CAVAGNOLO EXAGONE XM64 - MEGA RARE Vintage Analog Synth, ONLY 25 ever produced

Published on Oct 15, 2017 Scienceforce

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"Here is a mega rare EXAGONE XM64, produced in France in 1982 by Cavagnolo company. Less than 25 have been product for the entire world!
The XM64 is a powerful monophonic progammable analog synthesizer, very similar to the RSF KOBOL as very warm sound and concept with 64 memory locations to save and recall your synth patches! CV/GATE IN

Rare MUSITEC vintage analog drum machine (drum synth)

Published on Oct 18, 2017 Scienceforce

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"Without doubt a chic for collectors, very nice cosmetic shape and perfect working"

This is rare indeed. This is the first one to be featured here on MATRIXSYNTH. The Musitec brand is also new to the site.


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"Rare SIEL OPERA 6, a cool Six voices polysynthesizer, warm filter section, 3x LFOs!! Using SSM chips, basically a very good sounding machine!

It mount 2x SSM2031 VCO, 6x SSM2024 VCA, 6x SSM2056 ADSR, 6x SSM2044 VCF !

It come in very good shape, panel is clean apart some very small signs of the age as you can see on the auction photos, only the right side end bottom cheek is


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"Working conditions: after a recent tech control there are some faults probably in PSU that need a basic recapping for sure, it make an improvvise reset after 20 or 30 seconds of use, it appears working at first impact, voices, filter, polyphony etc. The control keypad is to service or replace (cost new is approx $160 as far I know). The synth in ORIGINAL conditions, all the

MOOG POLYMOOG synthesizer 203A + 285a Polypedal SN 3760

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"MEGA RARE model 203A synthesizer version FULLY polyphonic, released in 1975 with its 285a Polypedal controller. It's really hard to find especially with its complete set of accessories: original legs and 285a. Cosmetic conditions are Near Mint, at TOP! Legs are brilliant in excellent shape! It has been pro-serviced recently so it work very well, sound features and resonators


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"YAMAHA TX81Z FM tone generator, multi timbral synth expander, a legend! Used in many and many techno music productions.

Eight voice polyphony, 128 preset sounds, 32 user and lots of functions hidden behind 11 push button.

It’s a GREAT synth expander in NEAR MINT cosmetic conditions and perfect working."

ROLAND RE-201 Space Echo SN 642976

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"RE-201 Roland Space Echo in FANTASTIC conditions, it’a rare 220 / 240 volts European edition.

Really clean, very hard to find in these conditions, fully working, recently cleaned and serviced.

*Check my other auctions concerning old Vintage equipments"

CYNDUSTRIES MILTON advanced analog step Sequencer monster

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"Very rare CYNDUSTRIES MILTON + mdules and case!

Someone said that it’s the coolest analog sequencer ever made.. I have the same opinion since I owned several vintage and modern sequencers and this one is really a beast!

This auction include a sequencer system with these modules: the Milton itself, Prime divider and Rhythm divider modules plus the original Cyndustries psu,

CASIO DH-100 midi digital horn – vintage Saxophone synthesizer w/ MIDI Out

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"Casio DH-100 is a monophonic MIDI instrument with 6 tone's : Saxophone,Trumpet,Synth Reed,Oboe,Clarinet,Flute.

It’s NOT working, if powered on it emit strange sounds, no time for test or repair, I sell it in AS-IS conditions and AS SEEN on the auction pics."

Curios if the MIDI out still works for playing other synths.

Elektron Sid Station C64 MOS 6581 8-Bit Synthesizer #92

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"This is a rare unit #92 of the last 100 Sid Stations that Elektron ever made!

Includes original manual and power supply. In excellent condition!"

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