Myself and the EMS Synthi 100 on YouTube

No, not me. YouTube via mustanghovercraft. Note: The Synthi 100 has an ignition key. : )

"Here's a clip of myself being interviewed by SonicState in 2003. We had nearly completed restoration of a EMS Synthi 100 and were showing it in London. I HATE having my pic taken - being filmed - whatever! And to have a mic shoved in front of you with no rehearsal - yikes! No wonder I forgot everything and stumbled all the way through!!

Just to correct a couple of things - this Synthi was researched in depth (with help from R.

Modular 2002 on YouTube

YouTube via liquidcolor.

Modular 2001 on YouTube

Wiard. YouTube by liquidcolor.

Paul Wiffen and the EDP Wasp on YouTube

YouTube by Sharpblue

Julian Colbeck Talks Analogue on YouTube

YouTube by Sharpblue

Thomas Dolby - One Of Our Submarines (live) on YouTube

Roland Jupiter 8 featured.

Touch Sensitive - New Flickr Shot

flickr by _f1guy68_.

GEM Promega 3 Performance Keyboard"


Remember this? Failed Muso has the download. Title link takes you there.

Indigo Blue - Synclavier 9600 Recording

Title link takes you the tracks on Indigo Blue, all comprised of a Synclavier 9600. You can find more info and a few more links on this Submitted by SynthWise on Mon, 2006-08-07 21:47

Design Box

"Designbox was founded in 1995 by the industrial designers Axel Hartmann and Stephan Leitl in Ravensburg, Southern Germany."

Take a look at the keyboards to the left. Design Box was part of the design of each as listed on this page.

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