Donna Summer - Giorgio Moroder

YouTube via parlypangi. Be sure to also check out these two prior videos of Giorgio Morodor. Great stuff.

Arp 2600 cries with pain

YouTube via cretin4321. Via alex in the comments of this post. See cretin4321's previous video of an EMU Modular here.

Roland TR-808 Service Manual

Title link takes you to the Roland TR-808 Service Manual courtesy of synth and electronnic music equipment repairer in South East UK, Andy Collins (beng hons).Antech SystemsUnit 3AHackhurst Lane industrial estateLower DickerEast SussexBN27 4BWwww.antech-systems.comtel. 01323 442035 /07833313251fax. 01323 840003

Reactable Videos

Remember Reactable? Title link takes you to more videos on YouTube via marcosalonso. This one sent my way via Mark.


Remember Doris Norton? Title link takes you to a couple of samples pulled via this auction for one of here albums titled "NORTON COMPUTER FOR PEACE"via Oli.

Freebies on Sweetwater

Title link takes you to a number of free software tools currently including the following:- Ultimate Sound Bank Retro Organs- Native Instruments Drum Loops- Chord Reference- A-NO-NE MIDI CC Finder- ittyBittyMIDI- Music Calculator Widget- Digidesign Search Widget- Dual Delay- koZong- Multiband RingMod- StringZ- Sample Delay- VSTNotes- My First Step Sequencer- Tripp Lead- ThreeOsc-

Rhodes Chroma

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction. Note the auction has ended. Not sure why this one didn't come up in my synth auction feed for me to pick up earlier. Custom TB-303 Cases

Title link takes you there.

Electrocomp EML-101 - No Gloves!

For those of you that have a thing against Mini's latext gloves... YouTube via 123synthland.

HCGP AH Edition

Title link takes you to some Hard Core Gear P*rn of Analogue Haven on Analog Industries. Check out this MacBeth M5 with grey instead of orange. Also, congrats to Chris for winning a 2007 Remix Technology Award for "Best Software Value" from Remix Magazine for Audio Damage's 914 Fixed Filter Bank.

Treat Yourself :)