Suzuki Omnichord

Title link takes you to shots via this auction."This synthesizer has a very interesting sound. It has qualities of an organ,guitar and drum. The Sonicstrings that are strummed similar to a guitar or harp gives the instrument its unique unusual heavenly or not of this earth sound.Features: Level/ Mode Selection: Manual/ Auto-bass Chord; Chord Hold; Sonic Strings (Sustain and Volume); and Chord

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Title link takes you to shots via this auction. "This Six-Trak has the upgraded ROM 11 from Wine Country, which expands its MIDI capabilities. The Six-Trak not only sounds great, but is very inspiring to play thanks to the six track real time sequencer. You can play 6 mono parts with 6 different sounds or stack the sounds using multiple sequencer tracks for chords, etc. There is also a stacked

Alesis Andromeda A6

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.

MOOG Realistic MG-1

Two sets via two auctions.set 1 via this auction.set 2 via this auction.Note the patent sticker.

Akai AX80

Title link takes you to shots via this auction."Akai’s first venture into the synthesizer arena. Released in 1984 for $1,395 and later reduced to $999. The unit is mono-tambral eight voice with two DCO’s (plus a sub-osc) per voice. It features a 5 octave velocity sensitive keyboard with a nice amount of resistance. Velocity can be routed to control the filter cutoff and / or the VCA, and has a

Schematics via Mike Peake

Title link takes you to them. Be sure to click on the "All Sizes" link for each.GX1 Ring ModulatorCS80 Ring Mod (pictured)Tau VCA 5Tau VCA 7Tau VCA LayoutTau VCA PCBPolyfusion Octave DividerMS20 Ring Modulator

Korg Electribe MX-1

flickr by here for the full size shot.

Moogfest 2007 in NYC -- featuring the first annual Moogfest Symposium

"Featuring an all-star lineup from the world of MoogGreetings from the Bob Moog Foundation!We have been hard at work all summer as we work towards our mission to document, celebrate & teach innovative thinking. On September 22, 2007 we will be traveling to Moogfest, an annual NYC event celebrating the musical legacy that continues through the instruments that Bob created. Check out Moogfest at

Yamaha TENORI-ON via Making Sound

Title link takes you to a review in French, on Making Sound. Here's a link to a Google translated version."The random mode: This mode makes it possible to spice its services with a little chance. While pressing on a button a note is played in a repetitive way. While pressing on a second, a light travels between the two by generating a sound with each time it meets one of them. While pressing

Sept 07

Ems synthi aksserge modularwaldorf pulsealesis andromeda a6roland tr 606xoxboxelektron machinedrumeurorack ( Plan b, livewire,cgs,doepfer)flickr via cray5656.

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