Starburst - The Venus Hunters

YouTube via Sharpblue."Neil Morissey and Martin Clunes star as musicians in the ficticious band "The Venus Hunters" in this Channel 4 comedy about a new wave revival show on the BBC. Presented by Jools Holland. Look out for guest appearances of Gary Numan, The Human League and Spandau Ballet. 1996"

Admin: New Template Coming - Adding a 3rd Column

Just wanted to let you know that I am going to try three columns on the site instead of two. If you see any funkiness, this is why. Please bear with me. The overall look and feel will remain the same.Almost done. Off to go cook dinner for the family. Let me know what you think. I put the labels on the far right. I'll be renaming them so each one only takes a single line.

Summer at Highland (music clip)

YouTube via htkn."this music was making by inspiration from the trip of Highland in Japan. I made five tracks, please check here." Be sure to check out this exclusive interview on Matrixsynth as well.


flickr by danielsrama.Click here for the full size shot.It's tagged with German and museum. Anyone know where this is?

Waldorf Wave Demo

Title link takes you to a demo of the Waldorf Wave on The following is what Till Kopper had to say on the demo via the Waldorf User Group, posted here with permission:"This is the WAVE demo that was released in november 1994 in the german KEYBOARDS magazine as a starter for the 3 issue long special about the big WAVE. And the WAVE on the front cover of this magazine and the

voice coder machine

YouTube via monotonmusic."Somekind of "prehistoric" vocoder using telephone-circuitry."More info and a samples on AudioLemon.

Yamaha SK20

Title link takes you to shots via this auction."Its a combination of FM based organ, fully analog polysynth and string machine.. The organ section is without a doubt the best hammond sound you can get for a low price and it has many other charms too. The synth section is 7voice polyphonic, with dual detunable VCOs, and has a lovely warm juicy tone. The resonant filter has a good gritty and

Vintage MOOG Albums for Download

This goldmine in via swissdoc. Title link takes you to a load of old MOOG albums for download. The site includes minor details for each album including an image, the artist, number of tracks, etc. But most importantly each one contains sample and full download links.

Demo of Korg Prophecy synthesizer

YouTube via kimsacramento. Note this is for sale, click through the video if interested.

Demo of Roland SH3A vintage synthesizer

.YouTube via kimsacramento. Note this is for sale, click through the video if interested.

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