The exponential converter (also known as antilog amplifier)

MusicMiK who has brought us these excellent videos on his synthesizer DIY projects wrote in to let us know that he has created a page on the exponential converter. You can find that page and more here.

Prophet '08 non-SE with backlit wheels

"Here is a non-SE with backlit pitch/mod wheels, a Sequential Circuits nameplate and
special purple heart wood sides."

via synthwood

Maid in Mexico - Yosoyerica

YouTube via warlip. Maid playing her Weevil. :) via BugBrandBlog where you can find a little more info and more BugBrand posts.
"Hi i am e

Dual Hot Hand Synth Demo

YouTube via rsmith601
"Bob Chidlaw from Source Audio demonstrates what can be done with 2 rings controlling synth parameters"


YouTube via midi230. Roland MC-808

Electro Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe Analog Delay + Minimoog

YouTube via retrosound72
"vintage gear demo by RetroSound

short demo with different settings of the original 80`s EHX Memory Man Deluxe analog delay/chorus/vibrato effect pedal and the Moog Minimoog

For me the best analog delay ever!

more in

roland juno6

YouTube via scorpiistar

The Tape808 and More Vintage Drum Machine Samples

This one appears to be making the rounds, so here you go. Be sure to click on products when you get there to see the other vintage synth drums listed. Samples on site.

Treat Yourself :)