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PPG Wave 2 and 2.2

flickr by Waveterm
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PPG Wave 2.2 on top of Fairlight
Note the Movement-MCS II Drum Computer below.

Also see Waveterm's PPG Wave 2 set (image below)

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

via this auction

"Original box and packing foam, original owner's manual with warranty card."

Ohm Force Cohmpost Free Plugin

Available here

"For your information, no kittens were harmed while creating the Cohmpost (just a bit ruffled, promise). Lawyer warning : Please do not use Ohm Force Cohmpost Mac version unless you totally agree with the license agreement. Waiting for your tunes made with, send us the links and we’ll post it here…"

You can find a sample here via

Delfy Creations Digital Drum Machine (circuit bent)

YouTube via robodelfy
"Go to for more info or to buy stuff!"

Delfy Creations Brain - on ebay now!

Delfy on Ebay

Instrument articulations in the "North India" Kore Soundpack

YouTube via NativeInstruments
"This video demonstrates the authentic and versatile articulations in "North India", the new Hindustani library for the Kore platform. Examples include the Sitar, Tabla and Bansuri.

More info is available at"

Hey Mr. Bassman

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full size

Roland Juno-106
Alesis Andromeda A6
KORG Electribe ES1X


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Just posting for fun. Not directly synth related, but spot the keyboard. Click the images for the full size shot.

The Dreams - Electronic Soundscapes by Delia Derbyshire and the BBC

via Weekend Gallimaufry via Scott Stites
"For a long time I thought Barry Bermange (a talented writer on his own) was the one behind the whole concept. I didn't realize until much later that The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was actually the brainchild of Delia Derbyshire, and she was the one responsible for the incredible electronic sound that accompanied the voices."

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