ARP 2500 Pics by Jooris Benny

You can find additional shots on this SYNTHORAMA post.

Old Synthesizers Giant and odd (Downtown LA)

"We are in the process of clearing out the home of a deceased relative.
he collected alot of wht I believe are old synthesizers.

Waldorf Wall Clock

Pictures of dead CEM chips

"It has long been known that the CEM chips used in so many synthesizers were semi-custom IC. Doug Curtis, just out of college, had won a design contest sponsored by Interdesign (later sold to Ferranti/GEC Plessey) and went on to work for Interdesign before founding Curtis Electromusic Specialties, later to fold into OnChip Systems. The founder of Interdesign and designer of the '555 timer chip, Hans Camenzind, still operates consultancy business in mask programmable analog semicustom IC, Array Design and has written the book Designing Analog Chips that is available free for download or as a print-on-demand hardcopy.


YouTube via sunny1600vr

Africa on the Prophet '08

YouTube via grondo2001
"Me playing Toto's Africa on the Prophet '08 through the Korg miniKP. A dual brass patch with 4 note polyphony. Nothing great but enjoy it anyway. Read more in"

Roland D-50 & Alesis Andromeda

YouTube via Hossinfeffa
"Little experiment done in a style similar to RetroSound. I made a choir patch on the D-50, and MIDI'd the D-50 to the Andromeda's analog pad sound. These two combined shocked me as it was a heavenly combination that seems like something from a JD-800."

Quad LFO and Wave Multiplier Demo

YouTube via boobtube356
"Doepfer quad LFO modulating an A-137 wave multiplier to demonstrate what can be done with these two modules alone. One of the LFOs is providing audio to the A-137. The other modules involved are not altering the sound."

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