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Kraftwerk 6th july 1981 in Paris at the Studio Gabriel (a.k.a Captain Video)

More exclusive shots of Kraftwerk sent in via Frederic.Note these have never been seen before. In case you missed the last set, here they are.

Little Phatty Samples

Title link takes you to a thread on the Moog Forums with some samples of the Little Phatty. They are also on the Little Phatty user's group, Phatsound, where you'll find more samples. via the comments of this post.

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Ultravox Synths Take 2

Title link takes you to a previous post I put up on Ultravox Synths. Micke just posted the following on this VSE thread. Did you know:1) that the fat bass line on Ultravox' song "Slow Motion" (off of Systems of romance, 1978) was actually played by Chris Cross on his EMS-Synthi?2) that the EMS synthi, Arp Odyssey (and Elka Rhapsody) were the only synths used for U-Vox' 2nd album "Ha, Ha,

Title link takes you to Jorg posted a link to his site in this Curetronic post. I of course checked it out. He's got quite a bit of info up there including specific pages on Anywaree Instruments, Alesis, Diverse, Korg, MFB, Oberheim, Roland and Yamaha. You'll find some really nice gear shots and samples for each piece of gear. Very nice.

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Remember the chameleon? Turns out it's badl0ader's. He sent me a link to his MySpace site where I found this video. It takes a lot of balls to fill up a cup like that. This one dedicated to Chris Randall of Analog Industries. Something tells me he will appreciate this one. ; )BTW, do check out badl0ader's MySpace page. Cup aside, it's good synth pop.

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