Continuous Signal Processing: The Fourier Series

via AH regarding the following question:"Does anyone know the formula for calculating the resulting harmonics the formula for calculating the resulting harmonics of a pulse wave when the pulse width is varied? In other words, a square wave (or pulse wave with 50% duty cycle) has only the odd-numbered harmonics present; how do you determine the harmonics present when the duty cycle is 25%, or

ARP Omni and Omni 2 Repair Page

On* Common failures on the ARP Omni and Omni 2 * 4075 Filter modification * Power supply modification * Imitating ARP string sounds * ARP slider caps

Roland Ace Tone Top-1 Udpate

I missed the auction link in this post. It's up. Sorry about that...

Synthex Workshop


Nord Wave Manager

"The Nord Wave Manager is now availabe in the Nord Wave download area. This is the application that allows you to edit, create and load collections of samples to and from the Flash memory area of the Nord Wave synthesizer. The Manager will also act as a librarian utility for the Program memory area." link

KikAXXE software synthesizer from Way Out Ware.

YouTube via wiretotheear"The KikAXXE is a virtual synthesizer, drum machine and analog sequencer. It's great fun. After you watch this video be sure to try the fully working 30 day demo from For more videos, tutorials and pro-audio articles visit"

yamaha cs-10 song

YouTube via maxmonomusic. Follow up to this post."All synthsounds except drums in this song comes from a yamaha cs 10 monophonic analog synthesizer. for more cs10 go to"

Yamaha CS 30 analogue synthesizer

YouTube via ultragrid"Yamaha CS 30 Vintage Synthesizer demo - No Music or Tracks - just 8 min of what you can do with the beast...analogue compact mono synth ;-)"

On the Workbench -- Juno-106

Sequence 15 has a post up on the dreaded faulty voice problem of the Roland Juno-106. It's worth a look if you have or are considering a Juno-106, or if you are just curious about the problem. You'll find more shots of the inside of the Juno-106.Pictured:"The long green board on the left is the module board, which is where all of the sound generation circuitry is. (The smaller green board

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