Circuit Bent Crumar Performer

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction. Not sure if this is technically bent or modded - no details are up yet but you can see the switches and knob on the left of the keyboard.

Waldorf Microwave II

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.Cool table.

Univox MAXI-KORG T-3

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.Details:"an early model from 1975 has 2 VCOs , lpf/hpf filter with resonance (not self oscillating set with "bright" switch - 3 positions), simple envelope (AD) but with various switches: sustain / release SWITCHES, so it is a sort of AD(S/R).., it has a nice ringmod - the 800DV consists of 2 channels, so in fact it has 2 filters (per

Dr. Synthesizer Volume 2: I Will Teach You Again

YouTube via drewtoothpaste. Sent my way via Michael. Previous Video.

Akai MPK49

"THE NEXT GENERATION OF USB/MIDI PERFORMANCE CONTROLLERS.Maximize musical ideas on-stage or in a home studio setting with the new Akai MPK49 performance controller. The Akai MPK49 ushers in a new era for USB/MIDI controllers by combining a high-quality, 49-key, semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch and 12 MPC-style drum pads. 48 total pads are accessible via 4 pad banks. The pads feature

Table Thing - New Buchla 200e Noodle via Chris Muir

Title link takes you there. Other Buchla 200e samples on site.

Oberheim Four Voice with MIDI

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction. Sent my way via Boris.Details:"Serial# 0569 Comes with Encore Electronics 8 channel Midi CV converter with all the necessary cables to midi the 4 voices. Comes with carrying case with wheels but needs new foam. The 4 voice was one of the first polyphonic synths. Each of the 4 Synthesizer Expander Modules ( SEMs ) can be assigned to a


Update: Make sure to check out the sample on site."MF-FM: NEW MOOGERFOOGER EFFECT USES BROADCAST RADIO SIGNALSMF/FM mixes live radio and instrument sounds to create out-of-this-world effects.In case the FreqBox wasn’t adept at catapulting Moog beyond the frayed outer circles of unique electronic effects, another new Moogerfooger, unveiled today, puts the phrase “never been done before” into

John Bowen Showing the Solaris at the Frankfurt Musicmesse

Title link takes you to a couple more shots in via Jos of the SCI Prophet 5 Tribute site.

New Solaris Shots

via Valis in the comments of this post: "For those still reading this, with all of the content above it coming in, here's a few pics:IMG_4003.jpgIMG_4004.jpgIMG_4005.jpgIMG_4006.jpgIMG_4013.jpg"Also mirrored here.

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