Moog Little Phatty - New Flickr Shots

flickr by Ethan Callender.Title link takes you there.

Electronik Supersonik on YouTube

Previously posted here, minus embedding. You can thank Docktor Future in the comments of this post for this one. An oldie, but goodie. If you haven't seen this one, fasten your keytar strap, you are about to be taken on a Supersonic adventure. Enjoy. Go Zlad!

Behringer Synth

Title link takes you to the Behringer Synth page on Synrise. "These synth was built in 4865 hours of hard work by the 16 years old Ueli Behringer founder of the studio equipment firm BEHRINGER in ca. 1982. It seems to be an additive synthesizer if the 16 faders on the left side controls the spectrum of the first 16 harmonics."via Frederic

Yamaha CSDX

Title link takes you there."Last prototype for the final DX-1. It was never released, but shown in the very first flyers, has the same wooden case and keyboard range."via Frederic

Vocoder - What happens now? on YouTube

Enjoy. : ) Hmm... 3:23 into it. Damn. I want a shopping cart full of synths.
YouTube via nelcast.

Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman Live

Reminder that the first show in Seattle this Sunday, other dates below. Title link just takes you to my original post. The following is the press release:

The Most Senior Touring Pop Icon ... At 77 Jean-Jacques Perrey Is a Legend and Electronic Music Pioneer.

Technics SY-1010

Remember the Technics SY-1010? Title link takes you to some shots pulled from this auction.

Korg EA1/ER1 BPM Trigger Out Mod

"I like using my Korg ER1, I have an EA1 too but never use it. I have always wanted to have the ER1 sync with my diy synths, which don't have midi. I worked out a simple circuit to get a BPM trigger out but did the operation on my EA1"

Title link takes you there.

Zero OSC Samples by Legion

"Here's a quick ditty I came up with last night while messing with the basic FM patch and a TKB: legion_ZO_ditty.mp3 (2.56M)

This is pretty simple (vco driving ZO, LFO driving FM in, two ADSRs) The only thing I'm tweaking is the the one ADSR towards the end and I "play notes" ont he TKB to get the different ...well...

Hmm... Why isn't it spinning?

Haven't had a cat shot in a while. Here's one sent in by legion.

No title link, just the shot.

Treat Yourself :)