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J. M. Jarre - Oxygene 4 - extended version

YouTube via rfoshaug
"Original music composed by Jean Michel Jarre. Copyright recordings and music reproduced by kind permission of Francis Dreyfus Music and Jean Michel Jarre.

This is my version of Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene Part IV. My webcam is not working so I couldn't make a "first person"-type video this time. Instead, I made my own version of the penguin video. ;-)

The penguin footage is from the documentary film "The march of the penguins", except for the last minute or so... (which is from an April Fools joke that BBC created). I decided to make a happier ending than Jarre's original penguin video. :-)

I have extended the song a little bit, both in the start and at the end. I wanted to create my own version of Oxygene IV as well as staying true to the original. The result is an 8-minute Oxygene Part IV.

Synths used:
- Korg M3 synthesizer workstation with EXB-Radias expansion card
- Korg Radias synthesizer

I hope you'll enjoy it.


4 Tribes

YouTube via rudeog
"Every now and then I like to take these old folks out for some time in the sun. The samples on the ES are a 909 kit. Since I was holding the camera I didn't really do much tweaking except vol. level. But at least it shows these four old men doing their jobs. These are the original 4 plastic Electribes released by Korg before they started using the metal tops. It's fun to go back to the newer models after playing with these and their limitations. The biggest of these is the single effect that can be in play at any one time and the fact that you can't selectively send each sound to the delay bus. Still, you have to try to make the most of the tool you are using. And it's fun to imagine yourself in a time when these guys would have been "cutting edge"."

Synthesizer Meeting Kufstein 2009

The 3rd annual synthesizer meeting in Kufstein, Austria will be held this September.

When: Sat. 5th + Sun. 6th of Sept. 2009

Where: Gymnasium Kufstein, Schiller str. 2, A-6330 Kufstein, Austria

You can find more details in this PDF. See these posts for prior years' coverage. Note this is the huge Bluesynths annual gathering and there are some items listed for sale in the PDF.

edison.... new set up....!

edison.... new set up....! from edison on Vimeo.

"yo hoss!
so this is my new set up....
the monome is controlling ableton....
each button is a sound.....
the bottom right button is stop all noises....
introducing: the love...
a box of 16 arcade buttons...
made from an USB joystick....
it controls a looper and all effects...
on the far end is a native instruments audio kontrol 1...
(finally gotta audio interface!!!)
the big ass knob just sends the whole mix to an echo...
i have the melodic content run through a looper...
its is always recording.... so anything i play will repeat on a 2 bar loop
this is bypassable and erasable.....
all the drums are run through 4 effects....
all the melodic stuff is run though 8 effects... post looper...
and if all that aint nerdy enough for you....
then i aint trying hard enough....!
so to you and yours...... STING"

Very Cool MFOS WSG Modification

YouTube via heraywilsonshow
"If you've already built the MFOS WSG you may be asking yourself... what next? Well maybe the MFOS 10 Step Sequencer would be a good follow on project. This video shows how the MFOS 10 Step Sequencer can be used to control the WSG with a small modification to the WSG. For complete details about the mod go to"

Rhythmen ist the answer

YouTube via DayflightTrok
"Hello, this was a jam with the fantastic Spectralis."

Modular Electro

YouTube via zthee
"Bwoup, bweep, da, do, dra, bwoupa, bweep"


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