The Horrorist Korg Legacy MS 20 Soundset

Title link takes you there. I don't have a Korg Legacy, so I couldn't try this out. There were created and sent my way via Oliver Chesler (The Horrorist).

Little Phatty Champagne

In case you haven't heard, Little Phattys are shipping. Someone on AH had there's delivered. Hmm... Wonder if Carbon111 got his yet.

image via CDM

Udpate via the comments:
"Mine showed up the friday before last..

Linux Rock Star on the Alsa Modular Synth

For any Linux users out there, there is a new Linux music blog, Linux Rock Star. Title link takes you to a post on the Alsa Modular Synth.

"This full modular synth (with "modules" that allow one to build a complete synthesizer) has one of the fattest sounds and most realistic I have heard from a virtual synthesizer (I've been using them since the days of Vaz Plus 1.7).

Northern Air - The Wretch

Michael Weeks has contributed to quite a few posts on this site, so it's only appropriate I mention his new release Northern Air. Title link takes you to more info. Make sure to check out the video (there's an iPod formatted version after the jump as well).

Technomania on SonicState

Sonic State has launched Technomania, a video grab bag of randomn synth clips. Below are links to the first two episodes.


DSMIDI Demo V.1. Unveiled

MIDI for the Nintendo DS. Title link takes you to more info.

via ben shannon illustrator.

Denkitribe on YouTube

Two new Electribe EMX Videos via Denkitribe. The effect pedals are Behringer. Via HarriL whom you might remember from these Electribe EMX videos.

Submitted by SynthWise on Tue, 2006-08-15 07:03

dj sofia loaf on YouTube

via jesse. That's his daughter rocking her sampled voice on the Korg Kaoss pads. : )

KiraSynth - New Flickr Shots

flickr by Mike M. Title link takes you to more.

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