The Brief Sound of Replicant

Title link takes you to some words and a sample on SIGHUP.BTW, I might be slow to respond to email and in my blogging due to a nasty wind storm that left many without power in the Pacific Northwest. I'm blogging at the Bellevue Library until power comes back. Hurrah for the public library system and free wi-fi! A couple of my neighbors have trees through their houses, so I am very, very

Hohner Bass 2

No title link. Just three shots and details via this auction.Details: "This funky little vintage keyboard will delivery a cool bass tone to your music. There are 3 sounds - bass, guitar and, yes, tuba. Theyre all variations of the same sound. There's also adjustable decay. This is a very simple device. We heard Stevie Wonder used one of these back in the day and maybe even appeared in the

Bit Crusher

Found this circuit bending site via my last post and figured I'd put up a new post. Title link takes you to the root of the site. You can find the circuit bent list of gear on this page. Currently listed:ALESIS HR 16 aka THE DIRTY BOXROLAND TR 505ROLAND TB 303SPEAK & SPELLSPEAK & READMEGA ASPIRATOR 2600SUPER LASER BLASTERCASIO SK1

Bent Roland TR-505

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.FEATURES :-all original sound of the tr 505 are preserved of courses ( you can play the tr 505 simlpy without the external controle box )_all originals features are preserved like MIDI implementation and the famous groovy sekencer of the tr 505-8 knob for controling volume voice-36 point matrix patchbay for infinity bending!!!-6 togle

Aries System Modular

No title link. Just a nice shot of the Aries system modular and a Jupiter 8.via vgermuse

KORG Kaoss Pad KP3 Demo on SoNiCbRaT

This is a good one. Title link takes you there.

New Bananas

flickr by cray5656.sergePlan bLivewiredoepfer

Gearwire Explores the Moog Little Phatty

YouTube via gearwire. Sent my way via frederic. Gearwire.


No title link. Two scans via Andrea TONI.RAM card for the Korg M1, M1R, M1REX, M3R, S3, A3, DRM1, T1, T2 and T3.Apparently it also works on the Waldorf Microwave 1 and Korg WS SR.Thanks Andrea!

Roland System 700 Page on OG

Title link takes you to the just completed Roland System 700 page on Olivier Grail's new website. There are individual images of each module. Absolutely fantastic. As always, be sure to track back to the root of the site and check out the rest. This is one particularly great site considering how much it has to offer on these rare gems of the synth world.via yusynth.

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