DSI Prophet '08 Demos via Stephan Trippler

via Stephan Trippler on the AH list:

"Some ugly late night sounds played with ugly timing. Guess I should practice a little.
Drums from Stylus RMX

And some ugly filter fm sounds combined with stepsequencers.

Just for fun as always "

Barry Schrader Interview Live on Outsight Radio - Update

In case you missed the live interview, a recorded version is now up. You can find it in the last update to this post.

Eye Contact - (handy cam mix)

YouTube via liquidjustin
"Live, improvised, progressive house, using analog synthesizers and analog drum machines." "Using matrix 6r, mfb synth 2, juno 60, tr 909 and the tr 606. MSQ 700 sequencer used with the akai AX-73."

Jomox XBase888 with Eventide TimeFactor Delay

YouTube via bigcitymusic
"This is an awesome sounding delay pedal! You can hear the dry signal of the Jomox XBase888 in the first section. It's great having it synced. The TimeFactor's display shows you the delay time in note values or milliseconds.

The TimeFactor is actually two delays in one.

Void and Followed

Via Justin: "So rather than make music for myself, alone i thought I'd be a little less of an introvert and share some of my sessions. I'm going to record a track a day for the next few days. Here are the two first ones. The tracks are performed live and improvised, not to be taken too seriously :)..

Using matrix 6r, mfb synth 2, juno 60, tr 909 and the tr 606. MSQ 700 sequencer also used with the juno, akai AX-73 makes an appearance as a midi controller in the first 2 videos."


Roland Juno 6 in Hi-Fi

YouTube via shaft9000
"this is the Roland Juno 6 polyphonic analog synthesizer, heard in many songs and tracks since it's introduction in 1982. recorded direct w/o any external processing.
All videos posted by Shaft9000 on YouTube are for demonstration purposes only. I

Centrifuge - Yamaha CS40M Track

via chromium on this VSE post.

Centrifuge (mp3)

Rotterdam: Worm Studio

click here for a few more images on trash_audio.

Eurorack modular on top of ARP 2500 cabinet.

Ableton Live demonstration #3

YouTube via djbravetti. Bass drums programmed on Ableton's FM Synth, Operator. via CDM.
"This video is not a tutorial or a guide. This video is demonstrative only. Just in case you want it, there will be a step by step guide on my column "i producer" at, also in the upcoming days there will be the full article that is based on this demonstration."

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