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Upcoming Roth Mobot Events

1. Circuit Bent Open Mic
Saturday, September 26th, 12:00 noon - 3:00 PM
Lizard's Liquid Lounge
3058 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, (773) 463-7599
In an effort to nurture the experimental electronics community in Chicago, we are hosting free weekly electronics meetings at Lizard's Liquid Lounge in Chicago. Weekly agenda will include soldering, playing, tinkering, Q&A, show-and-tell, bending circuits, and every last Saturday an experimental electronics open mic. $4 Burning River pints.

2. Deadline Projects presents Hands On
Saturday, October 10th, 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Happy Dog Gallery
1542 N Milwaukee, 2nd Floor, Chicago
An exhibition of multidisciplinary art designed to cause sensory overload. Local artists present new work specifically created to be touched, handled, and manipulated by the audience.

Exhibiting and performing artists include:
Arielle Bielak
nikki hollander
Damien James
Blake Parish Lewis
Roth Mobot
Vivien Park
Sarah Perez
Holly Sabin
Marc Salha
Shawn Stucky
Michael Una
Russ White

3. Introduction to Circuit Bending Workshop
Sunday, October 11th, 1:00 PM - 4:50 PM
The Old Town School of Folk Music
4544 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, (773) 728-6000
Learn the basics of Circuit Bending and build a unique musical instrument out of discarded electronics.
Register via the Old Town School's web site, or give them a call.

4. Building an Inexpensive Contact Microphone Workshop
Sunday, October 18th, 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM
The Old Town School of Folk Music
4544 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, (773) 728-6000
Contact mics are widely used by acoustic musicians, noise artists, and other audio experimenters. They are usually used to amplify the sounds of fiddles, guitars, mandolins, drums, etc., but they are sensitive enough to directly amplify human voice boxes, heartbeats, the sounds of fingernails on chalkboards, or various "found object percussion" instruments. In just two hours, Patrick McCarthy will show you how to make a simple, inexpensive, effective contact microphone from surplus parts and discarded materials. Register via the Old Town School's web site, or give them a call.

MainChain -THE HOLIEST DAY Prologue

YouTube via TheMainChain. Some synth spotting.
"U-Ventory in action. Also you can spot a Rozzbox, Monome, Snow, TR-808 and MS-20 to
name a few." Lassence µVentury II at the start and LL Electronics Rozzbox at 2:14.
Update: see the Lassence label at the bottom of this post for more info on the µVentury II.
"A glimpse into the world of MainChain and their adventures while recording their 1st single: THE HOLIEST DAY!

The images were captured in Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. A portion of the footage includes scenes shot in South Beach for the upcoming HOLIEST DAY video release...

It also features never-before-seen footage of the band recording The Holiest Day in their Hollywood studio!"

Vincent Fries Akai MPC3000 Beatmaking

YouTube via vincentfries
"Programming a beat on Akai MPC3000 which is definitely the phattest and tightest MPC that was ever built."

Waldorf Microwave I + Access Programmer

YouTube via vincentfries. follow-up to this post. inside a Waldorf Microwave
"All sounds except kick and snare come straight out of the waldorf microwave I synthesizer. everything was edited with the access programmer and recorded live. have fun!"

MMM Fable........ MMM03 JHVE

via John Van Eaton
"1st shot from way out in outer space as I examined and opened this strange case..................... (yes pretty cool I had a flat screen HD TV in outer space ..... almost looks like a hotel room in Los Angeles.........

It almost looks like a Kubrickian monolith, or something built in the Planet of the Apes............ but with such thin style and grace.....................

I went on a journey, oh so far away,
I called Mr. Mattson just to say,
"I know your modular's symmetrical,
but I am talking beyond the hypothetical,
in the theoretical, can you make my modular more mono dimensional ?"
"I'm to stow away in a leaky shallow boat,
and then to outer space, me and my synth must elope.........
But slight and thin it must be, (I'm not talking about synth babes on playboy TV)
but....... to be my outer space partner in symphony,
or roll in a small bed of cacophonous polyphony,
will you good Sir please be kind, & answerer me?"

Mr. Mattson soon replied, " Don't commit modular suicide,
I've heard thee well, and I shall make you something thin and swell"

"Is it a mint girl scout cookie ?" , I had to pry...............

" No, I made the Syntar I can not lie!"
"it is a case of delight, so svelte so thin so slight,
but it protects your sonic dynamite!"

So now I've reveled around the world, and Mr. Mattson's flag's unfurled,
I've returned from space, mountains seas and rivers,
Now 1/2 a Mattson- thin cover........... may it give you shivers.........."

Jean Michel Jarre's Circular Clavier for Auction

via Organfairy

"This was recently found in a warehouse where it had been abandoned since the late 80's. Now it has been restored and is now up for auction.

You can find some info on the Circular Clavier in French here, Googlish here.

You can see it at :44 in the video further below.

Waldorf MicroWave I vs. MicroWave II

YouTube via Retrosound72
"vintage synth demo by RetroSound

synth comparsion of the Waldorf Microwave I Rev. A (hybrid synth with analog curtis filter CEM3389 from the year 1989) and the Waldorf Microwave II (DSP based synth from the year 1997)

demo with absolute identical sound programs (basses, pads, wavetable sounds, bells, fx sounds...)

more info: and"

Stereo Small Stone Phaser for Synthesizers

YouTube via Yorkshirelad69. via Andy
"Firstly, click the HQ button for the best quality video & sound!

This mod requires 2 Small Stone Phasers pedals (EH4800).

The mod will make both pedals work together so that you can use both the left and the right outputs on your synth/keyboard rather than just having the phasing effect through just the left/right channel (listen carefully to the sound track).

The phases are synced together and the rate controlled from the master unit.

It's a true stereo signal path and doesn't simply split a mono signal into two.

This is ideal for Jean Michel Jarre fans as the Small Stone Phaser plays an important part in creating his classic Oxygene/Equinoxe pad sound.

Note1: Ignore the slightly odd effect at 0:19 that's not the pedals that's my sound processing!

Note2: The revision on the printed circuit board is EC-4800 Rev.L : this mod may not work on other revisions."

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