ELP - Keith Emerson - ''Moog in Ass'' - Live 1997

YouTube via BrunoSamppa.

Sequential Circuits Pro-One Analog Synthesizer

YouTube via peahix."i just got my pro-one overhauled by wine country productions, so what better way to test it out than to make a video of it as it's churning out a silly sound."

EVI Serge by vgermuse Part 3

YouTube via matrixsynth, via vgermuse:"at the request of many folks on and off line, I have put together a 6 minute piece using just the EVI1000/EWV2000 analog synth. This features sounds I created for my work with Anthony Braxton and the Northwest Creative Orchestra. Sometimes the sounds are sent through Moogerfooger Murf, Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Boss RC-20 loop and some reverb. I

Modular session 2

YouTube via klangschrauber."playing around with Korg MS20, Doepfer A-100 und DIY sequencer"

NetNotes Tutorial with NexSyn

YouTube via keytosound. You can audition and download new patches online via the synth interface directly. They claim to be the first to offer this. You can earn "NetNotes" (credits) by creating and uploading your patches. You then use "NetNotes" towards new patches.

Roland Juno-60 + SCI Pro-One + Roland TR-707 by RetroSound

YouTube via retrosound72."synth demo track by RetroSoundbass: SCI Pro-Onefilter pad: Roland Juno-60drums: Roland TR-707live played, no sequencer software usedmore info: and"

Formanta UDS

images via this auction"Formanta UDS fully analog electronic percussion synthesizer. Formanta UDS is soviet version of classic analog beat-box so as Roland TR and Simmons. Synth was prodused in 80-s years in USSR on the same military plant in Kachkanar where well known synth Polivoks was developed. This one was made for export from USSR i suppose, because it has main panel layout in english.

Principles and Practice of Electroni Music By Gilbert Trythall

via this auction"Softcover and is 214 pages and is a 1st edition 1973. Some pretty cool pictures of some old synths in the back in the history section"Features MOOG and ARP.

Dr. Who Tardis for Your Bedroom

Some lucky 10 year old kid got this Dr. Who Tardis built for his bedroom. Anyone know more about this? I'm particularly curious if it makes any sound of course. Everything I've seen goes back to this anemic article on The Sun which doesn't reveal much. It would definitely make for one hell of a synth.


Another Waldorf Blofeld demo via Stefan Trippler: blosync.mp3

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