Crumar Multiman

YouTube via analoguecrazy4."Here is my vintage Crumar Multiman in action. This is the origional 1975 model Multiman. Enjoy."

DIY Synthesizer

flickr by here for more.I'm curious what was used for this one. click here for a full size shot of the last image. The custom logo looks like RJW Soft.


Title link takes you to shots via this auction. Note the sole melting key. How does that happen? Don't peek.

KORG Prophecy

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.

Doepfer Bananalogue Modular Synth

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.This is BS/1 system minus the A-116 & A-170.Instead, there's a Bananalogue WVX which is like new.Here's the modules list:- A-110 (x2)- A-114- A-115- A-138 (x2: 1 linear & 1 exponential)- A-120- A-121- A-130- A-131- Bananalogue WVX- A-118- A-148- A-145 (x2)- A-160- A-161- A-150- A-180- A-162- A-140 (x2)- A-100G6 rack & PSU (AC

Access Virus Indigo 2

Title link takes you to shots via this auction.So... Something I've been curious about but haven't asked because I know where thise conversations can end up, is... can each version of the virus cover the previous virus 100% in sound and character. I know it can in regards to the specs. I'm wondering if there is a difference in character. I've heard the original Virus sounds a bit more raw -

ARP 2600 Vintage Modular Analog Synthesizer Video

YouTube via 123synthland. Sent my way via HarriL."We deal in vintage synths, so we get to play a ...We deal in vintage synths, so we get to play a lot of fun toys. One of our favorites is the ARP 2600. We've sold many of them over the years, and each one sounds different. This is a video of 1 of a couple short "jam sessions" I had with the next 2600 we plan on putting up for sale. It's knobs

More Schematics via Mike Peake

Roland SH101 schematic (Osc/Filt/Env), if you think the SH101 had that sound.Roland IR3109-based companded phase shifter. Really nice-sounding.Polyfusion LPF schematic.Polyfusion HPF calibration (sorry, don't know where the LPF cal doc is).Oberheim 1495-based ring modulator.Calibration for the Oberheim RM.Electro-Harmonix Frequency Analyzer (RM) shemo, 1496 IC.EMS Synthi blank patch sheet.

GetLoFi Lo-Fi Fest Saturday Sept 15 Iowa City, IA

Title link takes you to more info on GetLoFi.

Modular Synthesizer Pictures

Title link takes you to the thread on Hopefully no one will ask anyone to take any images down. ;)Pictured here is this monster Serge analog modular synth.

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