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Ratcheting VCS and PLL

YouTube via boobtube356
"Doepfer A-196 PLL tracks a simple sequence. The output goes to a PlanB model 12 filter in bandpass mode, and then on to the MakeNoise QMMG in low pass gate mode. The QMMG is modulated by the Cwejman ADSR-VC2. The ADSR is triggered by the PLL Phase Comp. output, which is getting smoothed out by the Bananalogue VCS, then sent to the Doepfer A-156 quantizer. The quantizer generates triggers for the ADSR as the VCS output varies. The Phase Comp output from the PLL is very unstable, even with the VCS, so the ADSR fires rapidly. The VCS is receiving rise and fall modulation from the original pitch cv coming out of the sequencer. The sequencer is Doepfer A-160/1 to PlanB M14."

Hollow Earth DIY waveshaper LFO - demo 2

YouTube via muki123
"AVR-based waveshaper/tremolo/envelope. More info found here:"

x0xb0x - Best TB-303 Replica (xoxbox analog synth)

via this auction
"The x0xb0x is an analog replica of the legendary Roland TB-303 synthesizer. It uses the same components, in the same schematic, to match its sound — perfectly. The difference in sound between a well-made x0xb0x and a TB-303 is about the same as the difference between one TB-303 and another.

AcidVoice has judged it as having the best sound out of the nine TB-303 clones it tested.

'An original TB-303 was disassembled and reverse-engineered to verify the schematic. The original transistors were analysed using big expensive curve-tracers to determine their characteristics. We measured every waveform and counted every cycle.'
— x0xb0x creators

The x0xb0x copies not only all of the electrical interconnections inside a TB-303, but incorporates the old, rare analog components, such as 2SC2291 matched-pair transistors and AN6562 op-amps. Consequently, it has earned the reputation of having the most faithful sound of all 303 clones. In addition, the x0xb0x supports MIDI, has a non-volatile EEPROM (no backup battery), and can save and restore patterns to a computer.

The x0xb0x is usually available as a kit, with customers placed on a year-long waiting list to receive the official version. The kit is very affordable, but the difficulty of putting it together is not small, for an electronics hobbyist. A musician may find the task daunting. The difficulty lies not so much in placing the components, or of using a soldering iron, but rather in fixing problems in the x0xb0x that are discovered only once the whole thing is built. Often, it is something random, such a transistor that was killed by static electricity, or mixing up one of the five hundred components. If this happens, finding the fault is difficult without an oscilloscope and a reference, though the generous members of the adafruit forums try to troubleshoot problems. Perhaps as many as half of self-built x0xb0xes don't work right away (and some of these wind up on Ebay).

For those who have more interest in creating music rather than electronics, buying an assembled x0xb0x makes sense. The x0xb0xes we sell are assembled with experience. Moreover, they are tested thoroughly. The analog section is carefully compared to a reference machine in A/B listening tests, to guard even against flaws that change the character of the sound only subtly — flaws which may slip unnoticed without reference testing. Finally, the x0xb0xes are tuned using a high-end oscilloscope. The tuning is aided by high-precision trimpots that are ten-fold more precise than the ones bundled in the official kit.

This x0xb0x is made using old, original transistors for an unmatched sound, and brand new buttons and potentiometers for a long life. Constructed by x0x Source, it comes with a 1 year warranty. The aesthetic design is customized, featuring a beautiful front panel that feels rich to the touch. Also bundled are printed forms of the manual and a CD with the documentation, software for upgrading firmware, and complete source code and schematics. The x0xb0x, after all, is an open source product.

The reasons that we think make x0x Source the biggest and most trusted supplier of fully assembled, tested, and warrantied x0xb0xes are:

* Experience and quality -- We've already assembled and shipped dozens of x0xen. We use computer-aided testing and calibration, together with careful A/B listening tests to guarantee each x0x.
* Solid return policy and warranty -- Full refund within 30 days. Comprehensive warranty on parts, labor, and two-way shipping for one year.
* Honesty and communication -- All questions answered in one day. If there is ever a problem or delay, we bite the bullet and tell the truth.
* Fast delivery -- Next-day shipping via EMS. Delivery to most European countries takes one week (including customs).
* Reputation -- We really can't say much more than our customers. Their cumulative rating of our x0xes (known as "Item as described") is 5.0 out of 5.0."

Fast-fingered quick demo of ARP 2600

YouTube via hamsterdunce
"More music on! This one-minute quick demo just scratches the surface of the ARP, an incredibly fun vintage modular that I got to mess around with a Analog Heaven Northeast on May 2nd, 2009."

Daft Punk 360 Controller

YouTube via myredhotcar. update to this post

"The different trigger buttons trigger the sample from a different part of the loop and the left stick controls the filter cutoo on the x axis and resonance on the y. The analogue sticks are still a bit erratic but I think thats just the nature of the hardware. glove pie script available here:"

Health Club Microgame

Health Club Microgame

"Health Club Music's new synth-on-a-rope.
Microgame gets its name from it being the simple synth-only version of one of our earlier synth/sequencer, Game. It has switches and jacks, bringing you a modular plus hardwired options.

This Track - "Dirty Acid" - is recorded with only a MicroGame and a Roland TR-606. Nothing Else. The TR-606 Trigger Out plugged into the Gate In and the LFO out plugged into CV 1 in. There is a sample hold circuit built into the CV 1 input. This gives you some great semi-random melodies without the need for a sequencer. Enjoy!"

Maplin ETA 4600 Website

You'll find more info on the Maplin ETI 4600 DIY synthesizer including samples. According to the site, the top image is the UK version and the bottom is the Australian.

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