Oberheim Mini Sequencer

No title link, just two shots via this auction.Also check out the seller's other auctions

Charles Has A Licking Problem

YouTube via drewtoothpaste. Sent my way via plexus.

Musictronic G-170 pianolab Six Keyboard lab synthesizer

Title link takes you to shots pulled via this auction.Details:"This is a very unusual vintage item, Hard to find. It is a six keyboard music trainer. It is designed so that a teacher can have 6 students sit down at once and they can teach them all at the same time or indidvidually. 120 volts ac.The keyboards all have their own headphone jacks for independant operation and also there are

Anyware Instruments CloxBox and MegaPole MIDI

Title link takes you to more images on the forum. Anyware InstrumentsAlso mirrored here.

LEMUR Video Review Pt 2 on SonicState

Title link takes you to Pt 2 of the review. Pt 1 previously posted here.

Dexter Video on Sonic State

Title link takes you to it.

Akai MPK49 Video

Title link takes you to the video on Sonic State. The demo includes the arpeggiator and note repeat functionality. Pretty cool. I'm hoping the MPK49 sets a new standard on more sequence performance oriented keyboard controllers.More Messe Vids via Sonic State

Nord Wave Video

Title link takes you to the video on Sonic State.It covers the sampling and wavetable features. The sampling is more extensive than I originally thought. You can modulate sample OSCs with standard OSCs. Also, it looks like the smiley was just a teaser. Bummer, I was actually hoping that would be real. They should do it.

Anware Instruments Cloxbox Vids from The Frankfurt Musikmesse

anyware cloxbox demo musikmesse 2007cloxbox demo anyware #2YouTubes via janvanvolt. Note the audio is horrid, but there you have it.


flickr by Curzio Campodimaggio.

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