Roland TR-909

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.via Rod.


flickr by Easy Skywalker.

KORG PolySix demonstration

YouTube via OriginalJambo.

"This is the Filter, the Filter Made with Diodes..."

A while back I remember hearing a demo on one of the modular manufacturer sites with a vocal saying, "this is the filter, the filter made with diodes." About a year ago I went looking for it and couldn't find it. I gave up and forgot about it. Every now and then it gets stuck in my head. Today was one of those days. I decided to finally track it down and try the AH list. Sure enough someone

Wiard Suitcase Modular in the Works?

There's been some talk on the Wiard list about Grant working on a suitcase modular. Note this is purely speculation although Grant did write back to the list with the following when asked: "I am attempting to do something on the difficulty level of the Yamaha DX7. Whereas Yamaha has hundreds of people to work on such projects, I am only one person.Also I have to invent all of this technology

Waldorf XTk

Title link takes you to more shots.via this auction.

Vember Audio - SURGE

"Binary is beautifulA digital recording is just a sequence of numbers. Easily quantifiable as ones and zeros, stored on physical media, combined together into larger numbers to form a continuous stream of data.Surge - Digital and proud of itUntil you listen to it. Then it becomes real.SURGE is an instrument capable of generating truly beautiful sequences of numbers. Your ears will agree

Roland WS-1

Title link takes you to a couple more shots via this auction.Details:"This is the Roland WS-1, the extremely rare write switch for the CR-78 Compurhythm Drum Machine... The CR-78 is one of the best drum machines Roland ever made, but without the WS-1, it's just another beat box. With the WS-1, you have full control over the 4 yellow program buttons on your machine. It is possible to program


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Roland Jupiter-8a

This one in via Rod. Title link takes you to a 17M super sized strip of several shots via this auction. The link goes to the directory (pun intended) hosting the file, so you don't lock up your browser by clicking on the title link. The pun? The name of the directory. The starting bid on this one is $5k with a Buy It Now at $6500 and you'll be hard pressed to find one in this condition. It's

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