ARP 1613 Analog Sequencer

via this auction.16-step or 2x8-step sequencer.More details at Audio Playground

Wine Country Certificate of Restoration - Prophet 2000

Title link takes you to more shots via this auction.Wine Country Productions are ex Sequential Circuits. They repair and sell Sequential Circuit Synths.

Ludwig Synthesizer Phase II Advert

via this auction.

keybdwizrd - Moog Little Phatty Demo #1

YouTube via keybdwizrd. Sent my way via Zack M.

Rohrengrab Tube Based Synth?

Anyone know what this is? Via these two auctions: 1, 2.Details:"the first of three big cabinets that obviously belong togethermaybe early tube synthesizermeasures 50 x 70 x 25 cmtop left 4 tubes are missing, to the right there is a part missingsee picture from the second cabinet in other auctionnothing known of except that old, heavy and bigbest to pick up at my place but can be


via this auction.via Johan

Turtle Island ( Mike Oldfield ) - TR3S LUNAS cover

YouTube via YammyMotif."All instruments played in real time, except drums, which are sequenced. Sax sound comes from breath controller located in my mouth, providing an incredible real sax sound." Sax comes in 1:42 into it.via the comments of this post: "I've just created a video with BC3A controller."

Talbertronics - Circuit Projects by John Talbert

oberlin cmsmidi triggersroland slider boxvideo switchersample & holdmidi hornmidi trumpet Title link takes you there.

Modified Roland PG1000

"The Roland PG1000 was modified with a reprogrammed EPROM memory. Each of its 56 sliders (plus 8 additional external control voltages) can be set from the front panel pushbuttons and LCD screen to put out one of several MIDI signals: any MIDI Control, NoteOn/NoteOff, Program Change, NoteOn with Aftertouch, Channel Pressure, Pitch Wheel.A Forth Programming system was set up in the Rom Memory and

PET: No Yes No

YouTube via petmusic. Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar.via

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