info on Pinky, a DIY synth.

"pinky has mostly cgs boards - gate sequencer, with preset and cv, digital noise, 2 tube vcas, steiner vcf, 2 bandpass filters, passive ring modulator, envelope generator, joystick-nipple, super psycho lfo, psycho lfo and dc mixer.

Synthesizerpark Köln - Video + Pics

Title link takes you to the post on

Moog Little Phatty - New Flickr Shots

flickr by Ethan Callender.Title link takes you there.

Electronik Supersonik on YouTube

Previously posted here, minus embedding. You can thank Docktor Future in the comments of this post for this one. An oldie, but goodie. If you haven't seen this one, fasten your keytar strap, you are about to be taken on a Supersonic adventure. Enjoy. Go Zlad!

Behringer Synth

Title link takes you to the Behringer Synth page on Synrise. "These synth was built in 4865 hours of hard work by the 16 years old Ueli Behringer founder of the studio equipment firm BEHRINGER in ca. 1982. It seems to be an additive synthesizer if the 16 faders on the left side controls the spectrum of the first 16 harmonics."via Frederic

Yamaha CSDX

Title link takes you there."Last prototype for the final DX-1. It was never released, but shown in the very first flyers, has the same wooden case and keyboard range."via Frederic

Vocoder - What happens now? on YouTube

Enjoy. : ) Hmm... 3:23 into it. Damn. I want a shopping cart full of synths.
YouTube via nelcast.

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