MOOG Memorymoog Plus

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.

Korg MiniKorg 700 demo

Title link takes you to a demo of the Korg MiniKorg 700 via Biboulon on this VSE post.

Kaoss Pad 3 controls motion graphics

YouTube via porchka66. Via Chip Collection. BTW, do check out Chip Collection for more synth goodness.

MOOG Little Phatty Stage Edition

"The Stage Edition has updated software, which includes auto calibration and an auto tune function that ensures the instrument is tuned perfectly whether it’s in a cool studio or under hot stage lighting. The Stage also includes an asymmetric pitch wheel, twenty-one assignable MIDI controllers, as well as arbitrary pot mapping. Owners of the Tribute Edition will be able to download the updated

Korg Kaoss Pad KP3 on SoNiCbRaT

Title link takes you to the review. You can see the gallery here.

Olivier Grall's Synth Site

Title link takes you to Olivier Grall's Synth Site. Note it's hosted on the excellent Yusynth, and this one's brand spanking new folks. Be sure to click on the synth sections in the Instruments /Collection page for more. There is some amazing stuff there. The CD Sample page has samples of the ARP 2500, MOOG, PPG 300, RSF 11, and Roland 700. Enjoy.

SMS MARS and BOB on Cykong

Remember the SMS MARS? Title link takes you to an excellent page on Cykong dedicated to it and the SMS BOB. BOB as in Break Out Box. Synthetic Music Systems.via altemark.

Switched on Christmas

via La Orange Factory.Title link takes you to more.


flickr by zLeep.Korg MicroKorg

my oscilloscope

"Analog synth run through an fx pedal"Not actually mine, that's just the name of the YouTube via bubagoo. Sent my way via Frederic.Update via adcBicycle in the comments: "This comes from pete edwards at Casperelectronics... a little more info there.

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