Dual Cyclotron Demo on YouTube

via rtopia.

Lost Signal

Charles of Lost Signal sent me some links to his MySpace site and studio shots. Check out that setup.

Mark Demos His JOMOX XBase09SE on YouTube

Mark gave me the ok to post this video. It was originally on rapidshare which I can't stand, so I asked him if I could put it up elsewhere. I went with YouTube so I can embed it in this post and so others out there can check it out.

via Mark:
"I was wondering what any of you all thought of this drum machine. I just got one and I like it a lot, particularly the highly editable sequencer (you can store different sounds for each step in a pattern).

The Moog Cookbook - Blackhole Sun Video on Dailymotion

COTK Modular Video on Dailymotion

Moog Modular
Uploaded by deb76

Found a new video source, Dailymotion. This video was uploaded by deb76. I'm wondering if this is our good friend deb7680 of Chroniques De La Mao.

Sonicprojects OP-X

Remember the OP-X? The site's been updated a bit. Title link takes you to some samples and more info. And yes, there is a sample of Van Halen's Jump.

Moog Little Phatty Samples by Eric Frampton

Title link takes you to a 1.4M mp3 of Eric Frampton strolling through the Little Phatty presets.

"This is me very quickly going through some of the presets. No sequencers, no production, just a line out of the LP into ProTools, editing for time, normalized, and nuttin' else."

Thanks Eric!


Title link takes you to shots of the EKO Pony Synth pulled from this auction. I'm not going to bother with the details from the auction. If you know more about this piece, please comment, but it just looks like one of those combo string/brass/organ keyboards with preset rhythms. The auction details compares it to a Juno 60. Yeah right. Buyer beware. Interesting piece though. I'm putting this up for the archives...

Handmade Electronic Music

"Early electronic music (& the recording of music itself) was born of experimenting artists & engineers, patiently listening to the bleeps, swoops and crackles of electricity as it flowed through components loving soldered together by hand. The early pioneers of electronic music had to build their own instruments from scratch, finding new sounds as they went, inventing entirely new musical languages & forms, pulling new sounds from the ether.

Livewire Electronics Breaks off from EAR Group

It's official. Livewire goes solo."INTRODUCING LIVEWIRE ELECTRONICSLivewire Electronics announced today that it has set out on its own and is no longer associated with The EAR Group."Demand for Livewire products has grown dramatically over the past six months and I feel we have outgrown the benefit of being part of a collective.", says Livewire owner and EAR Group co-founder, Mike

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