Synare STAR PS1

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.Details:"Here is a very rare Synare PS-1. It has 4 pads which can be individually tuned. Everything works, the pad rubber is a bit worn and the pads need to be hit with sticks to be activated (not your hands unless you hit very hard) One of the sliders is a bit sticky (the envelope decay), regardless of these problems it still functions and

miniMusic MixPad

"MixPad is a full featured MIDI file player/recorder/editor. It will let you take any raw MIDI file with you on your Palm compatible handheld or phone. You can play the song with our Krikit audio engine, on connected MIDI hardware, or on a sound card if your handheld has one. MixPad differs from any other MIDI file applications for the PalmOS; it includes powerful graphic support for simple

Mike Oldfield's OB-Xa?

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction. Sent my way via Tom of Music Thing.Details:"Superb condition Oberheim obxa rare 8 voice model with 120 program memory an absolute must have for the synth conesieur.All 8 voices work and tune up without any problems,there is no yellowing of any of the keys and all leds lightb as they should,wooden end cheeks are in good condition and the

MOOG Synthesizer IIIp

Remember the MOOG Modular IIIp on Craigslist for $12k? The seller was notified it was too little for the system so he took it down. It's now back up here, now listed at $32k. I backed up the shots and details here in case the site goes down after it's sold.Original (1969) & Current (2007) Owner - Philip Michael DavisHistory of Use:- Gil Evans Jazz Group - Tour of Europe - Live

The First Gumby Episode: Gumby on the Moon

YouTube via dmgivideo. I remember this one. Anyone know what was used for the audio?

Delia Derbyshire Pot Au Feu

YouTube via scatterkeir. Via CDM.

PanKAT MIDI Steel Drum Controller

"THE WORLD'S FIRST MIDI PAN CONTROLLER"• Special tunings for Pan players• One-piece, 30 pad design, plus 2 virtual controller wheels• GM sound engine included for instant plug n play! (128 sounds)• PanKAT also includes multiple steel drum instrument samples for various software samplers for use with a PC or Receptor.• Same responsive, pressure sensitive FSR sensors as all KAT controllers•

KeyToSound Nextsyn

"Nexsyn is a hybrid instrument that combines sample playback and synthesis technology. Nexsyn is designed for the musician, sound designer, and producer who wishes for a powerful synthesizer with high quality output, advanced modulation, and precise sample based key-map playback....Nexsyn is capable of laoding sample based keymap files (XWM) and comes stock with a 4GB sample library (thanks Big

Sounds of the Korg MS-20

YouTube via Newueel. Title link takes you to more. I found this looking for a video of the giant instructional version of the MS20 posted below. If anyone knows of any, let me know. I seem to vaguely remember seeing a Japanese instructional video of one.

KORG MS20 Educational Edition and Das Synthesizer Handbook

No title link, just the shots via this auction. Giant sized instructional version of the MS20. Here's another one. via ben.

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