MTI Auto-Orchestra

via this craigslist post"This vintage synthesizer is designed as a one-man-band rhythm accompaniment for vocalist or soloist. It is complete with two operation pedals, rack stand, cables and memory expansion accessory. Please see photo. The Auto-Orchestra is fully-functional and sounds great. Its analog synth voicings are incredibly rich and full."You can find more info on the MTI

JMJ Interview on

click here for the interview."I was pleasantly surprised to see Jean-Michel Jarre featured in a magazine included with the British Sunday newspaper The Mail On Sunday dated 13th January 2008. I thought I'd share it with you too as it was a nice treat :)"

The Dirty Heartbeat of the Golden Age

Click here for an article on the E-mu SP-1200 on village voice."In the summer of 1987, E-mu Systems released the SP-1200, a drum machine and sampler designed for dance-music producers. An update of a previous model known as the SP-12, the souped-up edition allowed for the recording and manipulation of a 10.07-second sample with gritty 12-bit sound quality—now you could craft a complete

stranger weather

MOOG Little PhattyClick here for some trippy music by stranger weather. "The second song is all done with a Casio Cz-101 and a Line 6 Delay Pedal."

Admin: Note on YouTube Vids

Not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but I'm noticing that once I start a video, if I do not move my mouse it stops loading and once the video reaches the last part loaded it hangs until I move my mouse again - you can see the little grey load progress bar stop and start based on your mouse movement. Anyway, I just thought I'd throw this out there in case anyone else was seeing the same.

- KLAUSS - Analog synthesizer jam session

- KLAUSS - Analog Synthesizers jam session Part2YouTube via wutierson"Excerpt from the jam session of Ernesto Romeo + Sergio Koval + Lucas Romeo, playing with analog synthesizers and no digital control, only hands and analog sequencers. This was done on 08-10-2005 in Cadi hall, Esplugues (Barcelona)"Sequential Circuits Prophet-10, MOOG Minimoog, EMS Synthi, Roland System 100, ARP 2600.

christopher cross - ride like the wind

YouTube via bweyne. Sent my way via Dustin. Oberheim 4 Voice and OB-X.

Hapkit - a virtual drum

YouTube via peterdbennett."A haptic force feedback device that simulates the feel of a drum. Was designed as part of my MEng in Cybernetics at the University of Reading."

BeatBearing demo

YouTube via peterdbennett. via Nusonica."A tangible rhythm sequencer. Ball bearings are used to trigger drum sounds. Visual feedback is displayed from underneath to indicate the current time and the state of each ball bearing."Beatbearing"First working prototype of the BeatBearing sequencer system. When a ball is placed in an indent a sound loop is triggered. The body of the device is

Bob Moog Fairlight part 3 and 4

Part 3 and 4 have been added to this post.

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